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Flame Tennyson is a brave, courageous kid who fights evil with his Omnitrix.


He was born way before Ben was. He was a young Amperi on Earth. Everybody tried to capture him but he defended himself. He tried to look more human and it worked. Flame got frozen in a room where no one could find him.


Albedo - Befriend him in Eon The Time Traveler. Flame saved Albedos life. Albedo thanked him.

Julie Befriend her in Eon The Time Traveler, Flame broke the cage where Julie was captured.

Azmuth - Befriend him in Animo Chaos.

Gwen -Befriended already

Kevin- befriended already

Ken- Met at Comic Con- befriended

Ben -Befriended after defeated.

Regular and Anime[]

Anime is the main picture on top. The regular one is Young Ben Tennyson with different colors. Anime has lots of colors. He is cooler in anime


  • Flame's original design was grey hair and a red jacket.
  • Flame has a Finn personality and has a Mordecai personality. (Regular Show) (Adventure Time)
  • Flame looks similar to Ben but with a few minor differences.