This is a special and Season 3 premiere that begins at 2007. However, it also begins the hiatus until spring or summer for the rest of the other episodes in Cassie 12 to be made.

Cassie 12: Original Series
Season 3, Episode Unknown at the moment.
Written By: Speedy
Directed By: Speedy
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Christmas rolls around the corner after summer has passed.

Will there be some jolly new adventures? Well. You better watch out, cuz I am telling you why. A new episode is heading your way!



[Tailiz: You again? (Tilts his head) Wait. I remember. YOUR AN IDIOT!

[Zuth]: Am not!

[Tailiz]: Are too. (sends out a technie fire blast) You still argue in the face of battle. (Looks over his shoulder)(See's the trix glowing green on Cassie's wrist) Come on. Why in the name of Arsenal does it choose me over EVERYONE?! (Facepalms himself)

[Zuth]: (Stands right up)(body turns green with plant like armor all over his body and his legs somewhat resemble swampfire) Let the master of elements show how the tough man can show you who's the boss of this domain.

[Tailiz]: (Dodges )(takes him by the hand)(flips him over)

[Zuth]: (Groans) N--n--n-n-no fair! (struggles to get up) You cheated!
Tailiz laughs

[Tailiz]: It's been twenty two years since we practiced combat together. I have become stronger than you.

[Zuth]: No less. It's been 12 years.

[Tailiz]: Your stupid then.

[Zuth]: Why?

[Tailiz]: Since you iditoicly told me to do INSANE chores.

[Zuth]: Why.

[Tailiz]: I HATE YOU. (Punches him)


Cassie and Gastro are sneaking away,while Tailiz uses his shape shifting arms to punch him straight at the face.

[Tailiz]: Oh wait, I have to do something (Configures with Cassie's watch)

(Cassie): <Eyes glitter as it reclibrates to the first version it had been) Yipppiieee! Bai! (Skaddaddles)

I can get rid you THRICE! (Blasts earth at him from his mouth)

[Tailiz]: Thrice as in three? (Dodges) (Swings table at Zuth and sends him tumbling over) You are the worst DIRTBAG in the entire GALAXY! (Summons wires from out the machines) I will send you somewhere where you,(Eyes become darkened)Do not,(Sphere glows in the pupil) feel welcome!

(Zuth) Oh poop. (Eyes widen as Tailiz summons lava into the wired ball and is thrown at him) Uraugh! (Stands right up)(Shakes head) Get ready to be defeated by you're teacher! (Becomes the Element of water) (Grins)

(Tailiz): Oh no (Frozen in place)
(Zuth): (Yells)(Lands his blade arm into Tailiz's chest)(Tailiz): (Screams) AUUUUUUUUUUAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH! (Eye's wince)
(Zuth) Now, you will die just like your Loboan friend.
(Tailiz) WHY?!
(Zuth): To leave any further evidence behind that I gained a new apprientice from being seen and shooed away after tellling you, I was a shame.

Tailiz's eye's filled with dark black tears and his entire body gathered strangth from the enviorment around himself.

(Tailiz): Y-y-yoy-you self rightous B-HOLE! (Throws Zuth off)

(Zuth Lands on the wall)(Wires dig him in and Is now the element of stone without flames or plants sprouting from his body.

(Zuth): Wha? What da hell just happend?
(Tailiz) I am doing EVERYONE a favor. (Begins recalculating transportation)
(System) Recalibrating.
(Tailiz]: I am taking you to Court, The Plumbers coat, in front of Judge O'Millie.
(Zuth) You wouldn't!
(Tailiz) Yes I would. (Sends them into Hyperspace in the other half)

<The Gang)
<Gastro) Cassie, hang on! Cover your nose!
[Cassie] What? (Turns around)
(Gastro) (takes her hand and hops on to the other side of the ship holding his breath)(Half of the Ship splits apart)
Cassie: OCEAN ALIEN ROLL CALL! (Slams her watch)(Becomes Ghost Scorpion)
(Ghost Scorpion) Ghost Scorpion!!! (Takes hold of Gastro) Now where would Uncle Stallion park? Hm... (Scans the area till She saw a truck that resemled much of spaceship that was bigger in the inside) Unccccleee! (Goes straight in) (ABlue ball sarrounds her as she times out)

--The End of her first summer using the watch--

Cassie: *standing on the sidewalk listening to her parents chat with Stallion*
Spike: Unnncclllleee! (Comes running up)
Stallion: (Laughs)What is it boy?
Spike: Whats your number?
Stallion: Awkward...(Glares to Cassie)...*Brain is blank*repeat that please. Did you call me during summer camp at all?

<Brock>: Of course he did, he's been looking forward to asking your phone number--I heard you finally got hooooked!

<Stallion> Skelly Chanler.
<Jane> Such a sweety pie.
<Brock> A nice woman/

<Gastro>: Guess I will see you at Thanksgiving or Christmas.
<Cassie> Wait. waut?
<Anna> Dofus, he's been adopted, and he's going to a school far off for a while. You heard what Stallion said.
<Anna> Gimmie the three bucks *Grins* I told you so.
<Gastro> (Sighs) (Hands her three dollars) I am gonna miss you all.
<Anna> I won't miss a thing. I get to see it all unfold and just make it enroll into my own ondoing.
<Cassie> (Shaking fists and still saying 'no')
<Gastro>....She sure says a long 'no'

White Car parks. Cassie hugs Gastro unexpectedly.

<Cassie> See ya later Snickers.
<Gastro> Snickers? Really? I am NOT a baby. (Gets into the vehicle) Byeeee!

The Girls wave at the vehicle that drives away with the robotic boy and his Omninecktrix. Cassie stops waving after the vehicle fades from her obscure view.

<Cassie> I wonder what next summer will be like .
<Anna> Don't say that!

Cassie: Why?

Anna: Waaaiiit for it


Cassie runs down the stairs sliding on the flat surface guiding to the rooms above, while wearing a black and blue robe that is entangled around her feet and just seems to messy to believed a girl is wearing it .
<Cassie> CHRISTMASSS! (Goes to the Tree)(Trix is not glowing and throws off her robe)(Is thirteen)
(Parents) (Drinking coffee)

<Cassie>: I turned Thirteen on the last day of July and I cannot wait to see what Santa has brought me! (Begins ripping it open) (See's a new pair of shirts and pants for her summer) NEAT WICKED!!! (Squeals)
Fire Mayhem

<Brock> Now what do you have to do?
<Cassie> Use my last ol' pair of summer clothes for a Christmas Adventure and start using my new pair after tommorrow! (Goes running upstairs) OH TURBOBIKE!

<Jane>...We have a turbobike? (Drops mug)
<Brock> Apparently (Drinks)(Hesitates) We cannot be in Back to The Future...Right?
<Jane> Agreed.

<Cassie> (Comes flying out the garage on her Hoverbike) I like confusing my parents! (See's her Friend Anna and Gastro up ahead) (Has two presents strapped to her hoverbike)
<Anna>: (Hair has turned a dark brown)(wears long black pants to her red boots)(wears a longsleeve by now)
Gastro): (Wears a coat version of his jacket)
<Cassie>: HAI GUYS! (Stops by them) Wanna score a Christmas Adventue liek never before?
<Anna> Last time, we nearly lost you to outer space!
<Gastro> As long as this is on Earth, I am pretty fine with it. (Sighs) Are those gifts for the holiday that is occuring right this minute?
<Anna> It's Christmas,geek.
<Cassie>: Ho Ho Ho Marry Christmas! (Hands them presents)
<Anna>(Opens package) OOOOHHH! I have longed to have energized rollar skates! (Holds the dark purple rollar skate boots in both hands)
<Gastro> (Does the same)O.M.G! (Takes it out) A Flute! :D

A Heat blast who had a bulky body like Diamondhead with a head like him, The back of BenVictor,Arms of Armildillo, and feet of Swampfire is watching the street grumbling and munching on a piece of hardened tar.
Inbenton: Those humans know nothing about Winter. How POWERFUL, I, can be than my big brothers. (Moves his feet that have turned snow into water) Too bad the Techno Lava guy can't be here to stop me (A sly smile appears on his face)

Snowflakes drift down from the sky in different swooshing directions being all types of sizes from small to big. The Gray Sky above neatly sets a comfortable and cold scenery for other people to sit in a chair in front of the fireplace and have some warm, chocolate Co Co.

Anna: (Grinning evily)
Gastro:...(Pupils become small) Uh oh. (Begins running)

The Two girls chase after Gastro as a group of people are singing the Christmas Charol together in unison.

We wish you a Merry Christmas;
We wish you a Merry Christmas;

The Camera follows the girls, Cassie is using a remote Controller to her HoverBike that is collecting several lights through accidently bumping against houses and Ruldoph's red plastic nose fall on the seat with two branch stuck to the wheels and a string of multiple colored lights are hanging off.

We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Good tidings we bring to you and your kin; Good tidings for Christmas and a Happy New Year.

(Cassie is selecting a Alien from her watch.)

Cassie: Hm...Lavathrend? Nah, Too big and noticeable. ElectriDlat, Heck no. (Running) SpeedGate? Way too awesome. (Metal Index fingers wiggle) Oh How I love my replacements. Duplite..Nah. Turlesting is too big. Corefreeze...Too useless

Anna: ...How can you go on and say that about a awesome Alien?
Cassie: Cause I can. (Finds a different humanoid form) OH! I haven't used a Ocean Alien since Summer was over! (Slams it) (Body becomes rocky)(Gains one eye)(Becomes taller)(Omnidewtrix appears around wraist) (Becomes BlindStone)

Blindstone: Blindstone?! (is running blind) Why a blind Alien you stupid watch that never does what I want!(Snowflakes turn into water upon contact on the eye) Ooooh. This thing IS useful. for starters

Oh, bring us a figgy pudding;

Oh, bring us a figgy pudding;
Oh, bring us a figgy pudding and a cup of good che

Anna: AHH A ROCK MONSTER! (Users Energy balls)
Blindstone: Anna! (Uses's electricity to protect self and forms a metal/electric shield)
Anna: Y u no tell me about tis Alien?
Blindstone: She isn't supposed to be in the watch.

We won't go until we get some;
We won't go until we get some;
We won't go until we get some, so bring some out here
Gastro ends up in a corner.

Gastro: Oh no. (Turns around)

We wish you a Merry Christmas;
We wish you a Merry Christmas;
We wish you a Merry Christmas

The Hoverbike appeared right at the opening of the alley.

and a Happy New Year.

Blindstone: (Comes forward with Anna beside her) OOoh, We'll gonna make the best Christmas ever. (a Evil smile appears on her face)
Gastro: No way! (Slams his necklace)(Becomers Rukus)
[Girls]: Red nosed Rukus! (Go launge at him)(Anna takes everything off the bike)

Then a white cloud appears around the group as snow is thrown away during their messy and difficult mission. Noises are heard off and on from the cloud. until Blindstone and Anna backed away from a priceless event.

Anna: Rukus the red nosed Raindeer had a very shiny nose!

Rukus: (Has christmas lights wrapped around his neck that seem to be brightly on due to his eletric fur)(Has two sticks poking from his head as one has a Santa Clause hat hanging off slightly)(Has a red nose over his black one) Hope there isn't a parade.

Blindstone: And if you ever saw him,
you would even say it glows.

Anna: Rukus. We ARE going to be in a parade for Oprhaned kids. I recieved a letter that was supposed to be for Santa Clause asking for a Parade with a real life Rudolph.

Blindstone: (Puts on a fake beard,Santa caluse suit, and Santa hat) Rukus with your nose so bright, won't you guide my sleigh tonight?

Rukus: No way.

Anna: Rukus, the red plastic nosed Alien. You'll go down in history!

Rukus: As a Alien.

Blindstone: (Presses a button on the hoverbike and makes it a high tech Sleigh)(Turns to Rukus) It's not completely heavy. Anna. Got the bag and your Elf suit on?

Anna: (Takes off her clothes that were over the Elf Suit)Oh yeah!

Rukus:...Fine.(Is hooked up to the sleigh by his metal sound pipes)

Anna gets into the Sleigh with BlindStone

Now Prancer,Dancer, and...
Anna: There's only Rukus.
Blindstone: I know. Rukus fly off to the Parade occuring in the city!
Rukus: Fly? I don't--(Yellow sparkles fall over him)(Starts flying) WOOHOOO! I CAN FLY!!!

The Camera watches The sliegh fly right across the almost visible moon with lighter gray clouds rolling behind the said object above.
Christmas Special


---Scene end--

The Parade.

Kids from families are on the sidewalk watching the Christmas parade go by, The Orphans are standing on the sidewalk in front of the orphanage.

Orphan: (Is watching the Parade) Santa didn't grant my wish.
Taller Orphan: He'll be here Slugger. He's probably busy helping other kids get adopted.
Orphan: (Stars to cry)
Mediumly tall Orphan: Look! (Points to the sky) There's something headed the parade!

Then all the reindeer loved him
as they shouted out with glee,

Orphan: Ruldoph! (Sqeals)
Mediumly tall Orphan: The Red nosed reindeer, who everyone loves besides Prancer and Dancer and Donner and Dasher and Vixen and Blitzen!
Other Orphan: You forgot;Donder,Cupid,and Comet!
Mediumly tall Orphan: Oh yeah!

Blindstone: Ho Ho Ho! (Cheeks are a puffy red) Merry Christmas!
Anna: (Starts throwing presents out of the dark brown sack) A little gift from the Toy Factory!

Man: Ermagawd. That's the same creepy janal Alien (Eyes are big)(Adjusts his glasses) From the Bathroleway house!
Boy: Yayyyy! (Catches a skateboard) I just caught a cakeload of Awesomenessss! (Skateboards away) See ya later pops!
Kids and Orphans: (Are catching the toys being thrown like in Jean 13) Yayyy!

Orphan: Thank you Santa Clause! (Eyes are sparkling and twinkling)

Blindstone laughs as the sleigh is flying above a float. The Parade continues further for eight minutes.

Inbenton: (Flys through the street road towarrds the parade) Here comes your worst nightmare!
Blindstone: Rudolph use your bright nose to send him flying!
Rukus: (Uses back armor parts and mouth to create a sound that completely matches the tone of a loud,noisy bell)
Inbenton: (Shoots a fire ball towards the children)
Rukus: (Uses his soundwaves to redirect it into a empty building)
Anna: (Takes out a big slingshot) Holiday cheer! (Shoots it)(The Slingslot throws a big green,slimey hair ball at Inbenton)

Kids: Go SANTA!
Orphans: GO ELF!
Dog: WOOF WOOF WOOF! (Hopping up and down)
Adults: OH MAH GAWD! (Run away from the scene)

Blindestone: (Summons a electric spider web and makes them the color of green with red sparkles to the side) CHRISTMAS BOLTAGE! (Sends it out) HO HO HO!
Inbenton: (Is sent flying into a building)

Kids have gathered around the fighting area as they cheer for Santa Caluse and His Helpers(Well maybe for the toys too)

Inbenton: Oh you just didn't do that! (Flames go haywire)
Blindstone: I did. Time for a rat to help! (Slams chest)
KIds: (Cover their eyes)
Yocualt: Yocualt!
Inbenton: (Makes all the sides of the walls engulfed into flames as he flies towards Yocualt with a yellow candle like tail trailin behind him) Fire Mayhem is making me a winner! (Punches Yocualt at the face sending her tumbling backwards out of the sleigh)

Anna: Big guy! (Is actually saying this in coded word: Cassssssssssssssssssssssiiiiiiiiiiieee!)

Yocault lands on the road and makes a crater

Yocualt:Uuuurgh. Must.get.up. (Eyes winch in pain) (Struggles to get up) Oh waiiit. I can't feel pain >:D Major Pyne time! (Collaspes back down) Awww man.
Inbenton: (Heads to Yocault's direction)(is laughing evily) Now, I will be known for enternitiy for killing THE wielder.
Anna: (Disguises her energy beams as a thrower object)
Inbenton: (Reflects the attack)
Anna: (Gets knocked out in the sleigh)
Inbenton: NOW I SHALL PROOVE FIRE IS NOT WEAK! (Gets ready to strike Yocault)

Boy 1: YOU CAN'T KILL SANTA CLAUSE! )(Takes out a round brown ball with outlines and marks) Bakugan strike! (Throws it)
Girl 3: Tigeresss do your mightest hitting! (Throws her white and blue ball)
The rest: GO USELESS BAKUGAN AND SAVE SANTA! (Everyone is throwing their hard and plastic balls)

Inbenton: (Winces) Stop, you pathetic humans! (Uses his hands to throw the bakugan balls into the wall)

Yocualt: (Uses the matter of the bakugan balls to bend them into a giant lego-like Hammer that has a raindeer design) Prancer strike! (Sends him into the building that becomes engulfed into flames)

Rukus: (Does his best rudolph voice) Kids, follow the adults. It's going to get messy.

Kids/Orphans: Yes Rudolph! (They leave)

Kid: I hope I get my Draxo back! (Leaves with them)

Yocualt: (Takes off Santa disguise after the kids are out of sight) (Starts using the hammer again on Inbenton)

Inbenton: (Catches it by the handle) Fire is more powerful. You piece of filth. (Sends a ball of flames from his mouth at Yocault)

Yocualt: (is sent flying)

Rukus: (Collides with Inbenton)(Disconnects from the sleigh)(tumbles into a messy ball with Inbenton)

Yocault: (Guides the sleigh down to the side of the road)

The mess went into a big mall that had been recenly completed after months and months of hard work. Now all the hard work is going to be gone after Christmas day.

Inbenton: (Gets out of the ball) A Ruckus Alien?! (Sneers) (Smells something from him) A cyborg wielding a Trix? That is impossible.

Yocualt: Impossible? (Times out into Cassie as she walks in)

Cassie: I thought it was impossible for science fiction to EVER give me the best summer of my life. Professor Paradox even said I was unexpected and a very unsual surprise. He appeared to not know me until I referenced my Uncle. I think. I forget. It's 1/1000 chances of a trix to appear.

Cassie takes a breath.

Cassie: In front of a normal or not so normal everyday person. I learned some pretty new things (Smiles at a memory)and new people. The best highlight that I ever got from this watch was meeting Abraham lincon. (Hesitates) ...I just said his last name wrong. Darn it.

Inbenton: (Is laughing)

Cassie: Things are a little confusing with Professor Paradox. The impossiblilties to be turned into possible are endless. But why are you here? Fire is weak to water. However it is strong against fabrics and plants.

Inbenton: ...A Negoatior? (Smirks) Did my brothers tell you that 'I strive everytime to proove I am more power than them' before this? Hah. It would be halirous if it did.

Cassie:... Negoat? A knee Goat? Really? A Knee Goat?

Rukus: (Uses The Christmas lights to tie Inbenton up)(Has made the Christmas lights the material of nonburnable object)

Inbenton: (Is struggling) You can't get rid of me this easily!

Cassie: (Takes out a minuture Null Void gun) I am the niece of a Plumber. (Cocks the Null Void gun) I wield a Water based Omnitrix. I am Cassiel W.Benny.

The camera turns to the Omnidewtrix that turns blue with a click. Rukus times out into Gastro. The Camera turns back to Cassie.

Cassie: Thanks to Uncle Stallion giving this to me for My Birthday. (Raises the gun at his direction) I can get rid of you. (Grins)

The Camera backs away, where it watches a purple and black beam come out of the gun after she clicked the trigger.

Major Events

  • Cassie's watch recalibrates to its original version.


Aliens Used


  • This was posted because the writer was bored.
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