You may be looking for Finn 10, a completely different series.

Finn 10: Fusion takes place after Ben 10: The Final Fight.

The logo


Old Ben gives his son, Finn, the Greatrix, which has all the aliens. But, Ben accidentally added a fuse mode. Finn trains with it, but almost falls in a pit of toxic waste. The smell of the waste effects the Greatrix, making a bunch of fused villains. He uses the Greatrix to defend his city from weird fusions.


Finn's Team

Logo by Poptropica


Theme Song

Finn is the best-

He concers villains..

He concers villains..

-a bunch of villains show up in a row-

He uses fusions..

He uses fusions..

-a bunch of fusions show up in a row-

To saaaave theeee daaay!

-fusions get sucked into Greatrix-


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