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First Battle is the third episode in the series Fred 40: The Dawn of a New Hero.

Fred 40: The Dawn of a New Hero
Season 1, Episode 3
Written by User:Charbel2001


Directed by User:Charbel2001


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Stranger: Fred Blake, I thought my Curse would stop you!

Fred: You did this, You trapped me all those years!

Stranger: And whose this? (points at Brock)

Brock: I am Brock! (gets hit)

Stranger: (unmasks) I am Kraggus!

Theme Song!

Willie: Wasn't Crustina destroyed by Anti-Omni? Then how come you serve him?

Kraggus: That doesn't concern you. (hits Willie with an earthquake)

Brock: I'm taking you down!

Brock was about to transform when Fred stopped him and tried to enter a code in the Spheromatrix.

Brock: What're you doing? Get off! (throws Fred off his back before Fred could finish typing the code)

Fred: Wait! No!

Brock: (transforms) Ultrasound! What does this guy do?

Kraggus: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! All Ealards can do is hear and smell!

Brock: (to Fred) Why would you unlock someone so lame?!

Fred: I would have unlocked one that was strong if weren't for you!

Kraggus: I didn't realize this would be so boring. TIME TO HAVE SOME FUN! (punches Willie repeatedly)

Willie: (badly hurt) My time in this world has ended. (dies) (A fly comes out of Willie's mouth)

Fred: This wouldn't have happened if it weren't for you Brock!! (transforms) Scorch!

Brock: Time to rock and roll. (transforms) Doomhound!

Scorch fired a large stream of fire at Brock. Doomhound dodged. Doomhound erupted lava from the ground. Scorch used the lava to attack Doomhound and it's a direct hit.

Kraggus: You're not worth my time. (digs a hole and escapes)

But the two continue their battle anyway. Scorch and Doomhound both fire a powerful fire breath. They both change back to normal.

Willie: Are you two done battling?

Fred and Brock: You're alive?!?!

Willie: I had to do something for Kraggus to leave me.

Brock: Where is Kraggus anyway?

Fred: He must have fleed while we were fighting.

Everyone goes out of the cave. Kraggus and some of Anti-Omni's human minions attack.

Kraggus: Get the sludgepuupy.

They capture Willie and go back to their spaceship.

Fred: Get back here! (transforms) FrostDragon! (fires an ice beam at the ship but the ship already took off)

Brock: It's no use. What did they want with Willie?

The End!!!



  • Kraggus
  • Humans

Aliens Used (Brock)[]

  • Ultrasound (1st appearance)
  • Doomhound (1st appearance)

Aliens Used (Fred)[]