Foo Fighter is an alien from Sol 10.

Foo Fighter
Quick Stats
Owner Sol
Planet Rundflugzeug
Species Tullite-Kommando
Body Sleek, metallic robot
Voice Like a conman spinning through blades
Powers and Abilities
Powers Gravity manipulation, tractor beams, flight, enhanced speed
Equipment Flying sawcers
Debut Sol 10 is Magic, You Know
Namesake Foo Fighters


Straight from Sol 10 because I'm too lazy to rewrite it:

Sol was consumed in a flash of white light. He could feel his DNA changing, going through a strange metamorphosis, with hundreds of thousands of chromosomes being replicated and distributed to newly formed cells in every moment. Sheets of metal began to descend out of his shoulders, knees, and ribs, covering his body in a seemingly impenetrable suit of armor. It seemed as if his skin was merging with this new layer of metal sheets. His shoulders flared out, before plates covered them. The plates looked like jet wings. His torso began to become that of a V-shape. His legs and fingers began to lengthen while his knees, elbows, and other joints became incredibly sharp. White lights began to illuminate his body, and before the transformation ended, a metallic helmet emerged and ‘swallowed’ his head. The helmet ended in a flathead, with a horizontal line for a visor, and lacked most other facial features, save for a very pronounced chin. Two metallic wires shot out of the sides of his head before folding down, becoming antennae. Just as fast as the transformation had started, it ended.

Abilities and Equipment

  • Foo Fighter has the ability to release flying electro-saw discs.
  • Foo Fighter possesses the capabilities of flight at an improved speed and cloaking.
  • Due to his metallic plating, Foo Fighter is incredibly resilient.


  • Foo Fighter's metallic frame is able to be disassembled.
  • Being a robot, Foo Fighter is weak against EMPs and other energy-draining things.



  • Foo Fighter is named after the band Foo Fighters as well as the foo fighter WWII phenomena. No, he is not a Jojo reference.
  • Foo Fighter was the first alien used by Sol.
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