Feral is an alien created by H20guy and appears in the series Ben 10: Legend of Ken.

General Information
Species Ferapital
Home World Feratopia
Body Cat-like
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Switch Between normal and Feral form
Enhanced Speed and Strength
Sharp Claws
First Appearance TBA


Feral has two different forms, his normal form and his feral form. In his normal form, Feral looks like a small kitten with brown fur. He has 6 rhombus-shaped eyes. He has a short tail. He wears a white shirt that has a kitten face on it. He has 3 whiskers on each side of his black nose. He has triangular ears. In his feral form, Feral grows nearly 3 times as larger, being about as tall as Heatblast. His skin is light brown, while he has bushy brown fur on his back, front and back legs, face, and chest. Because of this, his short is ripped in various areas. He has developed large white claws on his front paws. He has sharp white teeth. His whiskers are gone. His tail is much longer. The Omnitrix symbol is on his forehead for both of his forms.


Feral can switch between a normal and a feral state at will. His normal form doesn't have many powers, but can fit in small areas and has enhanced speed. His feral state is much stronger and ferocious. He is very strong and mobile, and is somewhat flexible. His claws and teeth are very sharp and can cut through most things. He also has an intimidating roar.


If Feral receives enough tension in his feral state, he'll start to lose control of himself and attack crazily and uncontrollably. Feral's regular form is physically weak.

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