Fire Arm
General Information
Species Tetrammand
Home World Khoros
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Fire powers
First Appearance A great boring day

Fire Arm is a alien that appear in Ben 10: Opposite and he is a fire version of Tetramand

Powers and Abilities

  • He have Super Strength
  • He can create strong Firewaves by clapping all four of his hands together or slamming his fists on the ground.
  • He can jump much higher
  • He is Fire proof
  • He can breath fire
  • He can make a fireball and can change the size of it depand how he holding
  • He can make a fire tornado when he spin fast


  • Water (It disable his fire powers


  • The fireball's size he can make are Small (One Hand) Medumin (Two Hand) Large (Three hand) Extra Large (Four hand)
  • His name is a pun 
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