Festival is the twenty fourth episode of Young Plumbers: Generations and the eighty fourth episode overall of Earth-19.

Young Plumbers: Generations
Season 1, Episode 24
Production Code G124
Airdate December 24, 2014
Written By Paper
Directed By Paper
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"Now You Sea Me"
"War Games"
130px-TV-Y7_icon.svg.png Episode may include:
Mild Fantasy Violence
Brief romance
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December 27, 2026, 7:19 AM EST

[The camera shows the inside of the temple on Hophopris. The Aldabarbarians are mainly on the left side of the temple, with the Phantom and Phantress near the door with the red lamp above it. Meanwhile, the Rotolysians are primarily on the right side of the temple, with Dexis, Thebes, Abbaddon, and Hathus Set standing near the door with the light blue lamp above it. The small group of Plumbers, consisting of Relgo, Sci, Bink, Kali, Water, Ray, Harry, and Ahmad, is standing near the large, center door of the temple. Finally, Colossus IV is standing right at the entrance of the temple, facing all of the others.]

[Dexis]: So what will it be? Surrender, or face the consequences?

[Phantom]: Oh, we'll face the consequences, and we will destroy you.

[Sci]: Hold on here, HOLD ON HERE!

[He raises his hands as to try and ask for everyone to settle down.]

[Sci]: Why are you two even fighting each other? I thought you were both working for the Elite?

[Dexis]: The Aldabarbarians, working with the Elite? You expect me to believe that?

[Phantress]: You're working with the Elite?

[Dexis]: Huh, so you are...

[Sci]: Don't you see... the Elite allied themselves with both the Aldabarbarians and the Rotolysians to get what they wanted while also making sure that their partners wouldn't reap the same rewards... They duped both of you...

[Dexis]: Lotin will pay for this...

[He turns to Thebes, who stands shocked. He turns and sees Dexis grinning at him.]

[Dexis]: So who's side are you on?

[Thebes takes a step back. Dexis tries to take a step towards him but Abbaddon and Hathus step forward to block him.]

[Dexis]: You can't betray me...

[Colossus]: Master--

[Dexis]: No, I'll handle this myself... Wait for orders to attack...

[Colossus]: Yes, Master.

[Dexis draws a sword and starts to walk forwards. Abbaddon and Hathus back up as Thebes backs up even farther behind them to stay away from Dexis.]

[Dexis]: So your old man thought he could trick the Rotolysians... Now I'm just tempted to use the vials themselves. They're probably more powerful than the Haven... Maybe you could clue me in on what exactly they do...

[Abbaddon]: We don't know...

[Dexis, angry]: I'm talking to Thebes. Don't speak out of line.

[Hathus]: We don't take orders from you anymore.

[Dexis stops in place.]

[Dexis]: And yet you're still too scared to fight back? Did I teach you nothing? Perhaps you're not even worth my time.

[He turns to the Phantom.]

[Dexis]: Now will you agree to a truce? Against Lotin and his Elite?

[Phantom]: Help us get the Haven, and you can have the vials as long as you leave the Haven, the Earth, Aldabarbaria, Betelgusia, and Pollunia alone...

[Dexis]: Deal...

[Sci, sarcastic]: Just great...

[Dexis]: Colossus... Kill the Plumbers.

[Colossus]: Of course, Mas--

[The camera cuts to Colossus IV. He is standing exactly where he was, but there is a sword stabbed through his chest. The sword retracts as Hornbok steps forward and looks around him. He sees Dexis confronting the young villains, with the armies of Rotolysians and Aldabarbarians surrounding the Plumbers.]

[Hornbok]: Well it's a good thing I got here, isn't it?

[Dexis]: So you defeated Colossus? Big deal. Now try defeating the combined forces of the Rotolysians and the Aldabarbarians. Both the armies start to approach Hornbok as well as the other group of Plumbers.]

[Hornbok]: Did I miss something?

[Sci]: Yeah, sorry...

[Dexis]: No, don't apologize, I can do that for you. You may not be here, but I'm sorry our alliance didn't work out, Lotin. I hope I can make it up to you by killing your old friend...

[He points his sword towards Hornbok as Hornbok points his sword towards Dexis.]

[Phantom]: As I said... This could be interesting...

[Theme Song]

[The camera shows the sky over a different part of Hophopris, on the other side of the city from the temple. Red and light blue fireworks are shot into the air as part of the Fire and Ice Festival. The camera pans to the ground and shows the group of Plumbers and their allies who stayed at the entrance terminal, consisting of Paper, Will, Toon, Brian, Zon, Aevan, Jack, Ben, Nar, Rob, Paul, Roy, Chris, Figy, Polarys, and Ivada. They look around and see many aliens of different races running around an open park area, generally celebrating the festival.]

[Will]: Isn't it kind of weird that an artificial satellite that has only been around for 1000 years has developed a full culture with its own festivals?

[Zon]: 1000 years is not that long in the grand scheme of things... Some of the modern countries on Earth have existed for fewer than 100 years.

[Ivada]: I don't think these festivals are all that new, either. They probably come from one of the races that lives on the Haven.

[Will]: True.

[Jack]: Shouldn't we be heading for the temple? Even if the others are heading there, we can't be sure that it's safe.

[Paul]: I don't see why we need to. Someone would contact us if anything went wrong.

[Ivada]: I agree, but I do think we still need to be on the look out for any suspicious activity. This is a festival, but you can never be too sure...

[Elena, walking out from behind a tree]: I couldn't agree with you more, Ivada...

[Will]: You!?

[Elena]: Do you even know me name? Your's is Will.

[The team stands across from her.]

[Elena]: I'll spare you the trouble; it's Validus. Elena Validus.

[She holds up a briefcase.]

[Elena]: You see this here briefcase?

[Paper]: It contains nanochips combined in a special way with Amber Ogia concentrate...

[Elena]: Oh, I see, I don't need to explain. I only wonder how you figured all this out? Will and a couple others stumbled upon Psychobos and I working on the project in Lunaris.

[Roy]: Months ago we encountered Psychobos experimenting with on To'kustars with the Amber Ogia concentrate on Revonnah. When we learned that he was working with you, after we realized that Professor Frost had stolen a case of nanochips from the Academy, it was only logical to think that the two were somehow related.

[Zon]: Not to mention that Azmuth's analysis of the Faralia leaves that infected millions revealed that they had been injected with a serum made using Amber Ogia concentrate. When the symptoms suddenly resolved themselves without the need for a cure, we realized that it was only a test for the potential of something made from the concentrate.

[Elena]: Amazing work, in fact, I suppose that you deserve to know the finer details. With the help of Dr. Animo, we developed a serum using the Amber Ogia concentrate, and it was an early version of this serum that Damian tested with the Faralia leaves. Once the serum was finished, Psychobos and I began working on rewiring the nanochips, so to speak, with the serum. We made it so that the nanochips bolster the physical capabilities of the person they are controlling, in addition to other benefits. The last step was integration; we needed to control the Queen in order to control the hive, but that has been taken care of, and now...

[She flips open the briefcase and stares intently at the nanochips. In the top compartment of the briefcase, there is a boxed in compartment with a glass cover. The Queen Nanochip can be seen hovering inside.]

[Elena]: It's already to late...

[Hundreds of nanochips begin flying at the Plumbers. Polarys immediately puts up a golden energy shield, but the nanochips fly upwards to try and get around the shield. The shield is quite a bit father up than they are, but they are gaining on the gap. Golden blasts of energy start to get fired out of the shield, hitting the nanochips but not doing any damage. Polarys pushes the shield away, knocking the nanochips back, but they continue to chase after the Plumbers.]

[Polarys]: Does anyone know how to stop those chips?

[Paper]: I brought these special arrows...

[He takes one and examines it.]

[Paper]: It contains a cartridge with the cure we prepared for the Faralia leaves. I don't know if it will neutralize the improved serum, but it's worth a shot... I only have a set amount of these arrows, though.

[Will]: Do you think splitting up would be worth it?

[Paper]: If you can avoid the nanochips, then go for it.

[Ivada]: Everyone should stay with a partner, and if a nanochip hits your partner, let another group know immediately.

[Will]: Sounds good... Ivada, you're with me...

[Will and Ivada runs off as some nanochips chase them. Paper and Polarys run off in a different direction as Brian and Toon, Zon and Aevan, Jack and Ben, Nar and Rob, Paul and Roy, and Chris and Figy each run off in a different direction away from Elena. As the groups get farther away, Elena remains in the open area. The camera cuts back to the temple, where the fight between the Rotolysians, Aldabarbarians, and Plumbers is now in full force. Dexis slashes his sword at Sci, who rolls underneath the slash and then quickly turns around and sends a shot of water at Dexis. The latter runs forward and then maintains his momentum as he turns around and charges at Sci, who sidesteps, allowing Water to punch Dexis directly in the face, knocking him back onto the ground.]

[Dexis]: Why are you even wasting your time on me? Thebes has the briefcase!

[Sci]: Someone has to fight you.

[He looks over at Bink and Kali fighting Thebes, Abbaddon, and Hathus Set. Bink blasts a wave of magic at Hathus Set, who shields the attacks. She takes out a rapier and stabs it at Bink, who steps back to avoid. She throws blast after blast at Hathus, who continues stepping back and forth to avoid the attacks. Bink fires a blast that purposely misses Hathus, but hits Abbaddon as he and Thebes corner Kali. Thebes gets kicked back by Kali, using Abbaddon's hit as a distraction. Thebes stumbles to a stop and then charges forward, draws a sword, and slams it down at Kali. She avoids and the roundhouses Thebes square in the face.]

[Kali]: Where did the briefcase go?

[She looks around and then gets kicked in the head by Abbaddon, knocking her to the side. Abbaddon looks around.]

[Abbaddon]: Thebes?

[He slowly gets up and then walks over to the briefcase, which was just lying out in the open.]

[Thebes, quietly to Abbaddon]: We need to get the last vial from the Phantom without alerting Dexis.

[Abbaddon]: How are we going to do that?

[Thebes]: We don't have to worry about Dexis, Sci and Water are taking care of him. We just need to grab the vial from the Phantom; we don't even need to beat him. This is the easiest thing we've ever been tasked with.

[Abbaddon]: Yes, it is. We just get the vial and then head for the underground temple...

[Thebes]: Yes... Hathus...

[Hathus and Kali are locked in combat. The young Salimorian roundhouses Kali and then kicks her back, breaking away from the fight to speak with her teammates.]

[Thebes]: We're getting that vial and getting out of here, and this is how we're going to do it...

[As he explains, the camera cuts across the temple to Hornbok, Relgo, Ray, Harry, and Ahmad fighting the Phantom and the Phantress.]

[Relgo]: All we need is that one vial...

[Phantom]: Over my dead body...

[The Phantom swings his arm, but Relgo ducks to avoid it. The Phantom kicks Relgo backwards, knocking him into Ahmad. Hornbok jumps and slashes his sword at the Phantom, who simply lets the slashes hit him, barely injuring him. Phantress knocks Hornbok to the side and then immediately turns to Harry and punches him down as he tries to jump and punch at her. Ray runs at her, holding a giant hammer construct, and swings it at her, knocking her back slightly. She punches at him, but he blocks with a large shield that he quickly forms. Phantress punches again, this time shattering the shield. She punches at the ground in front of Ray, but he jumps back to avoid. Phantress continues to approach him, punching at the ground repeatedly as the Phantom slowly gets up and sees Hornbok, Relgo, Harry, and Ahmad approaching him, with Thebes, Abbaddon, and Hathus just behind them.]

[Phantom]: You're friends are behind you.

[Hornbok turns around and sees Thebes holding the briefcase. Thebes holds it up to flaunt that he has it as Abbaddon and Hathus, standing on either side of him, charge at the Plumbers. Abbaddon sends a dark magic attack at the Plumbers, but Ahmad counters with a blast of electricity. Hathus repeatedly blasts the Plumbers with small energy orbs, and while the fight with the Plumbers continues, Thebes jumps over them and lands on the other side of the Phantom. He eyes the last of the vials, which the Phantom is still holding.]

[Phantom]: I know that you've betrayed Dexis. I'll never give you this vial.

[Thebes]: I was planning on taking it anyways...

[Thebes draws his sword and hits it against the wall once for show. He lunges at the Phantom, but then drops down and rolls underneath a punch from the large conqueror. He quickly doubles back and then jumps and grabs the vial right out of the Phantom's hand, landing a good distance in front of him, far enough away for him to have time to stand up and turn around. He holds the sword out at the Phantom and then chuckles.]

[Thebes]: If anyone asks, you still have this.

[The Phantom grunts. Holding the sword in one hand and the eighth vial and the briefcase in the other, Thebes stands in place and waits for a moment. He looks and sees that the battle between Abbaddon and Hathus and the Plumbers is about an even match.]

[Thebes]: Now Abbaddon!

[The son of Lucifer unleashes a large wave of dark magic, completing blocking out all the light in the temple.]

[Bink]: Ssenkrad fo evaw siht lepsid

[The dark magic wave disperses, but Thebes, Abbaddon, and Hathus Set are nowhere to be found. Sci kicks Dexis before he can react to the return of the light. Dexis starts to prepare a counterattack, but then looks around and notices that all the fighting has stopped.]

[Dexis]: Where did Thebes and the others go?

[Sci]: They go the vial and got out of here... It's unfortunate, but the Elite has basically won...


[The camera cuts to Sesirus and Wozorin in the Hophopris government building.]

[Wozorin]: I don't understand what you mean...

[Sesirus]: I guess I have no choice other than to just tell you. When I said that the cities on the Haven were named after Veloan Deities, that was completely true, but it was only part of the truth. You see, the seas on the Haven were named for the deities that were sealed within them, the Deity of Fire and the Deity of Ice.

[Wozorin stares at Sesirus with a confusing look.]

[Wozorin]: You mean that there are actual deities living within the Haven?

[Sesirus]: Yes, and I know I told Hornbok otherwise, but that is directly related to the vials from the temples. When all eight vials are placed in the underground temples, the two deities are released from the seas. You cannot let those vials fall into the wrong hands; if that happens, whoever releases the deities--

[The camera cuts to Thebes, Abbaddon, and Hathus Set standing across from Slick, Kruto, Nick, Sub, Cassie, Holly, and Reg at the underground temple. Thebes can be seen holding the briefcase.]

Connecting Cavern
December 27, 2026, 8:39 AM EST

[Thebes]: --wins. You see? You've already lost!

[Slick]: Not until those vials are in the chandelier...

[Thebes]: You think you can stop us?

[Cassie]: Oh, we can stop the three of you...

[Thebes]: It's not wise to underestimate us. The basis of our teams is almost identical: young protégés. But you see, our team had one additional purpose that yours did not. The reason why Lotin created our whole team was to stay close to Dexis while he could not, and seeing as how we were able to trick Dexis and gather the vials, I don't see why we wouldn't be able to handle you.

[Thebes places the briefcase down on the ground and looks at Abbaddon and Hathus Set, as if communicating with them silently. He then draws a sword and rushes forward.]

[Thebes]: This is just an exercise for us...

[Kruto and Slick rush at Thebes, but he jumps over them as they crash into each other and fall over. Hathus blasts lasers at Holly, who moves rocks in the way to block some of them, but others get by the rocks and hit her, knocking her back. Holly continues forward and jumps on one of the rocks she threw to jump over Hathus' blasts. She kicks Hathus in the face, knocking her back. The Salimorian retaliates, but Cassie jumps in the way to absorb the laser blasts. She fires them back at Hathus as energy blasts, knocking her clear across the temple to where Nick, Sub, and Reg are fighting Abbaddon. Nick flies over Abbaddon and sprays a stream of acid at them, but Abbaddon blocks with a wave of dark energy.]

[Abbaddon]: You Plumbers are never aggressive enough.

[He jumps in the air and grabs Nick's foot, pulling him down. As he lands, he swings Nick around and throws him into Sub, who catches him.]

[Nick]: Thanks...

[Without responding, Sub jumps forward and blasts a stream of ice at Abbaddon, freezing his arm. He punches at Sub and Nick, but the two Plumbers back up to avoid. He slams his frozen arm against the wall, shattering the ice. Reg, having transformed into a tiger, lunges at him, but Abbaddon dodges and Reg slides into the opposite wall.]

[Abbaddon]: Thebes. Place the vials already!

[The camera shows Thebes fighting off Slick and Relgo with his sword. He jumps and roundhouses Relgo, knocking him backwards into Slick. Thebes lands on the ground near the briefcase. He picks it up and opens it, revealing the eight vials. Instead of taking out the vials, he slides open a secret compartment in the briefcase, revealing another swarm of nanochips.]

[Thebes, chuckling]: Have fun with these...

[The nanochips begin to fly out of the briefcase as the camera cuts back above ground to the pairs of the Plumbers running from the original swarm. Will and Ivada run around a corner between two buildings as a group of chips chases them. They see another group of chips start to approach them from the other side of the alleyway, so they stop in the middle.]

[Will]: Up it is...

[Will teleports up to the top of the building as Ivada runs up on ice platforms that appear beneath him as he goes. Both of them get to the top of the building and then proceed to continue running away from the park where they started. The nanochips emerge from the alleyway and continue to chase them as they hop from building to building. Across the city, Zon and Aevan run down a road as a group of chips chases them.]

[Aevan]: Okay, just how many of these things are there and do we have any idea how to destroy them?

[Zon]: I do have one idea...

[He slows down and turns around and then shifts into half-vulpimancer, half-mechamorph. As the nanochips fly at them, he tries to morph into all of them, but it doesn't work; the chips reject him and force him back into his human form. He slowly gets up as the chips begin to fly into a circle around the two Plumbers.]

[Aevan]: That was great!

[Zon]: I'm sorry, but complaining isn't going to get us anywhere...

[Two nanochips float down out of the spinning swarm. One flies right up to Zon and then latches onto his neck and dissolves into his skin.]

[Zon]: What did that thing just--

[Zon stops and suddenly falls over. Aevan stands silent for a moment before he also falls over. The nanochips continue to spin around the unconscious Plumbers for a moment before they disperse to find other groups of Plumbers. The camera cuts to Paul and Roy in a similar situation to Aevan and Zon. Roy has already fallen over unconscious, but the nanochips are having a difficult time breaking into Paul's armor. He sends a rocket at the wave of chips to try and break a hole in them, but to no avail. Suddenly, large amounts of chips starts pulling on Paul's armor, creating small hole in it. He blasts lasers at the nanochips, but again there is no effect. A group of chips manages to pull off part of the armor around Paul's neck, and then one dissolves into him just like it has done with the others. Paul stands for a moment, but then his armor falls off and he falls over. The camera cuts to Elena Validus running towards the government building on Hophopris. She looks at a tracker, which now has 4 red dots in the city of Hophopris, most likely representing the four recruits with nanochips in them. She slows down as she arrives at the gate to the compound.]

[Soldier]: Hey, you're not allowed in here?

[Elena]: You know what? I don't care...

[She jumps and roundhouses the soldier and then climbs over the gate into the compound. The camera cuts inside to Wozorin and Sesirus. One of the monitors in the room that they are in starts flashing red.]

[Sesirus]: We've got an intruder...

[He presses a button on a dashboard.]

[Sesirus]: We've got an intruder, lock down the compound.

[He turns to Wozorin.]

[Sesirus]: We're heading to the Vault.

[Wozorin]: Why there?

[Sesirus]: Because that's the most likely place the intruder is going...

[The camera cuts to them running through the hallway. They slow down around the corner to make sure that no one is around it. They rush down the hallway and make it to an elevator. They get inside as Sesirus presses a button to take them to the very bottom floor.]

[Wozorin]: Normally, only authorized personnel are allowed down here, but this is an extraordinary circumstance...

[The elevator does closes, and moments later, it opens, revealing a long, narrow hallway. Sesirus and Wozorin run down the hallway and enter the room at the far end of it, the door to which locks as soon as Sesirus closes it. Inside, there is a single podium with a keyboard and one large screen taking up a large amount of the front wall.]

[Sesirus]: Welcome to the Vault.

[Wozorin looks at the giant screen, which is turned off.]

[Sesirus]: I've only been down here a couple times myself.

[Suddenly, there is a loud pound on the door.]

[Wozorin]: That doesn't sound good...

[A chuckle can be heard from the hallway.]

[Voice]: You can't keep me out for that long...

[There is an explosion from just behind the door, creating a large hole where the door was.]

[Elena, walking in from the hallway]: In fact, that wasn't long at all...


[The camera shows Elena standing across from Sesirus and Wozorin.]

[Sesirus]: You get the Vault over my dead body.

[Elena]: You said it, not me..

[She draws a pistol from her pocket and shoots it at him.]

[Wozorin]: Tellub eht pots!

[The bullet stops in place just inches in front of Sesirus. It hovers in place before quickly dropping to the ground. Elena looks at Wozorin, confused.]

[Elena]: I'm going to shoot again, and if you don't interfere this time, then I'll let you live.

[Wozorin]: I can handle you...

[She shoots.]

[Wozorin]: POTS!

[The second bullet stops farther away from Sesirus before dropping to the ground just like the first. Elena grunts.]

[Elena]: You leave me no choice.

[She tosses the gun to the side and then runs towards the podium. Sesirus runs in to block her, but as he does, she quickly draws a knife and stabs him in the arm. He falls over into her, only to be kicked away by her. He stumbles into the wall before falling over. The wound does not look that bad, but he stays on the ground holding it. Elena turns to Wozorin.]

[Elena]: Stand--

[Wozorin]: Efink eht pord reh ekam

[The knife rapidly falls out of Elena's hand.]

[Elena]: You're making this more difficult than it needs to be.

[Wozorin]: You wouldn't dare change the settings...

[Elena]: Oh, I would, and to prove it, I'll show you...

[She types a code into the keyboard, turning on the screen, which shows a large, desolate field. She types in another code, causing a large hole in the field on the screen to start to open up, revealing part of the Haven's weapons' system underneath.]

[Elena]: That's the Gigatellum, the Haven's main cannon. You, of course, know that the Haven is actually a dormant war machine.

[Wozorin]: You know I could stop you at any moment.

[Elena]: Then why haven't you?

[Elena types in another code, causing the Gigatellum to emerge from the large hole in the ground.]

[Elena]: A shot from this could wipe out a hemisphere. You sure you're just going to stand there?

[Wozorin]: I don't think I need to stop you. It's not your plan to destroy the Earth, is it?

[Elena]: No, but I could easily destroy the moon if I wanted to. I could wreak havoc without destroying the planet.

[Wozorin remains silent.]

[Elena]: You make no sense to me. You've completely disarmed me, yet you refuse to stop me? I don't understand; which side are supposed to be on?

[Wozorin]: You see, I didn't think that you would jump straight to the cannon. There are other settings here that can wreak even more havoc to the Earth.

[Elena]: Like what?

[Wozorin]: Well, for example, changing the Haven's magnetic field would cause the weather patterns on the Earth to change completely. Rain in deserts, snow in jungles, blazing heat in the polar regions, strong winds everywhere...

[Elena]: You're right... No, it's a trick, but I'll admit it was a nice try...

[She types a couple more codes into the keyboard. The screen shows the Gigatellum slowly charge a pure energy beam to shoot at the Earth.]

[Elena]: In a couple minutes, this weapon will be ready, and then I can have some fun...

[The camera cuts to the Hophopris temple. The fight between the Aldabarbarians and Rotolysians is still going on, but the Phantom and Phantress are no where to be seen. Dexis is fighting the Plumbers, but the fight appears to be wrapping up.]

[Dexis]: Those dirty traitors...

[Sci]: Angry?

[Sci splashes water in Dexis' face. In the two seconds he has his eyes closed for, Water slides down behind Dexis as Harry knocks him backwards, forcing him to trip over Water and land square on his back.]

[Dexis]: Insolent kids...

[Ray]: Face it, Dexis, you've lost...

[Dexis]: I've lost the battle, and I know I won't win the war now, but neither will you...

[He jumps up to his feet and then backs away from the Plumbers.]

[Hornbok]: Let the coward run, we've got bigger problems right now...

[Dexis]: Who are you calling a coward?

[Dexis grunts and turns around and runs off. Most of the Rotolysians follow him, and as they leave, the Aldabarbarian troops follow them.]

[Kali]: We need to get to the underground temple...

[Bink]: And I have a bad feeling about what we're not going to have...

[The camera cuts to the recruits standing at the shore of the Mare Ignis. The Darwin is nowhere to be seen.]

[Ahmad]: Thebes and the others took the Darwin...

[Bink]: As I thought they would...

[Harry]: Can't we just create a giant air bubble? Sci and Bink, one of you could do that, right?

[Sci]: Probably, but it would...

[Harry]: It would what? What would--

[Sci]: Quiet... Do you hear that?

[Suddenly, a quiet buzzing sound can be heard that gets louder and louder. Eventually, a swarm of nanochips enters the area and quickly approaches the team.]

[Ray]: What are those?

[Relgo]: Nanochips... This can't be good...

[Sci]: I'll make the air bubble... Everything into the water, now!

[Sci takes a step back towards the shore, but as he turns around, a swarm of nanochips flies overhead and starts to cutoff the path to the sea.]

[Sci]: And, we're surrounded...

[The nanochips continue to pour into the area, eventually completely surrounding the recruits. The nanochips begin to converge on the team, trapping them.]

[Ahmad]: What can we even do?

[Suddenly, a nanochip flies in and attaches to Ahmad's neck. Just like what has happened to many other Plumbers already, he falls over unconscious.]

[Kali]: Oh, it's just that kind of a day...

[Sci]: Don't remind us...

[The nanochips completely converge on the remaining conscious team members, and by the time they disperse moments later, all of the team has fallen over unconscious. The camera stays focused on the team for a moment before cutting back to Elena and Wozorin in the Vault.]

[Elena]: Just a few more moments...

[She starts to smile as she checks her device. Many more dots have appeared.]

[Elena]: Oh and would you look at that. All of the Plumbers have...

[Wozorin]: Have what? What did you do?

[Elena]: There's two missing...

[Wozorin]: Two missing?

[Elena]: What happened to my nanochips, and who didn't get controlled? Is it who I think it is?

[The camera cuts to Paper carrying Polarys as he runs towards the terminal in Hophopris.]

[Polarys]: Where are we going?

[Paper]: I have a sneaking suspicion that the nanochips won't follow us out of the city, so we're leaving...

[Polarys]: Are you sure?

[Paper]: It's just a suspicion...

[Paper looks behind him and sees the nanochips not too far off. They are keeping up with him, but Paper is definitely faster.]

[Paper]: If I'm just barely faster than them, I wonder what happened to the others...

[Polarys]: I think it's best to not think about that... Just look forward and keep running...

[Paper smiles at Polarys as they reach the terminal. Polarys fires a golden energy blast at the wall of the terminal, creating a hole in it. Paper jumps into the terminal and then runs by the few Aphyrians and other aliens working there. The camera to him reaching the other side. He runs through all the security checkpoints on his way to the exit.]

[Paper, yelling back]: Sorry about that...

[He finally slows down as he gets to the glass door. Before they can do anything, the door opens and the intercom buzzes.]

[Aphyrian]: You're welcome...

[Polarys]: Thanks...

[Paper runs straight out the door as it closes behind them. He stops and puts Polarys down as he turns back and watches as the nanochips try as hard as they can to break through the glass but can't.]

[Polarys]: Has anyone responded?

[Paper, holding out his Plumbers' badge.]

[Paper]: No one has... which means everyone has fallen under control of the nanochips...

[The two stand watching the swarm of nanochips at the glass wall. Realizing that it cannot break through, the swarm turns around and retreats into the city proper.]

[Polarys]: Now what?

[Paper]: I... don't even know where we can go... The entire team is either in the city or at the underground temple, and they're all controlled by nanochips...

[Polarys]: Even the ones at the temple?

[Paper]: It would make sense that whoever the Elite sent to go there also brought nanochips with them, knowing that there would probably be resistance there as well...

[Polarys]: I usually don't do this, but asking my father might be a good idea...

[Paper]: How much would your father know about nanochips?

[Polarys]: Do you have any other suggestions? And actually, you'd be surprised; my father knows quite a lot.

[Paper]: I guess it's a start...

[Paper and Polarys look at each other as Polarys opens a golden warp portal headed for Pollunia.]

[Polarys]: I don't know what the future holds, Paper, but thanks for saving me again...

[Paper]: Don't mention it...

[They walk through the warp portal, and it closes moments later as the camera cuts back to the underground temple. Abbaddon and Hathus Set are standing on the ground, watching over the unconscious recruits. Thebes is standing on the chandelier, having placed all but one of each of the vials in it. His communicator is on, and he is talking to Elena.]

[Elena]: I thought I'd let you know that in a few more moments, the Gigatellum will be ready...

[Thebes]: And what about the nanochips? Are all the Plumbers under our control?

[Elena]: All but two...

[Thebes pauses for a moment.]

[Thebes]: That shouldn't be a problem.

[The camera shows him standing on the chandelier, facing the back of the temple. Three blue vials are placed on the left side, and three red vials are placed on the right side. He is holding the last blue vial in his left hand and the last red vial in his right hand. He lets out a chuckle.]

[Thebes]: We've done it. I almost can't believe it, but we've done it. We've beat the Plumbers...

[He looks down at Abbaddon and then at Hathus. He then closes his eyes and turns his head forwards again. He chuckles again, opens his eyes, and starts to grin.]

[Thebes]: Just like our parents before us, we have become elite.

[The End]

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