Don't blame me, Blame him

Fluorite is the main character of Mike 10: Opposite and she work for Red Diamond with her best friend Zircon


  • Her hair is light brown
  • Her skin is brown
  • She have a red shirt with a orange vest on
  • Her shoes is yellow
  • She have black gloves
  • She only have 1 eye and it green
  • Her gemstone is below her mouth (near the neck)


  • She have a short temper and she not very smart
  • She is loyal to her friends and her master Red Diamond
  • She away find a way without giving up
  • She don't like being fused for longer when she feel tired of it


  • She is not good at hand fighting but very good at dodge attacks
  • She have great skill of skateboarding and surfing
  • She can dig underground
  • She can created Stockwaves when she punch the ground with her punching glove 
  • As reavealed in The Crystal Cave, she can go in flame mode when she stuck in sticky
  • As in The Crystal Cave, Her new weapon is now the gaunlet 


  • She enjoy Skateboarding and sufing when she alone and she like beaches
  • She believe Mike is smart and evil
  • She don't like her new form after she regen which it look rushed and a ugly version of her old form
  • She away get proof the most
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