General Information
Species Cerebrocrustacean Polymech
Home World Encephalonus IV-B
DNA source Unknown
Body Gelatinous
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Technological Adaptation

Intel Gather

Matter State Manipulation


Voice Actor Robotic, with a hint of dubstep
First Appearance TBA

Foreofor is a DNA sample of a Cerebrocrustacean Polymech from the planet Encephalonus IV-B.


Foreofor, as an inferior copycat to Upgrade, has loose generic physical resemblance to him. He has a red main body with light gray pathways originating from the "X" on his face where Upgrade's "O" is. Unlike Upgrade, however, Foreofor's pathways are less hexagonal and more triangular, giving off a much more violent appearance.

Transformation Sequence

When the person is transforming, an "X" forms in the middle of their face, which then spreads around the entire body, leaking red all over the rest of the body.

Powers and Abilities

Foreofor has a variety of tech-based powers similar to Upgrade:

  • Technological Adaptation
    • Foreofor can apply himself to any form of technology and use its resources for his own purposes
    • Foreofor can also merge with technology and improve it to near maximum potential
  • Intel Gather
    • By merging with technology, Foreofor can detect every time the tech was used, how it was used, and other intel that could be useful. The extent to this ability is still unknown.
  • Matter State Manipulation
    • Foreofor can manipulate his state of matter between solid-like and liquid-like states.
  • Sabotage
    • When merging with technology, Foreofor can input self-made viruses that prevent technology from being used. (Ex. If a bomb is programmed to go off in 5 minutes, Foreofor can merge with it and cause a temporal clock loop so then it would be on repeat and never explode until the virus was flushed out.


Being an inferior knockoff, Foreofor is much more sensitive to magnets and techno-organic viruses.


In Ben 23's universe, Dr. Psychobos, in an effort to prove superiority over the Galvans, created a mock-up of the Galvanic Mechamorph, but cut many corners to try and finish the project quickly, resulting in the Cerebrocrustacean Polymech. Due to Psycobos' ignorance, the form was highly unstable and could not maintain ia self-sustaining state of being.

Some while later, Ken 10 of a branch of the Classic Timeline came across this alien when adventuring with Ben 23,000, registered it to his Omnitrix, and brought the fragile DNA to his universe's Azmuth for repair (Azmuth initially declined, as it was a knock-off, but after seeing its potential, he agreed to fix it).


  • TBA


Foreofor's name is a play on the phrase "Error 404", which shows up when an internet webpage doesn't show up either because it doesn't exist or there is no internet connection.


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