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General Information
Species Silovoe
Home World Kraftfield
Body Sphere-like
Evolutions Dark Forcefield
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Enhanced Strength

Massively Enhanced Durability

Forcefield Generation

Users Paul Gentragon

Vorkus Comidas

Series The Omni-Knights

Simien 10: Blood Monkey

First Appearance A Knight's Rising Part 1

Forcefield is a Silovoe from the planet Kraftfeld in The Omni-Knights and Simien 10: Blood Monkey. He is the first alien Paul used in the series. He has a dark form, Dark Forcefield.


Forcefield is a chubby translucent yellow alien made completely out of spheres, including his fingers and toes. Both his limbs are made out of two yellow spheres with three "fingers" at the end.

Forcefield has two blue triangular eyes on his spherical head along with a Omnitrix symbol on his chest.

In Blood Monkey, his typing quirk is surrounding his sentences with [ ]s.

Powers and Abilities

  • Enhanced Strength

Forcefield is naturally incredibly strong.

  • Near Invulnerability

Forcefield is near indestructible as he is made out of hard energy-like material, which is almost impossible to be broken.

  • Force Field Generation
    • Force Field Beams
    • Energy Walls

Forcefield can generate spheres or hard energy walls out of his yellow energy. He can generate walls or simple geometrical constructs at very close range, or use forcefield beams to create them at range. His forcefield beams can be used offensively to trap enemies in energy spheres.

  • Force Field Manipulation

Forcefield can manipulate his own hard energy constructs from afar, allowing him to move objects telekinetically if he has a force field around them.

  • Vacuum Adaptation

Forcefield can survive under any atmosphere or pressure and does not require air to survive.


Forcefield's body shape is rather large and can be clumsy occasionally.

Due to him being made out of nothing but energy, Forcefield is incredibly light, making him easy to knock back. He cannot go underwater without floating to the top as well.

Despite his invulnerable body, Forcefield is made out of energy and as such can be manipulated or absorbed by aliens with energy manipulation abilites.

Larger force field constructs require more time to build.

Forcefield's constructs disappear once he reverts, as they are connected to him. Holding a lot of force fields on at the time can strain him.


The Omni-Knights


Simien 10: Blood Monkey



Simien 10: Blood Monkey
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