General Information
Species: Iron Spider
Home World: Kirota
Body: Massive Armored Spider
Powers and Abilities
Abilities: Wheel Charge
Metallic Exoskeleton
Thermal Vision
Acidic Venom
Classification: Fauna
Motif: Wheel Spider
First Appearance: Re X Mix

Ferrarachnid is an alien from the series Tech Cross.


Ferrarachnid is a bus-sized spider-like alien with the ability to curl into a wheel and launch herself forward at high speed. When in wheel shape, the metal plating on Ferrarachnid's claws grows to cover the gaps, shielding her vulnerable areas.

Ferrarachnid's metallic exoskeleton is extremely difficult to pierce, and her thermal vision and acidic venom make her a dangerous hunter.


Ferrarachnid's wheel form is unable to turn quickly while moving, restricting most of her charging attacks to straight lines.



  • Ferrarachnid's name is a combination of the words "ferro" (meaning "iron") and "arachnid".
  • Kirota is a corruption of the word Chiroptera, the order that encompasses all bats. The planet was originally named as Batdrill's homeworld, but has since expanded to become the home of several sentient species in Earth-83.


Ferrarachnid is based on the wheel spider, a huntsman spider native to the Namib Desert that escapes parasitic spider wasps by flipping onto its side and cartwheeling down sand dunes at high speed.


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