General Information
Home World Unknown
Body Humanoid Plant
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Nutrient Absorption
Nutrient Extraction
Vine Generation

Flor-Arbus is a humanoid plant-like species from a unknown planet.


Flor-Arbus are feminine plant-like humanoids. Their arms and legs are plant like appendages that look like wood. They have hair made of leaves. They wear skirts made of leaves, near their eyes are orange marking. Leaves and vines covers their chests.

Powers and Abilities

Their main ability is to control plants.

They can generate vines that are used to grab and restrain their opponents.

They are knowledgeable on all of the matters in nature around them, such as where certain plants grow.

As they're half plant,their basic sustenance is water and nutrients from the ground, by placing their roots into the ground,they absorb the nutrients.

If required,it is possible to extract the nutrients they have absorbed by sucking on special zones on their bodies.


They are weak against fire and extremly low temperatures.

They can go berserk if they absorbs chemicals.

Notable Members

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