Updated Fishfry.png
General Information
Species Gozarian
Home World Atlantia
Body Fish-like
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Aquatic
Voice Actor TBA
First Appearance Just Passing Through
Evolved Form/Devolved Form None
Predator/Prey Rayosherk

Fishfry is a Gozarian from the planet Atlantia.

Powers and Abilities

Fishfry can stay underwater for as long as the user pleases, until the user's omnitrix eventually times out and/or they are knocked out.


If he is zapped by electricity, the Omnitrix will time out.


Ben 10.5

Season One


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  • Like all new aliens for Ben 10.5, he was first released as a sketch by Lego on Ben 10
  • The creator has stated that he is Ben's new water alien.

Dimension 23

His Dimension 23 counterpart, Gill Fin, appears in the episode Ben 23.5? to swim after an out-of-control cruise ship. Surprisingly, this is one of Ben 23's only acts of heroism in the episode. (Is it because Gozarians are awesome? Well, kinda. They are extremely heroic.)

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