The Floras are a genus of species which originated from the planet Talhunia.

Flora Flexibile

This subspecies is aquatic. It looks like algae and has the ability to walk under high pressures, generate slime and regenerate from few body parts. This is the oldest Flora species out of all.

Notable Flora Flexibili

  • Seagross (the Omnitrix's DNA sample of a Flora Flexibile)

Flora Parasytes

A non-sapient plant which attacks Flexibili and Colossi. Not much is known about this subspecies.

Flora Colossus

The most advanced subspecies, these are humanoid trees that can control organic roots scattered on the planet. It is also very flexible, but at the same time it can transform his legs into a stem to enhance his stability. It also can generate leaves.

Notable Flora Colossi

  • Tear Tree (the Omnitrix's DNA sample of a Flora Colossus)


Flora is the scientific name for plant life.


  • Flora Colossi are based of the ones in the MCU, for instance Groot. Their planet is also derived from the MCU.
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