Fire Lzard

Fire Lizard's Normal Form

Fire Lizard
is a Pyrosaurian from Planet Petropia . Pyrosaurian were killed during Vilgax’s arrival in Petropia. He displays strength and flame controlling abilities. He replaces Heatblast and Four Arms . Fire-Lizard is the fourth alien to be used. Fire Lizard is like a red humongousaur.


Fire-Lizard resembles Humongousaur with flames. He can shoot flames. Fire Lizard can't shoot flames when it is in water, he would weaken too. In "Rush Rescue", Fire-Lizard can breathe fire from his mouth. His tail is so long that he can attack it. In "Dial R for Raphael", when the blasts from Vilgax attacked Fire-Lizard, he can't shoot fire.


Prestolizard is a Presto's resemblance of Ben's alien. He is said to appear in Season 3.

Ultimate Fire Lizard

UFire lixard
This alien is not known yet, but will appear in the movie, Battle for Ultratrix. He may look like a red Ultimate Humungosaur because his original form looked red Humungosaur. He now has a blaster on the right hand instead of claws. In Battle for Ultratrix, he can also change his blaster into claws and seems to be able to fly.



  • Breathe Fire
  • Super-strength
  • Tail attacks


  • Water
  • Mana
  • Laser
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