General Information
Species Galvanic Mechamorph Gestalten
Home World Galvan B
Residence Earth
Age Unknown
Affiliations TBA
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Technological Possession
Optic Beam
Weapon Mastery
Enhanced Strength
Enhanced Senses
Equipment Nano-Tech Suit

Finster is a villain in Ryo 10. He first appeared in The Day The Hero Awakens. He is a Galvanic Mechamorph Gestalten that has been mixed with Sotoraggian DNA. 


Finster's appearance is that of Sotoraggian Armor being possessed by a Galvanic Mechamorph. His helmet is rounded towards the front, his eyes being a large plus sign next to a smaller negative sign.

His armor is bulky in the chest area but slims as it goes down. Purple circuitry patterns line the entirety of the armor, the design of the circuitry wild and almost looking damaged. Many small pockets sit over the armor, housing a variety of weapons and tools.


Finster has a cold and calculating personality naturally, usually thinking his actions through before executing his plans. He also possesses a bit of a cocky side, going out of his way to taunt his opponent if he sees fit.

Because of the Sotoraggian half of his biology, Finster is prone to unnatural bursts of aggression, although he has learned to subdue them. This also makes him a bit tunnel-minded, because of the Sotoraggian's dedication to their hunt.

Powers and Abilities

  • Gestalten Physiology: Because of Gestalten nature, Finster's senses, durability, and reflexes are enhanced beyond the norm of Mechamorphs.
  • Zeta Field: Finster possesses an invisible barrier of energy that surrounds his body, acting as a sort of shield that is also good for enhancing the abilities of both species he embodies.

Galvanic Mechamorph Side

  • Like most Mechamorphs, Finster can merge with technology and incorporate it into his body. He can also change its functions and advance it to a more sophisticated level.
  • He is able to shoot an optic beam from his helmet.
  • Finster is quite tech-savvy, even compared to other members of his species.
  • He is able to regenerate portions of his body.

Sotoraggian Side

  • Finster has great physical strength and combat prowess, naturally wired into his brain.
  • He has small sub-arms tucked away within portions of his armor.
  • He has great proficiency with blasters, melee weapons both physical and energy-based, thrown projectiles and various other equipment. He is able to wield them with such proficiency that he is able to use a sword with his feet.

Zeta Field Based

  • Once Finster activates and stretches the range of his Zeta Fields, all technological and electronic-based objects that are within range of the field are under his complete control, almost as if he had merged with them. He is able to control and alter the technology to his will, being acutely aware of them.
  • Also, while his field is activated, his senses improve to supernatural levels, allowing him to track and hunt down his enemies with much greater efficiency.



It is unknown what Finster's relation to Doctor Fenix was prior to the series, although he seems to have been used as a test subject and turned into a Gestalten in the process. Because of the maddening effects of having Sotoraggian DNA mixed with his own, he sought revenge against Doctor Fenix.




  • TBA


  • Finster's name means 'black' in German.
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