Fire Salamander is a species of alien in John Smith 10. It's native to Vulcan, and was introduced to Pyros as an invasive species. It is the predator species of Detrovites, and is an invasive predator to Pyronites. They are also the spawns of Iblis.

Fire Salamander


Fire Salamanders are big salamander looking animals that's entire body is on fire.

Powers and Abilities

It's entire body is on fire, so it thrives on heat, and is heat and cold resistant. It has enhanced agility, and works well in a pack. It can breathe fire. If a large group of Fire Salamanders are forced together, they can merge together to create a giant Fire Salamander.


They can be killed if hit by a stream of water. If their heat is drained from them, then they'll crumble.

Relation with Prey

Fire Salamander hunts Detrovites, which are small creatures. To respond to this, Detrovites usually are in robot suits, giving them bigger size and enhanced strength to fight them off. It's unknown if they can tear through their robot suits.


John Smith 10

John Smith 10: Ancient Times


  • Fire Salamander is based off the Iblis Biter from Sonic the Hedgehog '06.
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