Firanado Pyronite.png

General Information
Species Pyronite
Home World Pyros
Personality Type ENFJ-A (Protagonist)
Relatives Unnamed Family
Age Unknown
Status Active
Abilities and Equipment
Abilities Pyrokinesis (Uncontrolled)
Enhanced Strength
Enhanced Durability
Equipment SapienSwitch
First Appearance TBA

Firanado is a character that inhabits the world of Tech Cross. She was originally created for the Summer Fanon Con 2020 Character Competition.


Firanado was born and raised on the star-planet Pyros alongside her fellow Pyronites. While she appeared to be a fairly regular child at first, as she grew it became apparent that something was wrong with her powers. Her flames burned brighter and hotter than they should, and she lacked the ability to control them, resulting in random bursts of overly intense heat, even by Pyronite standards.

She was eventually assessed by a medical professional, who diagnosed her as having a genetic disorder called "Firestorming" that overworked her metabolism, resulting in the over-production of fire that had been plaguing her. She was told that the strain this put on her body would eventually result in an early death and that there were no true treatments for the condition.

Her family was devastated, but Firanado, refusing to give up on herself so easily, decided to leave the planet and search the galaxy for a cure. She was forced to wear a protective suit that kept her flames in check, protecting those around her from their uncontrolled outbursts. While this was certainly uncomfortable for her, she paid no mind to it and focused on her goal.

Even with her determination, however, her years of travel bore no results. She felt herself slowly fading away, and decided to visit one last world before going home to die; a backwater planet called Earth famous for being the homeworld of galactic celebrity Ben Tennyson and not much else. It was one of the only places she hadn't looked, and she had nothing to lose at this point.

It was on Earth that she heard about an experimental new technology designed to help aliens fit in with Earth's infrastructure. These devices, called SapienSwitches, evidently had the ability to turn an alien into a human. Curious, Firanado visited the inventor of the SapienSwitches, who listened to her story and proposed using them as a solution to the problem; as a human, Firanado would have a completely different genetic code, freeing her from her condition.

Firanado agreed to the idea and was given a SapienSwitch, which she used to turn into a human. She suffered a fair amount of dysmorphia at first, unwilling to switch back to her natural form for fear of her degraded body killing her, but was gradually able to adjust to her new body with the help of therapy and counseling. Unable to survive on Pyros with a human body for obvious reasons, Firanado notified her family that she would be settling down on Earth, and has since had several reunions with them on the planet.


Firanado is determined to a fault, finding the motivation to keep going even in the darkest of circumstances; however, she is not someone who denies the reality of a situation, working with what she can when no-one else will but staying grounded along the way.

Despite her laser-focused determination, Firanado is altruistic and sociable, having often stopped on her journey to assist those who needed help, even as the passage of time ate away at her lifespan. Once she decides to help someone, it becomes nearly impossible to convince her to leave the situation until it's fixed, a trait certainly beneficial to those around her but at the same time acting as a severe risk to her own safety.


In her natural form, Firanado has the ability to produce flames; her disability makes her unable to fully control this power, making using them a risky endeavor.

Aside from this, she has standard Pyronite traits, such as enhanced strength, a rock-like body, and some form of mild terrakinesis.



SapienSwitches are small, Omnitrix-like devices that allow aliens to assume human form in order to make better use of Earth's human-focused infrastructure. Firanado uses her SapienSwitch to stay as a human almost full-time, preferring the possession of a fully-functioning body.


  • Firanado's name is a play on the word "firenado", a type of fire that is also, as the name implies, a tornado.
  • Firanado sticks to the "Firestorm" theme of the 2020 Summer Fanon Con Character competition through both her fiery, determined personality and the literal name of the disorder that drives her journey.
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