General Information
Species Piscciss Stilla
Home World Piscciss
Body Blobfish
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Swimming

Youth Ooze


Flabfish is the Omnitrix's DNA sample of a Piscciss Stilla from the planet Piscciss in Pokémon Sky.


On land, Flabfish seems like a dopey pink fish with Ben’s shirt. However, in water, he becomes much more sleeker and intimidating.

Powers and Abilities

Flabfish is a great swimmer, and his fin and teeth are sharp.

On land, his body is quite resilient and can shrug off most attacks. He also secretes an ooze that make you younger if you touch it.


He is slow and plodding on land.

His ooze can touch allies.


  • Flabfish comes from flabby and blobfish.
  • Piscciss Stilla is Latin for “blob fish”.


  • Flabfish is based on the blobfish and a nuppepo.
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