Mutant Drake
Season 2, Episode 5
Air date 12/11/16
1/5/17 (Rereleased)
Written by Brandon
Directed by Bat
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Flight in the Night is the eighteenth episode of the series, Mutant Drake.


In a city, another night, there are various buildings as well as a warehouse seen in the short distance. The area is covered with a small layer of fog. Shortly later, screeches are heard from above.

December 4, 22:34 EDT

The scene cuts to the interior of the warehouse where a figure wearing black is seen being thrown across the area and onto the floor. The figure looks up, showing himself to be Drake in his Vigilante Suit, his hood lowered. Drake gets up, screeches heard again. He looks up at a figure, bigger than he is, approaching him and swings his arm out at it, attempting to strike it down. However, the figure evades the attacks and strikes Drake in the chest, throwing him through a brick wall, the bricks scattering across the floor. Drake's body slams into the wall, with more structure, behind the demolished one and he slides to the floor, groaning in pain.

Drake: AGGH!

Drake leans to the side, slowly, and holds his arm against the wall, using it as leverage and helping himself up from the floor. Drake breaths heavily as he gets up and stands by the wall, his using it to hold himself up straight. His back slightly hunched over with his other arm holding his side. After a very short moment of breathing, the screeches are heard again, causing Drake to look up in alarm. Before he can react, the figure soars at him and slams him into the floor, cracking the material slightly. Another screech is released from the figure as it holds Drake's back against the ground with his leg. Drake struggles to move as the pressure of the figure starts to show its affect. The figure's leg is hairy or furry with grey hairs running down it, its toes are enlarged, appearing like claws. One penetrating through Drake's armor.

Drake, in pain: GAH!

Drake then swings his arm out and activates his stone-blade form, slashing at the creature's leg. A yell in the form of a screech is yelped from the creature as it released Drake. Drake then gets up on his own and starts to run from the creature. Drake makes his way towards an opening in the warehouse, a door lifted up showing the city on the outside. Drake then turns around, his eyes widening after seeing something. An unknown object soaring at him is seen distinctly within his goggle lenses. Drake turns back, trying to move quicker. From the perspective of the creature, it moves overhead from Drake but begins to dive towards him until the scene cuts out of the creature's perspective and shows Drake being hit, in a swift-motion, by a winged arm, sending him flying to the side of the warehouse and into a forklift, denting it in the process. Drake then falls onto the floor, next to the forklift and groans, laying there. Yet another screech is heard before a flapping sound is heard. Drake looks up, his face looking bruised from the fight. He manages to lift his arm and place his hand against his ear, activating his comms.

Drake: John. Anyone there? ...John?

John, over the comms: Drake? Drake, are you alright?

Drake: I'm fine... I found him.

John, over the comms: What?

Drake: But we have a little problem.

The scene then shows the Mutant that attacked Drake, flying off, while Drake sees it from the floor, looking through the opening in the warehouse.

Title Sequence

The scene opens up at the side of a road, looking empty and cleared off. The sky is getting dark, it's currently between orange and navy blue with a few stars distinctly showing and the moon already out in the sky. There are few clouds and the atmosphere is quiet for the most part. There is a sort of forest on one of side of the road with slightly thin trees with most branches exposed while the others show brown and orange colored leaves. On the other side of the road is the news van, parked, with the back doors open.

December 3, 11:54 EDT

Drake is seen seated on the bench in the back of the van with Kate besides him, both of them eating from cans with a spoon. The cans seem to contain a red-brown colored slush. John is standing outside of the van, using its floor as a platform to hold his laptop while he works on it.

Drake, eating from the can: What is this again?

Kate, looking at her own can: I think it's... burger-flavored?

John, typing on the laptop: (chuckle) I could go for an actual burger right now instead.

Drake: I think I would want pizza instead.

John, looking up from the screen, at Drake: You do realize that there are other foods out there that taste better than pizza, right?

Drake, eating the slush off of his spoon again: I don't think so, John.

John, looking down, slightly defeated: Yeah, I guess you're right.

Kate, looking down at John: Speaking of eating, you haven't even touched the food supplies yet.

John, typing on the laptop: Huh? Oh yeah, food. Sorry, I've just been so busy trying to work on this program I've been developing.

Drake, with his mouth full: What does it do?

Kate glares at Drake, slightly, as he says that.

John, typing on the laptop: It's meant to track down any potential locations that we could find our unknown Mutants, whom seriously need a better name than that.

Kate: Well you won't be able to find anything on an empty stomach.

John stops typing then sighs. He looks up at Kate.

John: Yeah, you're right. I guess I could use a break.

Kate: Of course I'm right. I'm Kate Wilson. I'll get you something from the front.

Kate gets up from the bench and puts his can in her spot. She turns to John.

Kate: What flavor do you want?

John, looking at the screen but not typing: Uh... Doesn't matter. (looking up at Kate) Your choice.

Kate, smiling slightly: Alright then.

Kate turns back to the front of the van and makes her way to the front. Drake looks at her as she goes then turns to John when she is out of sight.

John, looking at the screen again: I don't know, Drake... Finding Owens might take longer than I thought.

Drake, looking a little uneasy: Yeah, well, I might know how to find the Mutants quicker.

John, looking up at Drake for a moment: You do? (scoffs) What? Do you have some sort of super sense that I missed during my scans or something?

Drake: No. But I do have this thing.

Drake looks back to the front and discards the thumb drive from his pocket, showing it John. John takes the thumb drive in his hands and looks at it.

John: Where did you get this?

Drake: ...I got it from Emmett. He gave it to me.

John: Oh yeah... that guy. I didn't really see him too much 'cause I was with the van getting repaired-

Drake: Yeah, I got it.

John: ...Does Kate know about this?

Drake: ...No.

John looks up at Drake, looking a little surprised.

John: Well, we gotta tell her.

Drake: We can't.

John: Why not, Drake? She's apart of the group, she has to know about this.

Drake: Emmett... didn't want anyone knowing about the thumb drive. He felt... like it would help with my time as the Vigilante to find the Mutants that attacked his laboratories.

John: So why would he want no one to know about it?

Drake: Because he didn't want to be apart of what we do and he didn't want anyone to know he was behind it.

John, sounding unconvinced: ...Okay.

Drake: Look, John, you just got to trust me.

John: Alright, alright. I won't tell her.

Drake: Good...

The two of them stay there for a short moment in silence.

John: I should probably check what's on it then.

Drake nods after looking at the thumb drive then moving his head up to look at John. The scene then cuts over to the inside of the van, at the computer station, with John inserting the thumb drive into the computer. The screen then starts showing files, reading the thumb drive. John turns to the screens and his expression becomes more surprised mixed with interested.

John, looking at the screens: Whoa, check out the files on this drive?

Drake: What's on it?

John, reading the files: Lots of stuff. Names, places, descriptions and connections... (turning to face Drake) There's even some stuff on here about that Vigilante in Philadelphia.

John turns back to the screens, typing on the keyboard, while Drake looks away for a bit.

Drake: Yeah I would guess so...

John: I mean there is a bunch of stuff here. (reading a few files) Alan North, Bicenthium Alloy, Chad Gorshin, the Darkstar Project-

Drake: Wait, stop. I know that name.

John: Wh-What? Really? Which one?

Drake: Gorshin.

John: Okay... How exactly? Did you two like meet before or something?

Drake: I don't know, I just- I just know him for some reason...

John: Right, well, we might as well see who this guy is then.

John types on the keyboard, opening up the file which contains an image of Gorshin, who appears like a middle-aged man. He has black hair with grey strands at its side and brown eyes. Also in the file appears to be various information about the man.

John, examining the file: Chad Gorshin. It says he's a scientist located in somewhere in Michigan. That's not too far from where we are. We can get there in a couple of hours in the morning.

Drake: (nods) Okay... I'll tell Kate.

Drake moves to the front of the van while John seats by the computer station, looking at the screens.

John, quietly to himself: Yeah...

John then continues typing on the keyboard. The scene then cuts over to a facility by a street. A streetlamp is seen in the view, flickering, from across the street. The sky is still dark, stars out as well as a few clouds.

Detriot Department of Science and Technology
December 4, 1:32 EDT

Inside the facility, there is a room. The room, itself, is dark with a slight cold atmosphere. At the side of the room, there are a few tables and counters with scientific equipment on them including beakers, test tubes holders, a sink with brown grime inside and a hot plate. There are a few other types of scientific equipment however they mainly appear old, extremely used and dirty. The floor is covered in mint-green colored, checkered tiles, also dirty. Above, are rectangular-shaped ceiling lamps which only one actually activated but it seems dented and the light flickers occasionally. The main source for light seem to come from the windows from the moonlight. There is a man wearing a lab coat, with his back facing the view, by one of the counters, pouring a purple liquid from one test tube into a beaker. His hair is black, while his face still remains out of sight. The view shows the man's hands as they continue working with the beaker. The sound of door opening is then heard followed by its shutting quietly. The man continues working, seemingly ignoring the door altogether. A few footsteps are heard as a figure is seen approaching the man and then stopping a few feet away from him.

Man, still working: I'm glad you could make it, Dr. Stevens.

Dr. Stevens steps closer, moving into the moonlight from the windows. He appears like a forty-year old man, wearing a dark navy blue blazer over a light blue shirt with a dark grey tie. He's bald and wears rounded silver glasses.

Dr. Stevens: Of course. I knew that you would call for my assistance when you were comfortable enough here and I would come to make sure you're never in need.

Man, still working: Thank you...

Dr. Stevens: I suppose I also wanted to make sure you were right for the job. That you could give the same or better results than the um... previous men who worked here. Your main goal for the facility wasn't exactly established.

The man is silent for a moment, possibly focusing on his experiment with the beaker and test tubes, as he pours more liquid into the beaker. Once he is finished pouring, he begins to speak.

Man, reaching for another test tube from the test tube holder: When I came to this city, I didn't just come for something I needed. No. I came because this city has qualities to it that I find... interesting.

He grabs the test tube and holds it up, looking at it from the bottom.

Man, lowering the test tube: This city has history, culture, (pouring the test tube's substance into the beaker)

Dr. Stevens chuckles softly to himself.

Dr. Stevens: Not many people come here for the science. Or any of those other things, really. This city has practically fallen. People only ever come here for the scraps left behind, looking for supplies and whatever else that can help them through the mess left behind.

Man, still working: Well, people often pick at the trash on the surface, it's depressing and unenjoyable exterior, never to explore the actual treasure underneath, within itself.

Dr. Stevens, looking at the man: It sounds like you're referring to something other than the city.

The man stops working, cocks his head slightly then looks down at the counter again.

Man: Perhaps I am.

The man then moves to the side of the room, his face still unseen. His work space is now in view however. Dr. Stevens looks down.

Dr. Stevens: So... What did you actually call me in for, Dr. Gorshin?

The man turns around to face Dr. Stevens. His face now seen, appearing just like the photo from the file of Chad Gorshin except that he is wearing a lab coat over a black turtleneck.

Dr. Gorshin: I need your assistance with a little project of mines, Dr. Stevens. You see I'm trying to synthesize a component that I- discovered... Allowing me to make it neutral.

Dr. Stevens, seeing the beaker on the counter, making his way over there: And is this the sample that you want me to look at?

Dr. Stevens stands before the counter, reaching his hand out to grab the beaker when an arm grabs his own, abruptly. Dr. Stevens looks up and sees Dr. Gorshin holding his arm who is also looking directly at the sample.

Dr. Gorshin: Yes... and no, Dr. Stevens. Yes, this is a sample of what I was referring to.

Dr. Stevens looks down at the sample. Dr. Gorshin then turns his head to face Dr. Stevens.

Dr. Gorshin: But it's not what I want you want to see.

Dr. Stevens then turns to looks at Dr. Gorshin, looking slightly concerned. The scene then cuts over to an overhead of a city. The buildings are seen but some are crumpled and practically in ruins. And while the city is surrounded by barriers, they appear abandoned as the lights on them flicker.

December 4, 10:34 EDT

On street level, the news van is seen driving down one of the city's streets which seem practically empty with only a couple of people passing by. Inside the van, Kate is seen driving, looking out of the main window carefully, with Drake seated in the passenger seat, looking out of his own window. He sees as a person dressed in ragged clothing is seen pulling a cart with scraps within it by a ruined building.

Drake: ...What happened to this city?

John brings himself to the front of the van, sort of leaning between the two chairs, looking out the main window.

John: I dunno... This city was maintaining itself about a year ago last time I checked.

Kate, driving: Yeah and that was a year ago, before Ryden pulled his attack.

Drake, turning to Kate: What does that have to do with anything? That was in New York.

Kate, driving: Yeah but Ryden smashed through the MCA Barriers and Mutants escaped the city to the nearby ones. Some cities were fine like Philadelphia while others, not so much.

Drake, looking around outside: Like this one...

Kate, driving: Yep. So the Government had to give our city some funding in order to recover from the attack which meant pulling some from cities like Detroit, I guess. (looking at Drake for a short moment) At least that's what I gathered. (looks back to the road)

Drake, looking out the window: This isn't right.

John: Well, they just don't have the funding, Drake.

Drake turns to John and looks at him for a short moment.

Drake: Funding? John, that's just money but out there, those are people, living and breathing people. They deserve better than this.

John: I get it, Drake. I'm not the one who needs to hear it.

John then moves to the back of the van while Drake breaths out and looks straight forward, getting re-adjusted with his seat. Kate looks at Drake for a moment then back at the road. The scene then cuts over to the outside showing the van pulling to the side at the curb and parking. The front doors then open and, both, Drake and Kate get out of the van. Kate walks ahead a bit while Drake moves around the van to the sidewalk to talk next to Kate.

Drake, looking around: Where are we?

Kate, looking at Drake: I figured it would take a bit of time to look for your guy so I found the closest motel that we can stay out until we do find him.

Drake: Do you know him?

Kate: No but I can check the Central News database in the van, maybe see if anyone did a report about this guy before. See what that brings me.

Drake, looking around: (nods) Okay...

Kate: ...Are you alright?

Drake, looking down at Kate: Yeah, why?

Kate: I dunno, it's just that John seems a little tense ever since we left. Did you say something to him or-?

Drake: I'll... talk to him about it.

Kate: Good.

Kate turns to the van then stops and turns back to Drake.

Kate: And Drake?

Drake looks up from the ground at Kate.

Kate: Nicely.

Drake glares at Kate who just smiles mockingly in response. He then spins around, facing the van again and starts to make her way to the back, passing John who approaches Drake.

John: Alright, I went through as much of the data as I could on this city and found a few things about the-

Drake looks at John.

John: What?

Drake: Are you... okay?

John: Yeah, why?

Drake: Kate says you're being tense. That means hard, right?

John: What?

Drake: Well, I asked Owens about the word once and he said that's what his muscles felt like.

John: Okay first of all, same word, different meaning. And second, yes, okay? I am a bit tense which means stressed which means freaking out because of this thing! (shows thumb drive) I mean, you can't expect me to keep a secret like this, Drake.

Drake: John, you have to.

John: Drake, do you know what's on this drive?

Drake: Names, people. We went over this.

John: It's much more than that. There are just things in here that I didn't know before which raises some questions that I don't have answers to. I have a lot on my plate here, Drake.

Drake: So the food is tense too?

John: What? No. You're thinking about tender, that's something completely different. Look, I just don't know what to do about this thing, man.

Drake: Then how about we focus on finding Dr. Gorshin first?

John, nodding: Okay, yeah...

Drake: You said you found some things. Were you able to find Dr. Gorshin?

John, looking up at Drake: Drake, please. I find your lack of faith in me finding people disturbing. I was able to pinpoint his location to Detroit, after all. I figured a scientist like him would be here for something so I tried looking some places a scientist would go in the area and it turns out there's a place here called the Department of Science and Technology.

Drake: So?

John: So it's also a facility on my program for tracking down the Mutants we were looking for. Turns out they already took a lot of valuable equipment for the facility, most of the staff missing. 

Drake: Like Owens...

John: Exactly.

Drake: So what does this have to do with Dr. Gorshin?

John: Well this attack happened about two months ago and ever since then Dr. Gorshin had taken over the facility as its leading scientist along with Dr. Stevens and Dr. Shoal.

Drake: Why would Dr. Gorshin take over a facility that's been cleared out?

John: I'm not sure. Maybe we should ask him.

The scene then cuts over to the same facility from earlier but from a different side, now showing the logo at the side reading "DDST". There are a few steps leading to a platform in front of the main entrance of the facility which is right by the street.

Detroit Department of Science and Technology
December 4, 13:25 EDT

On the sidewalk, Drake and John are seen standing there, looking at the facility.

Drake: Maybe you shouldn't be here.

John: Are you kidding? As a scientist, I might actually have a chance to reason with this guy.

Drake, looking at John: You're not a scientist.

John: Then why do I work in a lab with you most of the time?

Drake, looking back at the building: We'll go in and find Gorshin. See if he has anything to do with the Mutants we're looking for.

John: What about the fact that you know him for some reason?

Drake: I'm not sure. His name just feels...

John: Familiar?

Drake: Yeah.

John: Well, we won't find out from out here.

Drake: I'll climb up the side, you can keep watch. I'll find Dr. Gorshin, take him out and question him for what we need to know.

John: Or we can just go through the front and ask him.

Drake, looking a little distorted: Right...

John heads for the entrance followed by Drake. Inside the facility, Dr. Gorshin is seen examining some files from an folder. Drake and John enter the room. Dr. Gorshin looks up from the file, a little startled by their sudden appearance.

John: Dr. Gorshin?

Dr. Gorshin: Who are you? How did you get in here?

Drake: The door was open...

Dr. Gorshin: Oh. What do you want from me?

John: We just want to know a little about yourself.

Drake: Like how you're connected to Mutant activity.

John looks over at Drake.

Drake: What?

Dr. Gorshin: What is this? Who are you people?

Drake: We're asking the questions here, Dr. Gorshin.

Dr. Gorshin: Do I know you?

Drake: Do you?

Dr. Gorshin: ...Look, just tell me who are you first and how you know me then I'll explain myself.

John: We found your name on a file, we thought you were connected some Mutants we came across earlier.

Drake: The ones that attacked this building before you took control of it.

Dr. Gorshin: Hardly. I'm here for a research project.

John: What type of research?

Dr. Gorshin: It's a personal study which I have to rights to.

Drake: It has something to do with Mutations, doesn't it?

Dr. Gorshin's eyes shift over to Drake. He then turns to his head to face him.

Dr. Gorshin: How did you know that?

Drake: That's what I came here to find out.

Dr. Gorshin: ...Before the incident, I've been studying Mutations. I was consulted by some scientists who were interested in a specialized project involving Mutations. Mutations that I have never seen before. Then they took my research that I was developing and left. About a year later, the world changes and Mutants roam around the place. I was unaffected physically but mentally, I was inspired. To see Mutations like this in progress was quite the experience so I wanted to control it. That's what this project is. It's a potential cure for Mutation.

John: Let me get this straight, you want to cure Mutants?

Dr. Gorshin: It's not that simple, child. Mutations are only caused to certain cells in the body, not all of them. And it spreads through cell division. Now whatever is causing these Mutations, whether it'd be an outside force or not, is mutating cells at a rapid rate, judging from my samples. It's practically rewriting DNA. But I think that's the solution.

John: DNA?

Dr. Gorshin: Cells. If I can control cell division, I can be able to insert specialized cells with mutated ones, hopefully cancelling out the mutation altogether.

Drake: And it can work?

Dr. Gorshin: Theoretically. It's still a work in progress. I've tried receiving help from so many scientific minds but none of which can seem to give me anything of much use.

Drake: Maybe, we can help.

John looks over at Drake.

John: We can?

Dr. Gorshin: Yeah, I'm quite uncertain how you of all people can help me.

Drake: We work with the MCA, they have information that can help your project.

John: Information that only certain people need to see.

Drake: Like Dr. Gorshin.

John: Can I talk to you for a moment?

John leads Drake outside of the room as Dr. Gorshin looks to the side, in thought. The scene cuts to the hallway where John looks back while Drake looks at John.

Drake: What?

John, turning back to Drake: What are you doing?

Drake: I'm helping Dr. Gorshin.

John: Yeah, why?

Drake: Why? John isn't this what we were looking for? What you were looking for? A cure to Mutation.

John: Yeah, I have been looking into that but, through my research, it's become clear that it doesn't just happen because of some serum. This research is going to take time so we might as well check him out before we do anything.

Drake: John, he's been working on this since before the incident. That's longer than when you started. He might be onto something. Maybe that's why his name was on the file.

John: And what if that's not the reason? I just feel like we should take it slow first.

Drake: We might not get a chance like this before. You do what you need to do, John, but I have to help Dr. Gorshin with this.

John: Why?

Drake: Because I feel like I know that he knows what he's doing. I know his name for a reason, John, and by helping him, I might just find out why I do.

Drake then walks past John, back into the room. John looks down at the floor then looks back. The scene then cuts over to the city again, the sky appears to be getting darker but there is still light out. Smoke can be seen protruding from a crumpled building in the far distance, while the view focuses on one building in particular with a sign at the side reading "Motel".

December 4, 19:47 EDT

Inside the building, Kate can see sitting on top of a bed, looking out of the motel window, with her legs crossed. The sound of a door opening is heard, drawing Kate's attention from the window to the view. The scene cuts to the entrance of the room with John entering and closing the door behind him. His expression makes him appear a little upset. The scene then shows Kate again, leaning forwards, still sitting on top of the bed.

Kate: Hey, you alright?

John, approaching her: Yeah, it's just Drake and-

John pulls a wooden chair away from a desk and sits on it backwards, leaning against the back support. He then puts his hands against his face and exhales.

Kate: What happened? Did you find the guy you were looking for?

John, removing his hands from his face: Yeah. Yeah, we found him. Apparently, he's working on some sort of serum that can be used to cure Mutants.

Kate: Well that's great, isn't it?

John: Yeah, I would think so. Except, I dunno. There's just something off about all this. I can feel it.

Kate: How did you even know about that guy to begin with?

John, eyes shifting: Uh-

Kate: John?

John: He came up... in my program.

Kate: The one used to locate the Mutants we were tracking down?

John: Yeah, they attacked the facility that he took over and we thought we needed to check it out.

Kate: Right... That makes sense.

John nods, looking away for a bit. Kate continues looking at John, squinting slightly, as if trying to read him. John looks at Kate, seeing her expression, then decides to get up from the chair.

John: But Drake wants to help Dr. Gorshin with his serum. I think it's a risk. I mean we hardly know anything about the guy.

Kate: Well, you don't- (pulls laptop from behind her, placing it on her lap) But I managed to find something.

Kate opens the laptop as John turns to face her.

John: What did you find?

Kate: Turns out the facility you went to isn't the only facility Dr. Gorshin visited.

John: Yeah, he said that we talked to other scientists to help him with his projects.

Kate: Well one of the places he visited was a small facility in Ohio called Devconn. About a week later, the facility was attacked.

John: By the unknown Mutants again.

Kate: I thought so at first until I read further. Usually the staff go missing when they attack facilities, right? This time, the staff were left behind. Dead.

John: You think Dr. Gorshin was involved in that?

Kate: It's a possibility. He was the only one that survived.

John: His serum might be unstable, maybe even hazardous.

Kate: Drake went back there after grabbing his suit.

John: I have to head back over there...

John then hurries to the door, opens it and runs out into the hallway. Kate, holding the laptop, gets up from the bed and looks at the door. The scene then cuts over to the science facility, the sky now darker than before.

Detroit Department of Science and Technology
December 4, 20:21 EDT

Inside the facility, John is seen rushing through the hallways, looking into the rooms through the doorways as he passes by them. He then stops at one doorway and enters, it being the same laboratory that Dr. Gorshin was working in earlier. John looks around the room, it still giving off the same atmosphere as before, dark and eerie with that one lamp still flickering. However, some of the old equipment appears to have been knocked over, dented even. John looks at the equipment for a moment then turns to the counters, he sees some puddles of purple liquid on the counter as well a blue substance.

John: Drake? (turns around) Dr. Gorshin?

John stands there for a moment in silence as no one responds to him.

John, to himself: They must have left...

John then walks towards the door and leaves the room, a drip from the puddle dropping from the counter top seen as the back of the view comes out of focus. The scene then cuts over to John, in the hallway again, looking around. He then finds himself in the file room,that he had found Dr. Gorshin in earlier. He looks at the desk against the wall and sees a folder on top. He looks around again before looking back at the table. He then reaches for the folder and takes it in his hands. He opens it and reads the file. John then starts to leave the room, still reading from the folder as he walks back into the laboratory.

John, still reading, to himself: This doesn't make any sense... (flipping through the files in the folder) Most of these files are about influencing cells. Why would you want to influence the mutated cells?

John looks out for a moment as if the answer had become clear to him.

John: Unless he's influencing normalized cells... But that would mean he's not trying to cure Mutants, he's trying to mutate Humans. I need to find the other scientists, maybe they can help me.

John look around the room until he sees a metallic storage cabinet. Its door is open, slightly. From the opening, a shoe can be seen.

John: Dr. Stevens?

There isn't a response. John approaches the cabinet, carefully.

John: Dr. Stevens, my name is John. Don't worry, I know about Dr. Gorshin's experiment.

Again, no response. John continues his approach, he's almost at the door.

John: You can stop hiding now, Dr. Stevens. He's not here right now.

John takes the door handle of the cabinet and pulls it open. As soon as the door swings open, an arm falls out onto the floor, scratched and lifeless. John steps away from the cabinet.

John: Oh no...

The scene then cuts over to a alleyway where Dr. Gorshin is seen walking through, carrying a crate of scraps. He walks past a street lamp which flickers as he walks under it. Gorshin is seen continuing on from the rooftop of a small building as a figure comes into view. The scene shows the figure to be Drake in his Vigilante suit with the hood lowered. An alert is heard causing Drake to divert his attention downwards, slightly. He puts his hand against the side of his head, against his ear, activating his comms.

Drake: Not now, John.

John, over the comms: Drake, you need to listen to me. It's about Dr. Gorshin.

Drake: I know, John.

John, over the comms: Y-you do?

Drake: Yeah... I know we can't trust him. I get that.

John, over the comms, attempting to interrupt him: Drake, that's not-

Drake, cutting in: Let me finish. I know we can't trust him but I'm going to face him about my past, John. I need to know what he knows. (rising from his squatting position) One way... or another.

John, over the comms: Drake? Drake! Drake, listen to me. Do not go near-

Drake deactivates his comms and lowers his arm from the side of his head as he looks down at Gorshin from the rooftop. Gorshin continues as he crosses the street, looking around carefully, as someone coughing can be heard from a short distance away. Gorshin then turns and looks at the sky, already dark. After a moment, he looks back, upwards at the rooftop of the building he just walked past, it being cleared of anyone. Gorshin's eyes then shift around as he turns back and continues along. The scene then cuts over to an open park with a few trees, while the walkways seem covered in various pieces of trash including cans and newspapers.

Palmer Park
December 21:45 EDT

Dr. Gorshin is seen, going through his crate, removing some of scrap onto a park bench as he seems to sort through the items. A rustle amongst some leaves can be heard, causing Gorshin to look up and around at his surroundings, with caution. It's silent with only the wind passing through.

Dr. Gorshin, looking around: I know you're there. Whoever you are. Believe me, this is the worst night for you to attack me.

There is still no response. Dr. Gorshin then stops and exhales, his breathing seems to be deeper than before. He then turns around to face his crate again when he sees Drake standing before him, causing him to back up, acting very startled. Drake is seen looking down at the ground, standing right over the crate on the ground. He then raises his head and looks right at Gorshin.

Drake: Dr. Gorshin...

Dr. Gorshin: I know you... You're the Vigilante from New York City.

Drake remains silent, still looking straight at Dr. Gorshin.

Dr. Gorshin: What do you want with me?

Drake: I want answers, Gorshin. You know about what happened that night.

Dr. Gorshin: What night?

Drake, voice intensifying: The night of the incident!

Dr. Gorshin, putting his hands up in defense: Okay! Okay! I know something. I was approached by scientists before everything changed.

Drake: I know you gave them your research.

Dr. Gorshin: Gave? No. They stole my research.

Drake tilts his head a little as his mouth opens slightly.

Drake, immediately after: That's not what I- thought happened.

Dr. Gorshin: They approached me, saying something about the Nanogene Project. They had a sample and a container. I asked them if they wanted me to look at the sample but they wanted me to look at the real thing, the subject.

Drake: Subject?

Dr. Gorshin: It was a Mutant before the Incident even occurred. I got to work on something truly ahead of its time. I was honored. So when I completed my assessment, they took my research and left with everything. The only thing I had was the knowledge from my experience. So I went to their facility, stole a sample and used it on a subject. I was fascinated by the results. Unfortunately, the incident happened and the results were not what I had thought.

Drake: What do you mean?

Dr. Gorshin: Well Mutation are caused by some sort of external factor and spreads through cell division. Whatever was in that sample, it was meant to spread across the subject's genetics, altering them completely. But when a secondary external factor was added in, better known as the Incident, the subject wasn't able to fully register the change. It was a Mutant and it was not, at the same time. A genetic anomaly.

Drake: So you discovered something that can be mutated and cured?

Dr. Gorshin: The subject changes into a Mutant when he meets similar conditions as the night of the Incident, fear, accelerated heart rate, stress, dark atmosphere, and changes back during the day.

Drake: And you're trying to cure it.

Dr. Gorshin: Cure it? (laughs) I don't want to cure it. I want to control it. I've studied Mutations for most of my adult life, even as a child, (stammers) I-I was intrigued by change and science and change in science. This is the future, Mr. Vigilante. And I want to take as much of an advantage of it than anyone. To be able to change at whim... like you, I might add. Yes, I've seen the reports during my travels. The man who can change his limbs into weapons. And a Mutant at that. How do you get some much control?

Drake: Like I would tell you.

Dr. Gorshin: Oh but you have. You told me so much. In fact, you might have even given me the answer. You wanted to know about the Incident so badly that you came all the way down to Michigan to interrogate me. Which means this is personal to you. You were involved with the Nanogene Project, no doubt. Could those be the external factor? External and Internal?

Drake: I don't have to hear this. If you're not going to use your serum to help others then you shouldn't have it to begin with.

Dr. Gorshin: Destroy the crate if you want, it matters not. I already used the modified sample on my subject. I just need to add one more element.

Dr. Gorshin removes a test tube with a cork blocking the opening. The liquid inside of the tube is grey with white particles in it.

Dr. Gorshin: It's a mixture of various acids; hydrofluoric, sulfuric... This mixed with the formula within the subject should neutralize it's affects and help melt down whatever makes the subject non-mutated while the mutated form remains intact. Forcing the cell division to copy only mutated cells, with no normalized cells left behind. All of them eaten away by the acid composition.

Dr. Gorshin then removes the cork from the test tube, throwing it onto the ground. Drake takes a step closer, cautiously.

Drake: You're not going to use that on anyone or anything. Now, where's your the subject you're using this stuff on?

Dr. Gorshin: He's right here.

Dr. Gorshin then drinks from the tube which drops from his hands, shattering against the ground. Gorshin then drops to his knees, grabbing his throat as he seemingly chokes. Drake rushes over to him and holds him. Gorshin then leans forwards, his bones cracking as they seem to reform underneath his skin. His skin starts growing more and more hair. The grey strands in his hair start extending across his entire head, until all of his hair strands are turned grey. His clothes than start to stretch as he begins with mutate into something larger. Drake steps back and looks up as Dr. Gorshin mutates into a large figure with long arms with flesh dragging underneath them, similar to wings. He then throws his arms down, showing off his complete mutated form, appearing similar to that of a large, humanoid bat. Gorshin then yells out, releasing a screech, as Drake stands before him, in shock.

Drake: What have you done?

Gorshin then flaps his newly-acquired wings and lifts himself from the air slightly, he strikes Drake across the side with his wing, sending Drake flying, through the park bench and into a tree. Drake looks up, shakes his head as he gets up and sees Gorshin stretching out his wings and screeching once again. Drake then rubs the side of his face and looks down at his hand. He then looks up at the now mutated Dr. Gorshin.

Drake: Okay... Let's do this then.

Drake then walks towards Gorshin who doesn't seem to notice him. The scene, focusing on Drake's hands, as his fingers seem to clutching into a fist then releasing it rapidly until he finally settles on a clutched fist. His arm then turns into his ax-form. Gorshin then turns to Drake, now noticing him, approaching. He turns, having to move his feet, reaches his arms out, his hands against the park ground as his arm arch over towards his hunched over body. He releases yet another screech at Drake who continues approaching, his arms ready. Gorshin then raises his arms and flaps them, attempting to get air. Drake raises his arm and strikes at Gorshin but Gorshin is already in the air, evading the attack. Drake looks up and sees Gorshin above him who practically lands on Drake, knocking him over. He then grabs Drake with his feet and lifts him into the air. Drake looks around, as he is being lifted off the air by Gorshin, he attempts to struggle free but the Bat Mutant continues flying up, away from the park. Drake then throws his arm out, showing off the elasticity of his ax-form as it stretches downwards. Drake then flings it up, seemingly wrapping it around Gorshin, tangling it around his wings. Gorshin then drops from the air into another bench with Drake. Drake tumbles across the grass until he slams his ax-hand down, forcing him to stop tumbling. He then looks up and sees Gorshin getting up, extending his wings out and looks straight at Drake. Drake then grunts as he gets up but Gorshin flies straight for Drake, tackling him with his large wings, throwing Drake into another tree. He looks up, slightly dazed, as Gorshin screeches right in his face, grabbing his sides with his small hands. His wings then flap as he holds Drake against the tree, bringing them both upwards. Drake hits every branch in his way, on the way up, until they clear the tree. Gorshin then drops Drake as he falls from that height. As Drake is about to hit the ground, Gorshin comes around again and swoops him just in time, now holding him by his legs. The two of them then fly out of the park, overhead. The scene then shows them above the buildings with Gorshin looking ahead and Drake coming to out of his dazed state, his arms no longer in their ax-form. He looks around, seeing how high he is. He looks up at Dr. Gorshin, still holding him with his legs.

Drake: Gorshin! I know you can hear me! It doesn't have to be this way.

Gorshin ignores Drake and continues flying ahead. Drake looks down at the feet holding him. He then clutches his fists, raising his arms and slams them repetitively against Gorshin's legs, until it becomes an act of punching them. Gorshin looks down and screeches at Drake. He then starts to dive from above, lowering towards the street level. Drake flails backwards unexpectedly as they start to lower. Before they hit street level, Gorshin pulls up and flies over abandoned cars, past shop windows. Drake grabs onto the legs, pulling himself forwards. He then continues slamming his fist against it while holding on with his other hand. Gorshin screeches and turns the corner, attempting to slam Drake against the side of the building. The scene cuts over to a crumbled building where two people dressed in ragged clothing are seen collecting scraps from the building's debris while also loading them into their carts. They continue until another one of Gorshin's screeches are heard, however at a distance. The two men look up, one of them more startled than the other.

Man: What was that, Philip?

Philip: I dunno. Some of sort of bird.

Man: There are no birds anymore. That must be one of those Mutants in the city.

Philip: A Mutant?

Man: Yeah, the bat one. I've seen it. That's why no one comes out anymore. Because of the man-like bat thing.

Philip: A bat like a man? In the dark night? (scoffs) As if.

Man, settling down: Yeah... yeah, maybe you're right.

Philip, removing a can from his cart: Of course I am.

Man, seeing the can: ...Hey, where'd you get that can?

Philip, holding his can: At that food place we to went the other day. I'm resourceful, y'know.

Man: I need some more food... Man, how much you pay for that can?

Philip, showing off the man, boastful: (chuckles) Yo, you know this guy's got his free can of-

Gorshin, still holding Drake, then flies over the men, interrupting the conversation, throwing Philip onto the ground, knocking over his can while the other man backs away. The scene follows Gorshin as he continues flying throughout the city with Drake who is struggling to hold on due to the pure speed of Gorshin's flying and his jagged flight pattern. Drake then manages to pull himself so that his torso is slightly above the Mutant's legs, which are still holding him firmly within their grasp. Drake then breaths out for moment, as if in relief, and releases one hand, now struggling once again to hold his position. He uses this time to activate his ax-form again. This time he looks carefully at the edge of the ax and the side of Gorshin's foot. He then uses the edge of the ax to hit Gorshin's foot, which burns it with some type of acid. Gorshin, still holding Drake, shrieks out and looks out desperately. He then flings Drake, throwing him across the road, causing him to tumble once again across the road. Drake looks up from the ground and sees that they seem to ended up in a more empty part of the city with more space between the buildings. He looks behind him and sees some sort of warehouse. There's also a slight fog covering the ground level now. Drake gets up and looks around above, but there is no sign of Dr. Gorshin. Drake's head turns back and forth, trying to locate him with only distant screeches and swooshing noises to follow. Drake then stops and listens, the flapping of wings heard distinctly, getting louder and louder. As Drake looks up, he sees a figure in the distance. He leans forwards, as if trying to make out what it is, when Gorshin flies out from the fog and tackles Drake once again, now slamming him into a large metallic door and pushing the metallic door inwards, leading to the inside of some type of warehouse. Drake looks up at Gorshin and strikes him in the face with his regular hands, as they seem to have unformed from his ax-form. Gorshin turns his head away, dazed, then turns back, screeching at Drake. He then hits Drake, throwing him across the area and onto the floor. Drake, looks up from the floor, his hood lowered. 

December 4, 22:34 EDT

Drake gets up, screeches heard again. He looks up at Gorshin approaching him and swings his arm out at him, attempting to strike it down. However, the figure evades the attacks and strikes Drake in the chest, throwing him through a brick wall, the bricks scattering across the floor. Drake's body slams into the wall, with more structure, behind the demolished one and he slides to the floor, groaning in pain.

Drake: AGGH!

Drake leans to the side, slowly, and holds his arm against the wall, using it as leverage and helping himself up from the floor. Drake breaths heavily as he gets up and stands by the wall, his using it to hold himself up straight. His back slightly hunched over with his other arm holding his side. After a very short moment of breathing, the screeches are heard again, causing Drake to look up in alarm. Before he can react, the figure soars at him and slams him into the floor, cracking the material slightly. Another screech is released from the figure as it holds Drake's back against the ground with his leg. Drake struggles to move as the pressure of the figure starts to show its affect. The figure's leg is hairy or furry with grey hairs running down it, its toes are enlarged, appearing like claws. One penetrating through Drake's armor.

Drake, in pain: GAH!

Drake then swings his arm out and activates his stone-blade form, slashing at the creature's leg. A yell in the form of a screech is yelped from the creature as it released Drake. Drake then gets up on his own and starts to run from the creature. Drake makes his way towards an opening in the warehouse, a door lifted up showing the city on the outside. Drake then turns around, his eyes widening after seeing something. An unknown object soaring at him is seen distinctly within his goggle lenses. Drake turns back, trying to move quicker. From the perspective of the creature, it moves overhead from Drake but begins to dive towards him until the scene cuts out of the creature's perspective and shows Drake being hit, in a swift-motion, by a winged arm, sending him flying to the side of the warehouse and into a forklift, denting it in the process. Drake then falls onto the floor, next to the forklift and groans, laying there. Yet another screech is heard before a flapping sound is heard. Drake looks up, his face looking bruised from the fight. He manages to lift his arm and place his hand against his ear, activating his comms.

Drake: John. Anyone there? ...John?

John, over the comms: Drake? Drake, are you alright?

Drake: I'm fine... I found him.

John, over the comms: What?

Drake: But we have a little problem.

The scene then shows the Mutant that attacked Drake, flying off, while Drake sees it from the floor, looking through the opening in the warehouse. The scene cuts over the an overhead of the city until it cuts back to the motel room. Drake is seen sitting on the bed, looking down at the floor, while John is seen leaning against the wall with his arms crossed. Drake is still wearing his Vigilante Suit but his goggles are off and his hood is still lowered.

Motel Room
December 4, 23:48 EDT

John, shaking his head slightly, arms still crossed: So Gorshin got away.

Drake, after a moment, still looking out: I had it under control...

John, looking up at Drake, arms still crossed: Under control? He got away and he threw you around, Drake.

Drake turns his head slightly. Kate can be seen sitting on the wooden chair, looking at the both of them.

John: All you had to do is listen to me and none of this would have happened!

Drake: I just needed to know. I needed to know what happened that night.

John: I thought it was because you knew him.

Drake: It was, John, but the more I thought about it, the more I realized that I really didn't know that much about what happened. If Gorshin knew anything about that night, I needed to hear it.

Kate: Hey, I know you want to find out more about what happened to you, Drake. But you might not always get what you want. Believe me, I know the feeling. Running around for sources and getting disappointed when you don't find what you want, when you don't get enough to work with. We'll find this out... together, alright?

Drake nods, looking at Kate. John sighs, looks down then looks up, trying not to look defeated.

John: Are you alright, at least?

Drake: Yeah... Just uh-

John: Sore?

Drake: It's that feeling where there's pain that's still there, right?

John: Yep.

Drake: Yeah, then that. Sore...

Drake leans back, dropping onto the bed, while looking up at the ceiling.

John: It'll past. You just need to give it a chance to heal. In the meantime, we can look for Dr. Gorshin.

Kate: This is probably a dumb question but why? 

Drake: Because now that he's out there, he can hurt other people. And he can fly so the MCA barriers won't be a problem for him.

John: That and I think Dr. Gorshin's sample is incomplete.

Kate, looking at John: What do you mean, incomplete?

John: He might have been able to mutate but there's a chance that his mutated cells will stop spreading and he'll have to rely on his normalized cells again.

Kate: What does that mean? He'll be normal, is that what you're saying.

John: Yeah, he'll change back to Human. But if what Drake said is right then he won't have any Human cells left to rely on, his genetic structure will just snap. (seeing the blank expression on Kate) He'll uh... die.

Kate looks down while Drake leans back up, laying on the bed, looking at John.

Drake: Is there anything we can do?

John: I analyzed the chemicals he was using in his sample and I think I was able to complete the gap, restoring his normalized cells. Basically, it'll make him normal again... probably.

Drake: Now we just have to find Gorshin before daytime.

Kate: I might be able to help with that.

Kate turns in her seat to face the desk which is holding the laptop.

Kate, opening the laptop: I noticed that, based on your description, he pretty much seems like an overgrown bat and I remember doing an article on bats before... (typing on the laptop) Here it is. It says that bats can typically be found in caves or large hallow trees but seeing as we're in a city and he's a sort of human-bat thing, they also live in more modern places like barns, bridges...

John: There's a bridge not far from where I found Drake. Maybe like 10 minutes away.

Drake: Is that serum ready?

John: I have to pick it up from Gorshin's laboratory but we should have enough time.

Drake: Alright. (to Kate) Call the MCA, whoever is left in the area. We'll need them when it comes to handling Gorshin.

Kate nods as Drake gets up from the bed and John gets off from the wall. Drake and John then rush out of the room while Kate picks up her cellphone. The scene then cuts over to a large suspended bridge over the Detroit River, however the back half of the bridge is gone with pieces of large debris in the water.

Ambassador Bridge
December 5, 24:11 EDT

The news van is then seen pulling up onto the bridge and then parking, it's headlights on. The headlights then cut out as the engine stops humming and the doors open afterwords. John looks around, holding a flashlight in hand, while Drake walks around the van, to John's side, stretching out his arm.

John: How's the arm?

Drake: Good... It's my back that's hurting more.

A screech is heard in the distance as the two of them continue up the bridge.

John: Sounds like we're in the right place.

John readies his MCA blaster in hand while looking around carefully. Both of them continue forwards until they stop at the edge of the bridge.

Drake, looking out: I don't see him anywhere...

John: Well, we gotta keep looking. Even if the sun doesn't come up, we need to make sure his body accepts the serum before it rejects his genetic struct-

John is interrupted by Gorshin landed on his shoulder and grabbing him with his legs. John squirms and yells out as Gorshin screeches again, lifting off with John.

Drake, turning back and seeing what's happening: John!

Drake jumps up and grabs John's leg, causing him to lift up along with him. However, the take off is slowed by Drake's additional weight. Gorshin, noticing this, looks down and sees Drake. He screeches at him and attempts to shake Drake off of his body but Drake's hold is firm as he climbs up John, grabbing onto Gorshin's legs. He keeps one hand on his leg while his uses the other to strike Gorshin across his stomach area. Gorshin then drops John. Drake looks down and leaps from Gorshin, towards John. He grabs him and activates one of his forms. Small green ports open up on specific parts of Drake's body as he activates this form and brown scales cover his back. The scales then detach from one another and position themselves over the green ports. When Drake and John hit the ground, the fall is cancelled out by some type of a vibrational force, acting as an sphere around them. The impact also releases a pitched sound which causes Gorshin to cover his enlarged ears with his hands. Drake then lets go of John as they both get up on their own.

Drake, looking at John: Are you alright?

John: Yeah. (looking up) But he doesn't...

Drake turns around and sees Gorshin propped upon a part of the bridge, his head cowering downwards as he uses his wings to cover his ears as he releases a crying out screech. A moment later he lowers his wings and shakes his head around. He then turns to Drake and John and screeches out at them.  Drake: Guess he doesn't like the sound so much.

John: Yeah... I've got an idea. Just hold still.

John looks around and sees a loose metallic piece of the bridge. He grabs it and uses his foot to kick it loose. Gorshin then extends his wings out and screeches out at Drake.

Drake: Whatever you're going to do, do it fast, John.

John, armed with the metallic piece, goes up to Drake and raises his arms into a swinging position.

John: Alright, throw your shield up.

Drake clenches his fists, raising them slightly over his face. A spherical, vibrational force then surrounds him with the scales floating around him against the waves. Gorshin then swoops off from the bridge towards Drake, flapping his wings and screeching along the way. John then strikes at the shield, causing it to release a similar pitched sound. Gorshin reacts negatively and covers his ears with his wings again, causing him to drop onto the bridge from mid-flight. John continues striking against the shield which releases more sounds with every hit. Drake looks up, holding the shield up, and sees Gorshin kneeling down on the bridge ahead of them, covering his ears with a crying screech.

Drake, voice slightly muffled by the sound waves: Alright, he's down. We can do this now.

John hits the shield once again then drops the metallic pieces. Drake releases his form and rushes over to Gorshin's wincing and mutated body. Gorshin then lowers his wings and looks up with a shriek, laced with anger but Drake grabs him from behind, holding his arm around his neck as Gorshin attempts to take off, releasing startled screeches as Drake brings him back down. Gorshin then manages to flip Drake overhead and in front of him. Drake looks up and Gorshin screeches at him but Drake punches Gorshin across the face and grabs hold off his left wing when it comes over to strike him. He then puts his foot against Gorshin's chest, pushes him down against the bridge and attempts to hold him down. John rushes over with a syringe-like device and places it against Gorshin's right side. He then presses against the trigger, releasing the serum into his bloodstream. However, Gorshin manages to break free of Drake's hold, knocking him in the head hard, causing him to drop onto the ground, and hits John with enough force to throw him over the edge of the bridge's side. John grabs the edge as he dangles over the Detroit River. Drake lays against the bridge floor, practically unconscious as John is heard yelling something distinctly. The scene fades into a flashback scene as the bridge transitions to an area covered with debris and a couple of bunkers, some open already while others are closed.

Omni-Labs Facility
8 Years Ago

Drake and his mother are seen walking away from a bunker with its doors ripped open as they approach one of the bunkers that has been pried open. As they pass the container, Drake looks inside and sees several bodies against the bunker's floor. His attention to moves to the nameplate on the side of the container, reading "Bradley Baker, Chad Gorshin, Bennett Jefferson, Yuri L-" with the last two names being scratched downwards, making them difficult to read. Drake stops while his mother continues walking forwards, as he looks out at the name plate. A distant screech mixed with a yell of pain is heard above as Drake and his mother look up. Drake's mother looks down at him and puts her arms around him, as he continues looking up.

Drake's Mother: Come on, Drake. Let's go...

Drake doesn't respond and continues looking up at the sky.

Drake's Mother: Drake?

Drake then starts to close his eyes as his body slowly drops into his mother's arms.

Drake's Mother: Drake!

The scene then starts to fade back to the bridge with Drake laying against the bridge's floor as John's yelling becomes more clearer.

John, hanging onto the edge: Drake!

Drake stirs awake and lifts himself up, he turns and sees John trying to lift himself up over the edge of the bridge.

Drake: John!

Drake gets up and goes over to John as Gorshin shakes his head around, looking a little woozy. He steps a couple of steps back, getting close to edge himself. Drake takes John's arm and helps him up as Dr. Gorshin trips over the edge of the bridge and falls. Drake turns back and John looks up as Gorshin releases a terrified shriek. The scene skips ahead to Drake and John going over to the edge of the bridge and looking down at the water which seems undisturbed with small pieces of the bridge debris sticking out.

Drake, looking down: Do you think he survived the fall?

John, looking down: I don't know... Even if he did, I don't think Bats can swim, Drake.

John looks up at Drake, who is still looking down at the water.

John: We might not know for sure, Drake.

Drake: It's alright, John. (looking at him) We did the right thing.

Drake and John then turn away from the edge back towards the news van as two MCA trucks finally pull in to the bridge. The scene transitions over to an overhead of the city. The sky is brighter now, with the sun rising, lighting up the day. The scene then cuts over to the outside of the motel, where Drake, Kate and John make their way to the back of the news van where John opens the back doors, showing the interior.

December 5, 6:34 EDT

John: Alright, I took care of all the stuff with the Detroit MCA so we can finally get out of here.

Drake: To get back to finding those Mutants?

John: That and so I don't have to sleep on that mattress again. I think we had a bed bug infestation or something.

John climbs inside the van and sits on the bench while Drake and Kate move up to the front of the van together.

Kate: You sure you're okay, Drake?

Drake: Yeah, I think so. I talked to John if that's what you're talking about.

Kate: No, I mean with Dr. Gorshin. You said you knew him and, well, we don't know if he died or not but I'm sure that's something you're thinking about.

Drake: I'm always thinking, Kate.

Kate: About your past?

Drake: Yeah... and about now too. Besides, I think I got what I was looking for anyways.

Kate: Good. (smiles for a short moment)

Kate then opens the driver's side door and sits up front, closing the door behind her. Drake then turns back and goes around the van to the other side, closing the back doors and then getting into the passenger seat. The news van then drives away from the motel, down the street, as the scene transitions over to the city overhead again.


Noteworthy Events

Major Events

  • Drake shares the thumb drive with John.
  • Drake learns more about his past from Dr. Gorshin

Minor Events

  • Drake and John keep the thumb drive a secret from Kate.


  • Drake
  • Kate
  • John
  • Dr. Stevens (First Appearance) (Deceased)
  • Philip (First Appearance)
  • Scavenging Man (First Appearance)
  • Young Drake (Flashback)
  • Drake's Mother (Flashback)
  • Citizens


  • Dr. Chad Gorshin/Bat Mutant (First Appearance)

Forms Used

  • Acidic Thorns (x2)
  • Stone Slicer (x1, technically twice)
  • Sonar Scales (x1)


  • Dr. Gorshin's name is a reference to character actor, Frank Gorshin.
  • When John says "I find your lack of faith in me finding people disturbing", it is a reference to Darth Vader's line in Stars Wars: Episode IV - A New Hope.
  • When the scavengers have their conversation about canned food and Philip falls over, dropping the can, it is an allusion to the video, Boy with Taco Fail.
  • During the flashback scene, Drake encounters a nameplate listing the people that were in the broken open bunker. "Bradley Baker, Chad Gorshin, Bennett Jefferson, Yuri L-". All of which, excluding Chad Gorshin, being references to voice actors in Ben 10, specifically Alien Force. Bradley Baker being Dee Bradley Baker, Bennett Jefferson being Jeff Bennett and Yuri L- being Yuri Lowenthal.


  • This episode was originally written and directed by Bat24 but due to production issues, Brandon 10 took over as lead writer.
    • However, Bat24 remains as director as the episode, itself, was mainly his idea.
  • This premise of the episode, with the main villain being a Bat Mutant, was a reference to Bat24, with them both being Bat-related.
  • This episode was delayed for weeks due to various production issues and is definitely one of the longest delays in production for both writers.
  • Originally, Drake was going to be with Dr. Gorshin, casually talking about what happened before the incident, before he transforms from exposure to the moonlight. However this was changed to having Drake confront Gorshin causing him to drink another serum.
  • During planning, Kate was meant to be taken by Dr. Gorshin however this wasn't added into the final verison of the plot.
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