Fich, made by Weirdo Guy

Fich is an evil Pisciss Volann from the water planet Pisciss. He is one of the Ben 10: Multi Trixes villains. He is a cyborg, and has machines that provide him with a water replacement, but ironically, he can't go into water because it would short out the machines, electrocuting him. He used to work for Paparo, but quit upon realizing Paparo's ultimate goal.


In addition to Ripjaws' abilities, Fich can...

  • Survive on land
  • teleport with built-in machines


As I have said, he can't go into water. He also has all of Ripjaws' weaknesses, except he can survive on land, unlike Ripjaws.


He is a former Plumber, and used that to temporarily replace the on-probation Magister Korwak in the Plumbers' Academy. He attacked the place and knocked out Korwak when he was called back there. He attacked Ben and Co. once in a while with Zeno. He and Zeno quit working for Paparo upon realizing his true goal.

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