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Fighty Fox
Fighty Fox.jpeg
General Information
Species Mutant Eevee
Powers and Equipment
Powers Super Strength
Elemental Abilities
Pokémon Info
Types Normal
Moves Giga Impact
Fire Blast
Hydro Pump
Solar Beam
Ability Adaptability
Voice Actor Bobby Galebi

Fighty Fox is a villain in Pokémon Sky. He first appeared in Pokémon Sky: Mystery Dungeon. He is a mutant Eevee from The Off-the-ground.


Fighty Fox is a furry, vulpine monster. He has a large ruff of fur on his neck and a large furry tail.


Fighty Fox is erratic and crazy. He is prone to violent mood swings.

Powers and Abilities

Fighty Fox has incredible strength. He can also use the elemental powers of the Eeveelutions.


Fighty Fox’s past is unknown. He and Xanthous P seemingly showed up one day to cause havoc.



  • Fighty Fox is based on Eevee from Pokémon and Hardy Hound from Yo-kai Watch.
  • In add it wasn’t obvious, neither he nor Xanthous P are meant to be taken as serious villians.
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