Flurricane is an unknown species from an unknown planet.

General Information
Species unknown
Home World unknown
Body humanoid canister
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Cryokinesis


Ice Resistance

Enhanced Durability

Voice Actor Yuri Lowenthall


Flurrican is a tall silver humanoid with cylinder shaped head and arms. His head has a window where blue liquid is shown with green eyes floating. On his arms there is also a window showing more blue liquid. He has a long blue wisp coming out of his head.


Flurricane's main power is cryokinesis. He can flash freeze objects in an instant. He can fire blasts ice energy, snow and hail. He is immune to non magical ice and ice or cold effects.

He can create cold storms of ice and hail in a concentrated area freezing anything and battering everything with hail.

He is very tough being immune to his own destructive hail.


He is very destructive and shouldn't be uses in areas with innocent people.


His name is a pormanto of Flurry and Hurricane.


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