"How About You Pick A Fight With A Bigger Fish!! LIKE ME!!!" -Fish Frenzy Against Marlin Fin.
Alex's Piscciss Volann Form.


Prototype: Same appearance as Ripjaws.

Upgrade: He wears a sleeveless upper chest diving suit.


Alex as Fish Frenzy he's the same. But his rage can control him. When your a predatory fish man, you can have a nasty attitude. But Alex can manage Fish Frenzy's........Frenzy.


Jaws: Fish Frenzy use his powerful jaws to ripped up metal, and flesh if necessary.

Claws: Armed with sharp claws to cut metal, glass, and flesh, again if necessary.

Water Breathing: Because he's a fish, fish breath water.

Swimming Skills: Allot of advantages as a fish.

Biolominis Rod: The thing on his head.


Due to being a fish-man he can't breathe the air.

Without water he might die from dehydration and breathing oxygen.


  • Aquatic Beauty. He was first used in He use him to track down a girl and again to fight against Marlin Fin.
  • Lone Wolf. Alex accidently transform as Fish Frenzy.
  • Fish Frenzy was use in "Depth Charge" to fight off Cyber Squids.
  • Feral Frenzy.
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  • Frenzy was use to fight Dreadtopus in "Apex".
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  • Fish Frenzy: "Woah...Are...Are you a-?". Maya "-Mermaid. Yes." Fish Frenzy: "Well. I mean. I just um....Wait? Your not scare of what I look like?" Maya: "Well you do look, heh, creepy. But I am one of the descendents of Piscciss Volann." Fish Frenzy: "Oh. Cool. ....That's what I am right?"
  • Marlin Fin: "NO!! MY JEWEL!!" (Chased After It) Fish Frenzy: "ITS NOT YOUR JEWEL!!." (SPLASH) Fish Frenzy: "AND IT'S A POWER SOURCE YOU JERK!!"
  • Fish Frenzy: "Sorry. I'm just refreshing myself."
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  • Fish Frenzy: "Robo Kalimari. MY FAVORITE."
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From AL 12 Ben 10 Fan Show.

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