Ben 10 Umut298
Season 1, Episode 3
Air date 04.01.2019
Written by Umut
Directed by Umut
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The Trio İs İn The Zombozo Circus

Ben:Why Are We Going To A Dumb Circus?

Gwen:To See The Clown Zombozo

Ben Gasps

Theme song!

Later They Are In The Cirus Tent

Zombozo:I Am Zombozo And I Wont Liave With Out Yu Laugh

Gwen:(Laughs)He Cant Say Words!

Ben:I Will Get A Popcorn(Gets Out Of The Tent And Sees The Circus Freaks Robbing A Bank)

It Mutty Time!

Transforms Into Wildmutt And Battles The Circus Freaks And Zombozo Arives

Zombozo:Sit Pupy! Sit!

Wildmutt Runs Away And Hides And Reverts Into Ben.

The Rustbucket Arivves

Max:Ben Get İn! Zombozo Captured Gwen!

Ben Gets In And The Rustbuceket Goes To Zombozo's Caravan.

Ben Transforms Into Upgrade And Gets Out The Rustbucket And Sees The Circus Freaks.

Frigtwig:Hey You Blacklsiwjmçzldjfhxçaşbsjsşzösnşsşdjdhvhhfjfkdwlw Argghh Whatever You Are Stop There

Upgrade Morphs Into A Motorcycle🏍 Upgrade Motorcycle

IMG 1409

Upgrade:I Dont Think So!

10 Hands Comes Out Upgrade Grapping Frightwigs Hair And Tieing Them.

Upgrade: 1 Gone 2 To Go

Thumbskull Tries To Hit Upgrade With A Long Metal Iron Stick But Upgrade Hits Him With A Giant Garbadge Bin That Faints Thumbskull.

Upgrade Reverts Into Ben And Acid Breath Atacks Him

Ben: Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

Transforms Into Heatblast

Heatblast Burns Acid Breath

Acid Breath:Hey I'm Burning Here!

Heatblast:It's Sure Gonna Be Hot

Acid Breath Faints And Heatblast Reverts Back Into Ben

Ben Gets Sucked In Zombozo's Tent.

Ben Transforms Into Four Arms And Destroyes The Web But Then Times Out.

After Screaming And Being Toutered In So Many Places Ben Falls Into A Giant Circle

Ben:Give Me Gwen!


Ben:No You Dont(Transforms Into Ghostfreak)I Just Figured Out That I am More Scared Then The Death Of My Family Then You.

Battles And Scares Zombozo Zombozo Explodes

Ghostfreak: Yeah You Better POP.


Noteworthy Events

Major Events

  • Upgrade and Ghostfreak make their debuts.

Minor Events

  • Ben is revealed to be scared of clowns.



  • Zombozo
  • Circus Freak Trio
  • Acid Breath
  • Thumbskull
  • Frightwig

Aliens Used



  • The trio's third stop is Zombozo's circus.
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