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[[Category:Speed Aliens]]
[[Category:Speed Aliens]]
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[[Category:Smart aliens]]
[[Category:Omnitrix aliens]]

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General Information
Species Qusen
Home World Cronus lV
Body Humaniod
Powers and Abilities
Abilities N/A
First Appearance N/A

He appears in Ben 100: Matrix Overload.

Power & Abilities

Fireflight can make it completely dark but he can see in the dark. Also he has super speed and very good hearing. He can jump up to 900 feet high and land safely. He shoots out a green beam from his eyes that can paralyze you. He is one of the smartest being in the galaxy. He can breath in space and water and air.


He isn't that strong. About the same as XLR8. If he hears loud highed pitch noises he loses his hearing for a temporaily amount of time. Also if he is near a star or the sun he will burn since he is a night.


  • He was originally named Nightslayer.
  • Fireflgit is a pun on firefly.
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