The Final Ultimatrix (Ultimatrix for short) is a machine in Ben Ten: Enter the Ultimatrix that was used by Ben Tennyson to transform into different aliens.


It looks like Albedo's Ultimatrix in Omniverse, but it is green instead of red, and so is the symbol on it.


Asmuth built it for Ben with all the upgrades he was planning for the original Ultimatrix, and the ultimizing feature, in Asmuth's words, "Not that I like that feature, but just in case."


It can transform the user into aliens, just like the Omnitrix, and ultimize them. It can also act as a weapon, because its defense feature is to fire lasers at the attackers. It can even be a "sonic watch"!


Its modes are different colors on the symbol.



Light blue-Reboot

Dark blue-Sonic Watch

Yellow w/ glowing yellow where there is normally white-Scanning

Purple-Malfunction due to time ruptures

Pink-Overrun by mana



  • The Tenth Hour
  • Every other episode in BTEU


  • It also serves as a metronome, stopwatch, or analog watch.
  • It is easier for Ben to control because the symbol is not the scroll button.
  • When it transforms Ben into an Ood, he has a secondary brain and a translator, instead of one or the other.
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