Flipside is a Trinymian from the Planet Trinam he is a truely strang looking alien that seems to be formless.Rex uses him for escapes and defense. He is very good for stealth ambushes.As An Unleashed Alien he has one Omega Drive Attack.


  • Flipping Between Dimensions
  • Flipping Things into other dimensional existences (he flips his opponent into the fifth dimension it's a very painful dimension too much too comprehend and we are too simple to survive in it.((so much "too's")) )
  • Changing his body mass (Super Dense, Normal, And Intangible and Light)
  • Scale Across the Surface of Matter (Flying sorta can't fly if in 3-D)
  • Optic Laser
  • Growing Tendrils
  • Switching between a two-dimensional and three-dimensional state.
  • Changing the color of his body
  • Invisibility
  • Moderately Strong.


  • He is extremely weak and vulnerable in his two dimensional state.
  • While super-dense, he is completely frozen in place, leaving him vulnerable.
  • Too much "flipping" tends to leave him exhausted.
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