Finn is a hero in the series Inversed Roles Rebooted, who joined the Shattered along with his dog Jake. Albedo saw them fighting a group of snowmen, and after defeating them, convicned them into joining.


Finn is a tall, average weight boy with shaggy golden hair he hides under his hoodie. He always wears a blue hoodie and a green backpack that can store a lot of things in it. The hoodie part of the shirt is white with bear ears, because bears are powerful, like Finn thinks he is. He also usually wears blue shorts that go a little past his knees. He wears black shoes with white tube socks.


Finn and Jake have been fending the world off from Ice King's forces since Finn was about 10. Defeating things like SnowMen, Yetis, Penguin Armies, they see a lot of weird things. They didn't believe in magic, and just believed in science until they met Ice King. They are still fascinated in Science, and picked up Princess Bubblegum's work after she died when Finn was 13. Finn uses something called the 'Finn Sword' to fight evil.

Present Time

Though still fighting Ice King, they also help to fight Ben with the Shattered. Finn doesn't like to leave Jake's side.


Finn is more upbeat than most others, because he didn't lose anything. He is serious about stopping Ben and Ice King, but he isn't all sad because him and Jake are always there to cheer each other up.


  • Finn is very skilled with anything with a blade- swords, dual swords, daggers, and even sai.
  • Finn is smart, creative, and fast.
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