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Fistula is a new alien in 3.10: The Last Generation.

General Information
Species Unknown
Home World Unknown
Body Humanoid
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Fusing, attaching
First Appearance The Patchwork


Fistula has purple armor, including crotch protection and elbow pads. Fistula's eyes look depressed. His mouth doesn't move when he talks. Ironically, even though his eyes look depressed, Fistula has a trouble-maker personality, often doing things like fusing together shoelaces.


Fistula has the ability to fuse two things together, by shooting one thing with one hand, and another thing with the other. This can be used in two different ways, attaching two objects, and fusing them into one creation. Fistula can also undo his own and other fusions. He can also use this to disassemble different types of machinery or anything crafted from multiple objects. Fistula's armor protects him from his powers being used on himself, for example shooting a mirror.


Fistula lacks normal hands. If he tries to fuse a normal sized object with a large object, it can not be completely fused, but it can be attached.

3.10: The Last Generation[]

Fistula is one of the new aliens in 3.10. He first appears in The Patchwork, however the rest of his appearance isn't known.



  • A fistula is a medical condition in which organs and other bodily tissues are abnormally connected to each other.