A Super Mutant with various alien DNA Dr. Animo created for Lord Nosidda.

Super Mutant 9 Ferocitus.jpg


He is fanatically loyal to Lord Nosidda, and as such will use his heavy firepower and incredible strength full-on and take any task given of him And he'll do it laughing maniacally the entire time, All  for the glory of Lord Nosidda.

Powers and Abilities

He is as strong as Ultimate Humungousaur and twice as fast as Jetray. He can spontaneously regenerate at a sub-molecular level. The eye on his antenna gives him the psionic power to mesmerize others into a trance-like state. He can shoot ultraviolet beams from his chest and charge his claws with Tachyon energy that allows them to cut through anything.




  • He is always paired with Malignus
  • His name is a pun for Ferocity
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