The Fliegeterran is a very small insect-like parasite from the planet Aeropela.


The Fliegeterran takes the form of a very small white and fluffy spider, small enough to be considered "small" to a Galvan. They have a set of wings, similar to an Earth fly. They have two gray eyes and two small fangs to latch onto a host.


A male Fliegeterran will fly around searching for a host that is on land. When a host is found, they will quickly attach to said host, sucking out blood to create it's thread. This thread is mentally controlled by the Fliegeterran, and can be moved extremely quickly. As the Fliegeterran creates this thread, it begins to cocoon it's host, trapping it quickly. This cocoon is incredibly dense, making it very hard for even the Fliegeterran itself to cut through, requiring it to open the cocoon mentally. It will stay on this trapped host until a female comes by. Usually, a Fliegeterran with the largest cocoon is who gets to mate. After mating, the male opens the cocoon slightly and flies off to find another host, while the female stays behind. After some time, the female will lay eggs inside the hole left by the male, and will then die. The babies will devour the now dead host, and will then cocoon, then rehatch as fully grown Fliegeterrans.


By using their own nutrients, Fliegeterrans can create and control a paper-like thread from their bodies. This thread is even stronger than spider silk, and is fireproof, iceproof, and insulated.

The Fliegeterran can fly much like a Earth fly.

Fliegeterrans are very small, making it very hard for a host to know when one is on them.

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