Floscaturs are a Steller Maculosa's natural predator, found on the planet Aranhaschimmia. They are a free-to-use species and alien by ThatGuyWiththeBacon


Floscaturs are a massive species, the youngest of them measuring about 6 feet in height, reaching a total height of 20-25 feet. Externally, Floscatur resemble pitcher plants found on Earth, blown to an absolutely massive size. However, the main body of the creature is kept inside of the pitcher. The main body is slightly taller than the outer body, reaching 30-35 feet in height. Around their "neck" sits a ring of petals, which can vary in color. Typically coming in pairs of three, two of which being smaller and connected to a central main plant, which act as arms. The outside pitcher plant can also come in several different colors.

Powers and Abilities

Floscaturs have incredible strength, able to lift up and toss species such as Vaxasaurians with only one arm, shatter tons of rocks and snap massive trees akin to redwoods.

In combination with their massive strength, Floscaturs also have incredible durability, able to withstand several high-powered rounds.

Inside their pitcher plant is a large amount of acidic bile, which melts most organic matter (besides their own bodies) that comes in contact with it. They can spit this bile through any of their mouths.

Floscaturs can stretch their arms out to snap and devour things outside of their reach.

Being a large plant, Floscaturs can absorb sunlight, which helps them resist and fight their main prey.

Each mouth of the Floscatur is lined with several needle-like teeth.

A Floscatur's hands are actually miniature heads that share a hive-mind connection to the main flower head.


Floscaturs are entirely incapable of moving from the spots they sprout from.

While they are quite durable, Floscaturs are vulnerable to fire, and if their pitcher plant is somehow popped they will die.

Floscaturs are rather slow, even compared to humans.

Notable Floscatur

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  • Floscaturs hunt by snatching up prey, them dragging it into their pitcher plant, where they hold it under and digest it to absorb extra nutrients. This is how they are able to grow so massive.
  • Floscaturs are inspired by pitcher plants, Venus Flytraps, and Cagney Carnation from Cuphead.
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