Field Trip is the twenty eighth episode and the first Young Plumbers crossover. It is a crossover between Chris 10: Total Revolution, Knight of All Knights, Sem 2.10, Noah 10, Fred 40: The New Life (Charbel's Version), Aqua Adventures, and Kurt 10.

Young Plumbers
Season 2, Episode 11.5
Production Code: 211.5
Airdate: October 29, 2012
Written By: Paper
Directed By: Paper
Season 2 Guide
"Ghosts in the Machine"
"Mid Term, Part 1"


Having discovered the Elite's alliance with Alpha and their plan to destroy the Galactic Business Association, they head to the HQ of the GBA to stop a planned attack. Elsewhere, an ancient demon sorcerer steals a mirror from a vault and then accidentally triggers the copies of the mirrors in other dimensions to be activated, pulling in the greatest heroes from 7 other dimensions. Eventually, Virton meets up with the Elite and the heroes meet, but can they stop the Elite and their plans with the mirror, in addition to defeating Virton and Alpha?


GBA Headquarters
February 8, 2014, 10:19 AM EST

[All 16 recruits and Hornbok are standing in the center of a council room. About 100 representatives, each from a different planet, are sitting in a half circle in front of them, in 4 rows of 25. 5 important looking councilmen are sitting on raised chairs behind them. The center one speaks.]

[Councilmen Rota]: Hello and welcome to the 39th meeting of the 919th year of the Galactic Peace Council, head-quarter at the GBA Headquarters. The first thing we must discuss today is the future of one business in the GBA, ChemiLabs. The CEO of ChemiLabs is Chemestris, who could not attend today's meeting. Magister Hornbok of the Plumbers is here to present his evidence of malpractice.

[Hornbok]: Good morning everyone. Let's make this as simple and quick as we possibly can. Late last month, January 19 to be exact, several of our recruits on our Special Team became ill. After drawing blood and examining it, we determined that they had been poisoned with Vardolium, a heavy metal first synthesized by Chemestris, the CEO of ChemiLabs.

[There are some gasps in the crowd.]

[Voice #1]: That's just a coincidence.

[Hornbok]: The purpose of our Special Team is to counteract criminal organizations that operate behind closed doors. Normal criminals are a local agency's responsibility. Galactic crime, the Plumber's responsibility, but the operations of an organization may get out of hand. We formed the Special Team for this purpose. Believing that Chemestris may have been part of one organization because of previous missions, we sent the remaining people on the Special Team to investigate. And sure enough, they returned with data on a Vardolium Virus and the antidote for it.

[There are some more gasps in the crowd.]

[Voice #2]: Where are the files?

[Voice #3]: Do you have the antidote?

[Voice #4]: What was your previous experience?


[Everyone goes silent.]

[Rota]: Now, it appears that Hornbok has prepared an excellent case. We can now have a short time for questioning.

[Voice #2]: Do you still have the files?

[Hornbok]: We do...

[Paper hands Hornbok the files. He takes them out and looks over them before saying some stuff about them.]

[Hornbok]: Late last year, on the 17th of December, ChemiLabs purchased an undisclosed amount of Lakatium from Retrocix.

[Voice #2]: That's on the Quarantine List.

[Hornbok]: Which proves that they have been conducting business with illegal businesses.

[Voice #3]: But what about the antidote?

[Hornbok]: We don't have any left.

[Voice #4]: And the previous experience...

[Hornbok]: It's a long story that I would rather not tell.

[Sci]: We can tell it...

[Paper and Sci walk to right in front of Hornbok.]

[Hornbok]: Don't say anything stupid.

[Hornbok steps out of the way and Paper and Sci step to face the half circle of councilmen.]

[Paper]: It all started...

[His voice trails off as the camera cuts to outer space just a few miles away from the GBA. A ship is flying towards the GBA. The camera cuts inside and shows the Elite along with Alpha.]

[Chemestris]: If ChemiLabs is going to be removed from the GBA, then I'll make sure that the GBA is completely disbanded.

[Blitz]: I don't see the point of this attack, since the GBA will be disbanded anyway since it will fall apart with ChemiLabs.

[Ra'ol Set]: The recruits and Hornbok are here, plus several important people from the Galactic Peace Council. With them dead, we can steal their crystal and then become Elite.

[Lucifer]: Of course, there is other stuff going on at this time, but none of the people in this building may no about that.

[The ship lands just outside the building. The members of the Elite and Alpha exit the ship. They each place ID Masks on except for Chemestris. The others turn into 6 males and 1 female, all dressed as workers from ChemiLabs.]

[Chemestris]: Let's begin, shall we?

[The camera cuts to a bank in the middle of space. A figure with purple skin and red robes walks down a long hallway towards a desk with a guard sitting at it.]

Galactic Bank Union
February 8, 2014, 10:51 AM EST

[Guard #1]: How may I help you, sir?

[The figure takes out a sword. The guard jumps back and the figure jumps over the desk. The camera cuts to the side as there is some sounds of a sword cutting through flesh and loud screaming. After a moment, the figure puts the sword away and the guard falls to the ground. He types at the computer for a moment before jumping back over the desk and heading into the back room. The camera shows the computer with the words "Plumbers - Level D - Entire Vault Wing." The camera cuts to the figure walking over to the elevator. He passes more guards.]

[Guards #2-4]: Hey, you can't be in here.

[One guard blasts him. He dodges and then jumps up and kicks the other guard before landing and punching the other two guards in the face. He bursts forward and into the elevator. A bunch of other guards run down the stairs. Inside the elevator, the figure presses the button labeled D and after a few moments arrives on Level D. He takes out his sword and slashes at the guards waiting for him. He knocks all the guards to the ground but one that he doesn't notice and then runs forward.]

[Guard #5, whispering into a communicator]: We need backup, now!

[The camera cuts to the figure. He has made it to the vault wing of Level D. He charges his sword with energy and then uses it to blasts open the doors of a bunch of vaults. He carefully looks at each vault as endless amounts of gold and other riches poor out of them. He eventually makes it to the last vault which is still closed. It is labeled "Artifacts." He blasts in open and jumps inside. He looks around at the different compartments until he finds the one he wants. He rips it open and finds a button. He presses it and watches a circle in the floor open up and a pedestal come out of it. The floor goes back after the pedestal is raises. He walks up to the pedestal and then places his hand on the artifact. It is a silver colored mirror with a fancy border. He takes it out of the pedestal and then uses his other hand to take of the hood to his robe, revealing himself to be Virton, the ancient demon sorcerer.]

[Virton]: The Mirror of the Stars... is mine!

[He holds the mirror close to him and runs out of the bank. The camera shows the mirror sparking slightly with electricity. By the time he gets to the main hall of the bank, the mirror flies out of his hands and lands on the floor in front of him. He runs up to it while it is sparking more violently with electricity, but as when he touches it he goes flying backwards and crashes into the desk.]

[Virton]: I have never seen so much power...

[After a few moments, figures start to appear out of the mirror. Virton switches to Pruden.]

[Pruden]: It is summoning people from other worlds.

[Pruden switches to Certus.]

[Certus]: No duh, Pruden. I thought you were supposed to be the smart one?

[Certus switches to Virton.]

[Virton]: Well what are we going to do about it.

[After a few more moments, the electricity stops. There are a bunch of figures standing in front of the mirror. They are Fizz Rivers, Dolly Rivers, Fred Blake, Noah Segurason, Sem Foremin, James, Chris, and Kurt Negason.]

[Special Theme Song]

[Virton]: WHO ARE YOU?

[Sem]: Well who are you? Where am I? I was fighting Hyjinx and then all of the sudden this artifact he was trying to steal sparked and I found myself here.

[Fizz]: Same with us...

[Noah]: I bet it happened to all of us.

[All the mysterious arrivals turn around and find the artifact in front of them.]

[All]: That's the artifact!

[Virton]: It's a great discovery, a mirror that acts as a portal to alternate dimensions. That is why Lotin wants it...

[He gets up and runs forward. Sem transforms into Ninjbot and fires laser ninja stars at Virton. He jumps over him and fires more stars from behind. Virton takes out his sword, doubles back, and tries to slash Ninjbot, but he dodges to the side. James takes out his sword and then jumps at Virton and tries to slash him. Virton switches to Pruden and his sword splits into two weaker ones. He slashes one at James and the other at Ninjbot. He spins around James and kicks him to the ground. Fizz blasts electricity at Pruden while Dolly fires water at him. He backs up continuously and eventually hits Fred. Fred transforms into Earthshaker and punches Pruden across the ground.]

[Pruden]: Oh no, you can't do that. You see, you just pushes me right into the... mirror?

[He looks across the room and sees Kurt standing with the mirror in his hands. He switches to Certus and his sword switches to a zanbato. he charges at Kurt who tosses the mirror to Noah. Kurt turns into Cannongrade and fires his laser eye beams at Certus. He jumps over them and crushes Cannongrade, making Kurt detransform. Chris transforms into Bloxx and then creates a wave of blocks around Certus. He slashes his sword at the blocks and then jumps and kicks Bloxx, making him detransform. Ninjbot fires more energy stars at Certus, but he switches to Virton and backflips over Ninjbot to avoid them. He kicks Ninjbot and then jumps forward and slashes at James, again knocking him to the ground. Fizz and Dolly continue to attack Virton until he eventually trips and falls to the ground. He sword slides a few feet away from him. He gets up and tries to grab his sword but Noah jumps in front of him.]

[Noah]: Let's see what we've got!

[He transforms into Doomer and fires energy blasts at Virton. He gets knocked back and crashes into Fizz and Dolly. He stands up looks around. He sees that Sem now has the mirror.]

[Virton]: Give me that mirror!

[He charges at Sem and knocks him over, stealing the mirror.]

[Virton]: It's mine!

[Doomer]: Not so fast.

[Doomer flies over to Virton and fires electircal blasts at him. Virton jumps over doomer, picks up his sword and then runs toward the exit and out the door. Doomer detransforms.]

[Sem]: You let him get away with the mirror!

[Noah]: You we're the one that was holding the mirror.

[Sem]: Well you gave it to me...

[Noah]: Blame Kurt, he gave it to me...

[Kurt]: How is it my fault?

[Sem]: Well, if it's anyone's fault here it's not mine. In fact, it's probably Noah's.

[Noah]: Listen you jerk, I'm not the one who's blaming other people...

[Sem]: But, but, but

[Kurt]: Actually you kind of blamed me...

[James]: Guys, can we calm down and figure out where Virton is going?

[Chris]: He said he was giving the mirror to someone named Lotin...

[Dolly]: Who's that?

[Fizz]: Does anyone know who that might be?

[Fred]: Probably a villain in the this dimension.

[Noah]: We can probably track him and see where he is going...

[Sem]: And how do you plan on doing that?

[Noah]': Follow me...

[The camera cuts to the GBA Headquarters. Paper and Sci have just finished explaining the prophecy to the Galactic Peace Council.]

[Rota]: You're telling me that we have an intergalactic situation occurring in a matter of months and you haven't told the Galactic Peace Council.

[Hornbok]: The reason we haven't told you is because there is nothing you can do about it that we can't do... Nothing that will work...

[Rota]: What have you tried?

[Hornbok]: That is beside the point, Councilmen Rota. You see, the sooner we finish arguing about this the sooner we can get to voting about the future of ChemiLabs.

[Chemestris, walking in]: What about the future of ChemiLabs? It seems perfectly fine to me...

[Hornbok and Rota]: Chemestris!

[Hornbok]: She's a member of the Elite.

[Chemestris]: Sir, I don't know what you're talking about. I've been away on vacation from my work for the past week. I returned early when I heard that my corporation was being evaluated.

[Rota]: We were just about to vote.

[The recruits notice the 7 workers standing off to the side of the room.]

[Nick]: You guys notice them?

[He points to the seven workers.]

[Toon]: I notice them, but what about them?

[Nar]: They might be members of the Elite. They walked in with Chemestris.

[Aevan]: But there are only 6 other members, not 7.

[Jack]: Who could the seventh be?

[The workers start to walk towards Chemestris.]

[Chemestris]: So are you going to vote or not.

[One of the male workers whispers something in Chemestris' ear.]

[Chemestris]: My workers and I must be going to soon.

[Rota]: All in favor of allowing ChemiLabs to remain a member of the GBA, say I.

[A few of the 100 representatives say I. One of the workers clenches his fists and then a bunch more of the reps slowly start to say I.]

[Brian]: It's the Elite!

[He turns into a Lion and pounces on the worker who clenched his fist. He falls over. All the representatives flood out of the room in panic. The 5 lead councilmen leave, too. Chemestris roundhouses Brian across the room.]

[Cassie]: Some one give me energy...

[Sci throws fire balls at Cassie and then she fires energy blasts all around. Sci then runs at one of the workers and throws an air punch at him. He takes off his ID Mask and reveals himself to be Blitz. He punches Sci to the ground but then Zon jumps at Blitz and makes him fall to his back. Nar takes out his katanas. He runs up to another worker, who takes off his ID Mask revealing himself to be Lucifer. He sends fire breath at both of them. Nar slashes both his katanas at Lucifer, but he grabs both blades with his hands and stops them. Nar kicks Lucifer in the face. He tries to escape, but Nar slashes him knocking him back onto the ground.]

[Toon]: Sub, ready to try it.

[Sub]: Yeah!

[Sub and Toon grab hands. Toon throws a stream of fire out of his hands while Sub throws a stream of ice. In the middle where they are grabbing hands, the blasts are made up of water. While the recruits, the worker who was originally knocked onto the ground, another male worker, a female worker, and Chemestris get up and run out of the room.]

[Paper]: After them!

[He fires an explosive arrow in front of them, blocking their path. The three workers take off their masks revealing them to be Lotin, Ra'ol Set, and Viper. Ra'ol Set fires a grappling gun at a window and pulls up himself and his three fellows.]

[Ra'ol Set]: Sorry to leave the party, but we have more important business elsewhere.

[King Arthur, who has now taken off his mask, runs up to Paper and punches him in the face, knocking him to the ground. Nick scratches at Arthur, but he then swings his hand and knocks Nick away. The last workers takes off his mask revealing himself to be Alpha. He fires energy blasts at Cassie, but she absorbs them and fires blasts back at Alpha. Will teleports and then punches Arthur into the wall. Jack fires electricity at Blitz, which stuns him for a moment, but then he continues towards Jack until Zon as full Wildmutt tackles him to the ground. Ben shouts some sonic screams at Lucifer, which keeps him on the ground from trying to get up. Zon gets off of Blitz and turns into his human form. He fires some green energy at Alpha which eventually knocks him to the ground. He tries to get up, but Aevan launches his shadow at him, which knocks him into the wall.]

[Sci]: But four of them got away...

[Paper]: Who knows where they're going?

[The camera cuts to the Elite walking back to their ship. A second ship lands down just next to it. Virton walks out with the mirror in his hands.]

[Virton]: Someone order a mirror?

[Lotin]: Excellent work.

[Virton hands Lotin the mirror.]

[Virton]: What else do you need from me?

[Lotin]: We'll stay in touch.

[The Elite get onto their ship and fly away a few moments later. Once they leave, a third ship arrives and the mysterious arrivals runs out of it.]

[Sem]: We're too late?

[Chris]: We did all that flying just for nothing, then...

[All the recruits come running out of the building. They see Virton standing across from the mysterious arrivals. He runs off as the recruits arrive.]

[Zon]: What in the world is going on?

[James]: About that...

[Kurt]: You see, we're not exactly from this world.



[Sem]: It's the mirror that weird dude took...

[Sci]: What mirror? What weird dude?

[Fred]: So I'm assuming you guys aren't from this universe either?

[Aevan]: What...? No, we...

[Brian]: We are from this universe...

[James]: Then can someone please explain to us what is going on?

[Toon]: There's this villain group who found some crystals, but that's not really important. They're trying to stop a company that one of the member's run from being removed from the Galactic Business Association. But what's this about a mirror?

[Fizz]: Some guy with three faces stole a mirror. All of us were taken out of our dimensions into this one by the mirror.

[Sci]: Just as I suspected...

[Will]: Yeah, just as I... wait, what did you suspect...

[Sci]: It's part of the prophecy. The last time Rigon broke free, an ancient sorcerer named Virton sealed him away using a powerful mirror. However, Virton soon turned evil and was eventually defeated by a newly formed Plumbers. This was thousands of years ago...

[Paper]: So the Elite must want to destroy the mirror!

[Sci]: No, they need the mirror in order to make Rigon free. You see, without the mirror, Rigon's escape will take months. If they have both the mirror and the child of darkness, me, it will take only moments for the seal to break.

[Kurt]: So basically we need to take the mirror from this Elite and also stop them from saving the GBA?

[Noah]: But what about those crystals you mentioned?

[Nick]: That doesn't concern you...

[Sub]: We only need your help getting back the mirror, which we can use to send you back to your own worlds.

[Dolly]: Fair enough...

[Chris]: Now where do we begin?

[Jack]: The Elite has three main bases. One at the Villain's Academy, one on Salimore, home planet to a member, and one on Ranova, an anti-Plumber planet that the Elite took over. Each base is home to a crystal. We have the fourth crystal...

[Ben]: But that doesn't help us figure out where the mirror is, does it?

[Aevan]: Actually, the Elite have probably gone to one of them. I'm guessing Salimore...

[Nar]: Yeah, it seems to be their main base...

[Sem]: Then let's go, shall we?

[James]: Yeah, let's go!

[The mysterious arrivals get onto their ship and the recruits get onto their's. They both fly off in the direction of Salimore. The camera cuts inside the recruits' ship.]

[Toon]: They don't seem to get along.

[Aevan]: You think?

[Brian]: They'll need to get along if we want to stop the Elite.

[Paper]: Of course, we'll need a plan. Once on Salimore, we could split into two teams. Brian, Will, Jack, Ben, Nar, and Toon can try and find the crystal, while Sci, Aevan, Zon, Nick, Sub, Cassie and I can team up with the others to try and get the mirror.

[Sci]: The mirror is more important...

[Paper]: But without two crystal, the mirror wouldn't really serve much purpose. And besides, they won't be expecting us to try and get the crystal.

[Zon]: Agreed...

[Lucifer]: Now we will!

[The recruits turn behind themselves and find that Lucifer, Arthur, Blitz, and Alpha are on their ship.]


[Arthur charges at Toon and punches him in the face. Zon turns into a Vulpimancer and tackles Arthur. He then throws him against the wall. Blitz blasts ice, but Sub counters with ice two. Sci jumps and throws fireballs at Blitz, making him step to the side. Brian then rams rim as a Rhino. Alpha fires energy blasts, but Cassie absorbs some and fires them back. Others hit Jack and Ben, but Jack then gets up and fires electricity at Lucifer. He turns into his demon form and breathes fire and the recruits. A group of snakes slithers to the recruits but Nar slices them all out of the way. Paper rams into Lucifer and knocks him down. He then heads back to the command chair.]

[Paper]: Hold 'em off! We're almost there!

[Will teleports to behind Alpha and then kicks him. Arthur gets up and kicks Will but Aevan kicks him in the face, knocking him down. Blitz traps Aevan in a block of ice, only to be kicked by Ben. Alpha throws energy blasts at Ben, but is then is scratched by Nick. Sci throws a rock at Alpha and hits him against the wall. Sub blasts ice at Lucifer while Zon fires green energy at him. Aevan launches his shadow at Blitz and knocks him down.]

[Toon]: There! We're here!

[The ship touches down on Salimore.]

Salimorian Castle
February 8, 2014, 6:19 PM EST

[The recruits get out of the ship and run into the castle. The doors close behind them. They find the other 4 Elite members standing behind them.]

[Ra'ol Set]: And welcome to Salimore...

[Just then, the door opens the the mysterious arrivals enter.]

[Sem]: And here we are...

[Kurt]: Lotin, right?

[Lotin]: That's me... Now... get our of my castle...

[Ra'ol Set]: I'm the one who lives here and its not even my castle.

'[Lotin]: Well get out of his castle!

[The recruits charge forward and begin to fight the Elite. Meanwhile, the mysterious arrivals sneak off into a hallway of the castle.]

[James]: So we need to find a crystal?

[Fizz]: I wonder if its a shiny crystal?

[Dolly]: Fizz...

[Noah]: Do you two know each other or something?

[Fizz]: Yeah...

[Chris]: Maybe we should check the throne room.

[Fred]: I thought we were just in the throne room.

[Sem]: Nah, that was the welcoming hall.

[Noah]: So where should we go? The upper floor?

[James]: It's a start...

[They head up to the top floor. They find a large door and open it. Inside, they find the King and Queen sitting on their thrones.]

[Queen]: And so Ra'ol is downstairs with some others working on some Elite business and...

[King]: WHO ARE YOU?

[Sem]: Well who are you?

[King]: I am the King of Salimore, Horus Set.

[Queen]: And I am the Queen of Salimore, Isis.

[Kurt]: Yeah, that's great and all, but we've got a crystal to find.

[Horus Set]: The crystal which you speak of is not in this room. I will not try to stop you from taking it, but you must find it on your own.

[Isis]: You won't even make it out alive.

[The recruits run out of the room and down the hallway. They search every room but don't find the crystal. They eventually enter one and find themselves in an upper section of the entrance hall, but there is no ground below them. They land right in the middle of the fight between the recruits and the Elite.]

[Lotin]: What do we have here? Friends, I see?

[Sem]: You got that right, bub!

[He jumps at Lotin and punches him, but he grabs Sem's hand and throws him across the room. Sem transforms into Waylighter and then blasts fire at Lotin. Ra'ol Set jumps in front and blasts rockets at Waylighter. He dodges and then blasts more fire at the two villains. Nar attacks with his katannas and knocks Lucifer back, but then Lotin kicks Nar. Aevean launches his shadow at Lotin and knocks him back, but then Ra'ol Set sends laser blasts at Aevan. James slashes his sword, tearing up Ra'ol Set's guns and cracking his visor. Fizz shoots electricity at Viper, but she dodges. She turns into her phantom form and fires dark fire balls at the recruits.]

[Sci]: New powers, I see?

[Viper]: I like to keep things hidden...

[She blasts dark fire at Sci while Sci blasts dark fire at her. Toon jumps next to Sci and blasts more fire while Sub blasts ice from the other side. Viper jumps and turns into her human form, landing Aevan. His shadow retreats. Chemestris sends an air tornado at Sci and Toon, knocking both of them onto their backs. Sub throws ice crystals at Chemestris, but Viper kicks him from behind. Dolly blasts Water at Viper while Fred transforms into Krypto and punches her to the ground. Kurt transforms into Cannongrade again and charges at Chemestris, knocking her into the wall. Noah transforms into Neo and fires energy blasts at all the members of the Elite knocking them to the ground.]

[James] Where is the mirror?

[Horus Set, from the doorway where the recruits fell in]: You mean this mirror?

[Paper runs up the wall and grabs the mirror out of his hands. He makes a break for the exit.]

[Paper]: Come on, we have the mirror, let's go!

[All the recruits and mysterious arrivals follow him. They get onto their two ships and take off a moment later. The Elite grab their unconscious members, get onto a ship, and fly off after them. Horus Set and Isis walk out of the castle just as the camera cuts to the GBA. Hornbok is lying on his back. Rota and the other four head councilmen are standing over him.]

[Rota]: Hornbok, are you okay?

[Hornbok, getting up]: Yeah, I'm fine... What happened?

[Rota]: The group you call the Elite attacked. You were unconscious for several hours. We escaped, but so did some of the members of the Elite.

[Hornbok]: But this proves my point. ChemiLabs must be removed from the GBA.

[Rota]: Yes, it must...

[Virton, walking in]: Are you sure about that?

[Virton shifts into his cerebrus from and roars loudly before jumping at Hornbok.]


[The camera cuts to the two ships flying through space towards the GBA.]

[Paper]: Well, when we left, it was in ruins, so...?

[Sci]: So we have to expect it to be in ruins when we return.

[Toon]: And we have the mirror, so why not send the others back?

[Brian]: Once we're ready to let them go back...

[The ship zooms forward and lands in front of the GBA. They recruits run out. The other ship lands a second later and the mysterious arrivals run out. The camera cuts inside. Virton punches Hornbok across the room.]

[Hornbok]: Virton, the mirror demon?

[Virton]: The very same one who sealed away the ancient king all those years ago...

[Hornbok]: Then where's your mirror?

[Certus]: Your old friend Lotin has it. No need to fill me in, he told me everything. And by everything I mean the parts I didn't already know, and by that I mean I am the ancient hero after all...

[Hornbok]: A hero gone rouge...

[Pruden]: I didn't go rouge, I got tougher, stronger...

[Virton jumps at Hornbok and prepares to attack him, but there is a loud crash from the other side of the room. The recruits and the mysterious arrivals enter the room.]


[Hornbok]: Well who are you...?

[Kurt]: Ugh, we don't have time for this...

[Virton]: Oh, you're back, I see...

[Pruden]: Virton, they have the mirror...

[Virton]: But how?

[Noah]: We took it from that Lotin guy, fair and square...

[Certus]: Impossible...

[Aevan]: Oh its possible.

[He jumps at Virton, but Virton slashes his claw and knocks him to the side.]

[Virton]: Who dares approach me?

[Paper]: We do... team.... CHARGE!

[All of the recruits and the mysterious arrivals begin to attack Virton. Sem turns into Waylighter and then Amazing Waylighter. He blasts ice at Virton while Sub helps. Toon and Sci creates a wave of fire to attack Virton from another direction. James and Nar jump in front and start slashing at Virton with their swords. Noah transforms into Karma and fires negative energy beams at Virton, making him slower and weaker.]

[Virton]: Give me the mirror.

[He jumps out of the way of all the attacks and grabs the mirror from Paper. Brian tackles him as a cheetah and then Jack shoots electricity at him. The mirror goes sliding away.]

[Pruden]: No!

[The mirror slides right to Lotin's foot.]

[Lotin]: I'll be taking this...

[Paper]: NO!

[Paper charges at Lotin and knocks him back. He tosses the mirror to Ra'ol Set who runs with it back to the ship. Paper weaves around a bunch of people and is able to knock the mirror out of Ra'ol Set's hand. Them mirror goes sliding until it eventually falls of the edge.]

[Lotin]: NO!

[Paper]: NO!

[Virton]: My mirror!

[He bites Toon and then slashes his claw, knocking away Jack and Brian. He turns into his humanoid form and rushes over to edge of the planetoid. He looks over the edge and sees the mirror falling below him. He jumps off after the mirror. He eventually catches up with the mirror and grabs onto it, eventually being pulled inside the mirror.]

[Ra'ol Set]: What's he doing?

[After a few moments, Virton appears back out of the mirror with a jetpack. He puts the jet pack on and then activates it and flies back u[ the planetoid. Paper charges at him immediately once he lands and sends the mirror flying back into the building, right into the hands of Hornbok. Lucifer breathes fire at him but Cassie jumps in the way and blasts the fire back.]

[Cassie]: The mirror is ours!

[Hornbok]: But we need a plan

[He jumps over Cassie and kicks Lucifer in the face. Ra'ol Set fires rockets at Hornbok, but he dodges. Sub blasts ice at Ra'ol Set from behind while Noah transforms into Big Chill to help. Sem, still as Amazing Waylighter, helps also. Kurt transforms into Humungosaur and runs at Arthur. He punches Arthur into the ground only to get hit by dark fire balls from Viper. Fred turns into Swampfire and throws some fire balls back at Viper. He also throws fire balls at Chemestris. She jumps to avoid and throws a water tornado at Swampfire, only to be hit by a water blast from Dolly.]

[Dolly]: We've got 'em on the run...

[Chemestris jumps back only to get hit by an energy blasts from Zon. jack jumps in an fires electricity at Blitz, but he dodges and fires ice at Jack. Alpha blasts Ben and Aevan with energy, too. Meanwhile, Sci, Paper, and Hornbok are standing across from Lotin and Virton. Hornbok has the mirror.]

[Lotin]: ChemiLabs for the mirror?

[Hornbok]: Why would we give you the mirror when we're winning?

[All of the sudden, the other members of the Elite and Alpha start to win the fight. Jack and Ben get knocked to the ground. Then Zon, Brian, and Toon. Amazing Waylighter throws a last few fire and ice balls before being hit by a punch from Arthur and detransforming. Arthur then kicks Sub and Noah as Big Chill, making him detransforms and making both fall to the ground. The last few recruits continue to fight.]

[Sci]: Give them the mirror. We can live to fight another day...

[Paper]: You want the mirror? You'll have to take it from us...

[He charges at Virton and throws some punches at him, eventually knocking him back. Virton takes out his sword and slashes at Paper as he backs up. Sci throws air punches at Lotin while Hornbok jumps in front and kicks Lotin down. Lotin jumps up and punches Sci to the ground before backflipping to avoid Hornbok's punch. Lotin on Paper and then tackles Hornbok to the ground, making the mirror go flying. Virton jumps to the mirror and picks it up.]

[Virton]: So much for your little deal...

[Paper]: You're not done yet...

[Paper charges at Virton. He tosses the mirror to Lotin. James run to try and intercept it but trips as his sword goes flying. The swords hits the mirror and sparks it to life. It starts spinning in midair.]

[Pruden]: What have you done?

[Certus]: We're doomed! We're doomed!

[Virton]: No we're not!

[Sem]: Guys, I think we can use this to get back home...

[Lotin]: Return to your own worlds... It's better off for us...

[Hornbok]: No, we need to stop them right now!

[Chris]: But if we don't go now, we might not be able to get back at all...

[Sci]: Just go, we can deal with it on our own...

[Noah]: Good bye to all of you. It was great meeting you...

[Fizz]: Farewell...

[Dolly]: Bye...

[Kurt]: Take care...

[Fred]: Good luck...

[James]: Don't forget us...

[Sem]: We'll be seeing each other soon. I just know it...

[One at a time, the mysterious arrivals jump through the mirror and disappear. The mirror continues to spark. Virton grabs his sword and slashes the mirror with it. It violently shakes until it falls to the ground. He grabs it and then tosses it Lotin. Lotin and the rest of the Elite run out of the room. Virton waves his sword in a circle and disappears.]

[Ben]: He could do that the whole time...

[Sci]: How could this happen? They have the mirror...

[Paper]: But they aren't going to stop ChemiLabs from being removed...

[Hornbok]: Because they think that its better for them if it is, but we can make it so that it will be bad for them...

[Rota]: Our council has been debating for a while on new laws to fix stuff life this... We'll look into it...

[Paper]: I don't care what the Elite are doing, it's been too long; we've lost too many battles. The next battle will start the war, so let us strike first.

Undisclosed Location
February 9, 2014, 2:19 AM EST

[The Elite, Alpha, and Virton are sitting around a table. There is a covered object on the table. Lotin tosses the three crystals onto the table as well.]

[Lotin]: The mirror should make it easy to take their crystal, but that wasn't even its main purpose. We have other needs for this, and, Virton, I thank you for getting it for us...

[Virton]: Your welcome...

[Lucifer]: When we go for theirs, I'm assuming they will come for ours, too?

[Viper]: Yes, which is why we are taking the crystals to our three main bases. I will go to Ranova, Ra'ol, you can go to Salimore, and Lucifer, you can go to the Villain's Academy. The rest of us will attack the academy...

[Lotin]: Not the rest, I have other plans....

[Viper]: Very well... but since we are going to attack the academy, we need to prepare it.

[She takes out a device and presses a button on it. The camera cuts to an unknown room in the Plumber's Academy. A bunch of files are on a desk. A mechanical bug spurs to life and begins to walk around. It heads for the main computer unit of the academy. It crawls inside and begins to work its way to the top. It eventually grabs onto a cord labeled "Communications" and electrocutes it.]

[Lotin]: They won't even know what him them...

[The End]

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