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Firepower is the first alien transformed into in Sean 10: A New Generation. He is a Magmanite from Solos, the galactic name for our Sun.


Firepower is a bipedal skeletal alien whose head and hands are constantly on fire. His limbs and head are skeletal, and his torso is made out of rock. His eyes are orange, and his bones are burnt brown. His Codonatrix symbol is on his chest. His flames are a mixture of red, orange, and yellow shades. His fingers and toes are very clawlike, and are razor-sharp. He also has hornlike structures on his skull.


Firepower has complete control over fire, lava, and heat. He can shoot fireballs, and can make them explosive if he chooses too. He also has firebreath, and can absorb fire if it gets too dangerous for his allies to handle. He can choose the temperature of the fire he shoots, and can shape it into many different forms, such as lava waves and fire bullets. Although Firepower can't fly, he can temporarily hover by shooting sparks from his hands while aiming at the ground. His claws are sharp, and he can extend and sharpen them by increasing the temperature they burn at. Firepower is immune to all fire and heat-related attacks, which actually make him more powerful.. In life-threatening, desperate situations, Firepower's flames can turn blue and become hotter, and all of his attacks become much more powerful and dangerous, but this comes with a price.


Firepower's fire is his life source, so if his fire is put out, he dies. He is weak against water and anything that can put fires out. When his flames turn blue in desperate situations, the Magmanite portion of his brain has a risk of taking over. His anger and stubbornness becomes worse, he is more willing to hurt others, and he is a danger to everyone around him.

Personality Changes[]

When Sean turns into Firepower, he becomes cocky, overconfident, and stubborn. This causes Daniel to make a lot of "hotheaded" related puns around him.


  • Firepower is Sean's equivalent to Heatblast.
  • The pattern of fire-related aliens being turned into first in canon (Heatblast, Swampfire, and Ult. Swampfire) carries over into this series, as Firepower is the first alien transformed into.
  • Firepower's species, the Magmanite, is the closest alien life to Earth, as they live on Solos, our Sun.
  • It is confirmed that FIrepower's anger management problems will play a major role in an episode, but not for quite a while.
  • Firepower looks similar to the Marvel Comics hero Ghost Rider.