Ben and Ben 23

Ben and Ben 23


Young Ben makes a huge mistake in the past so it's up to teen Ben to fix it.Teen Ben could not fix it so he got help from-

Ben 23.

Will Ben be able to fix the past ?


Scene 1 : Paradox,Rook and Ben arguing.

Rook and Ben : You bought Ben 23 here to help us?

Paradox : Yes,they come in handy.....I've seen the future.

Ben 23 : Listen Ben,your young self had made a huge mistake so I came here to help you in this time-travel adventurey things.Happy?

Ben : Not exactly......I mean absolutely positevely.

Rook : So young master Ben Tennyson gooffed up in the past and we should fix it?

Ben 23 : Yeah dude.Let Giant Manster get the job done.

Ben : Giant Manster?

Ben 23 : Yeah I'll show you.

Ben 23 turns to Giant Manster (Alternative version of Waybig).

Giant Manster : How's that for tiny human bees.You get it....human bees and human I'm big human and you tiny as a bee.Never mind.

Ben : Just a copy of Waybig.

Rook : Waybig and Giant manster?Better is a To'kustar.Anyone like it?

Ben and Ben 23 gets annoyed.

Ben 23 : Dude,even I have a super duper annoying-like-monkey partner.

Ben : Yeah same here.Wait,do you have Humunosaur........A big dinoman.

Ben 23 : Oh,spikysaur....I have him.

Ben : Let's turn to Humungaspikesaur-y man and tie Mr.Annnoyer.

Ben 23 : Oooh!That's more I like it.

Ben 23 and Ben turns to Humungosaur and ties him up.

Rook : This is so not cool,Ben 23 and Ben dude.

Ben :So what?........Mr.Annoyer.

Ben and Ben 23 went to Movies.

Ben : Summo Slammers?

Ben 23 : You bet!

Ben buys 2 tickets for Summmo Slammers movie 1 : Rise of the new warrior.

Ben : Just hope Julie does'nt know that I took you to the movies instead of her.

Ben 23 : Julie?

Ben : My friend.

Ben 23 laughs.

Ben 23 : Ben's got a GF! Well, not this Ben.

Ben : Hey....not true!

Ben invites Julie too to see the movie.

In between of the movie, all peaople turns to evil robots.

Ben 23 : It's gyro time.

Ben : Nope, it's HERO TIME!

Ben turns to Upchuck while Ben 23 into Tiger man.

Tiger man : Let me tell you something robots, you dare mess with my GF....

Upchuck : She's mine, dweeb.

Tiger man : We're SAME!

Upchuck eats all the robots and spits on Tiger man, which Tiger man throws away.

Ben : Julie, are you all right.

Julie : Yes....

Then Rook appeares.

Rook : No time, c'mon!

Rook pushes Ben, Ben 23 and Julie into a portal.

Ben : Where are we?

Rook : Time when Ben was 11.

Then Ben sees young Ben fighting Animo.

Young stinkfly (11 years old) : Finishing MOVE!

Young Ben stinked off Animo.Young Ben times out.

Ben : Young Self, what happend? What did you mess up?

Young Ben : Hi future........Ben high, do you remember when we had to destroy vilgax when the watch was in self-destruct mode?

Ben : Yes.

Ben 23 : No.

Ben : Dude, you're inter-demonsional self.

Ben 23 : Riiight!

Young Ben : Actually, mistakely at that time Azmuth was sick! So Azmuth never fixed the watch,Gwendolyn was the person who fixed it, I NEVER WON! So Vilgax took controll and turned humans into robots. Now Gwen, Max.....all are in controll of Vilgax, except for a brave little giry named Julie.

Julie : Me?

Young Ben : Here she comes.

Young Julie : Who are ya all? A trap?

Julie : Calm down, I'm you and you are me.

Young Ben : Yeah! Yeah?

Julie : Yup, it's my past.

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