General Information
Species Ambulencer
Home World Healthopia
Body Humanoid
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Healing, bandage shots
First Appearance Slaves

First-Aid is an alien in Noah 10 and is the Omnitrix's DNA Sample of a Ambulencer from Healthopia.


He has a muscular build. His skin is white and he has a red cross on his chest and on his face.

In Super Matrix, he looks the same, but now wears red wristbands and shoes. His head is now shaped differently.

In BTUP, he looks similar to his Super Matrix counterpart, but he now has gloves and a belt on.

In BTNR, he looks similar to his Super Matrix and BTUP counterparts, now having shoulder pads and his wristbands and shoes.

Powers and Abilities

First-Aid has the ability to heal others. For example, if one of his team mates is injured, he could place his hand on them and heal their injury.

If somebody is sick, First-Aid could cure them.

He can also shoot skin-like bandages to tie people up.

In BTNR, First-Aid can also separate into a new body, if his original body has taken too much damage.


First-Aid, can by no means, heal himself. Also, if he's in the middle of healing somebody and gets hit, the attack can also hurt the person being healed even more.

First-Aid cannot revive dead people.



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