Fol Handy
General Information
Species Human (formely)
⅔ Human ⅓ Deamono
Home World Earth
Residence Division's HQ
Age 19
Affiliations Division
Occupation(s) Scientist
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Enhanced Intelligence
Enhanced Durability
Relatives Unknown
Alias MasterMaker
Alternate Counterparts None
First Appearance Home, Strange Home
Fol Handy, also known as MasterMaker is a character from Genetic.


Fol is a 19 years old, tall young man with black spiking hair. He wears a scientist uniform, and metal goggles with black lenses.


Fol is a nice person, and likes helping his fellow Lineguards, but his high selfesteem is a problem in having a good relationship with them. He doesn't like fighting, and thinks that this is something that only the stupid ones should do, and that battlefields aren't places for smart people like him.




Fol is very smart. He is the one who makes most of the more advanced technology used by the Division, and is also the creator of Shadow's Shotgun.

Fol is also shown to be able to survive from A.R.A.D.'s deadly attacks without much of injuries.


Fol hates fighting, and because of this he his a very easy opponent.


  • MasterMaker is the only Lineguard who doesn't have a battle form.
    • However, this could be because he isn't a soldier like the rest.
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