General Information
Species Lemurian cryptid
Home World Earth
Body Gorilla-cat
Alternate Counterparts Fiskerton Monday
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Enhanced strength and ability
First Appearance TBA
Fiskerton "Fisk" Saturday is a cryptid, and one of the last of his legendary race called Fiskerton Phantoms. His race could sense the essence of Kur, the reason Fisk was able to find Zak Saturday, and a reason he is helping him. He is Zak's adopted brother. Though mostly speaking in grunts, everybody seems to understand him.


Fiskerton is a eight-foot tall Gorilla-cat, and has glowing red eyes. He is covered in dark tan fur, and his hands and feet are bare tan skin. His skin is rough, also showing on his face and making a V-shape across his chest. His shoulders have alot of extra hair, and his chest seems to have something like abs.


Fiskerton was adopted by the Saturdays when his home was destroyed, and though possibly being very old and the largest member of the family, he acts like a kid brother to Zak. Fiskerton is supposed to protect the world from Kur, though he does not know how to yet. He lives up to his name of a Phantom, often camouflaging with the weather and surroundings. He has overcome his scaredy-cat symptoms, and is a protective brother to Zak Saturday.

Present Time

Fiskerton, going everywhere Zak goes, is now a member of the Shattered. He goes on a lot of missions with Zak to save cryptids, and is the strength of the force. 

Powers and Abilities

Fisk has enhanced strength and agility, and can sense the essence of Kur. He can speak some complex words and sentences. His sneezes have the force to blow away a crowd, and he can break down prison walls.


  • Ironically, the person Fisk trusts the most is Kur.
  • He is supposed to protect the world from Zak, but instead he protects Zak from the world.
  • He is much more intelligent than people would think.
  • His favorite food is chum, often supplied to him by the Shattered.
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