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These are the species of SpeedGate.


By Ahmad15


This Feetaration creature's specices were named after their Webbed feet which are able to adjust their webbed toe length into small round wheels and roll to wherever. It is difficult for one to see their feet since it never stops moving once running somewhere.

It does reproduce like a bird, it normally lays three to eight eggs being black pokadoted by little to big circles inside yellow nests made by sticks and hay.

Feetaration eggs

The eggs.

Contrary to what is thought about their size, Feetaration eggs are small like what baby chicks hatch from in farms or their eggs be the same sizes as their counterparts Ostrich's.

It is known to be a speaking alien and can cause some mayhem through technology due to the high evovled AI internet functioning side rumored to have been grown from extreme exposure to the far future in it's starting evolution.

Their wings[]

Unlike their Earth Counterparts, Feetarations can fly in the air. Feetaration's wings come in great handy, because they conceal water beneath feathers and absorbs water upon contact. People can see black and blue movements while watching this creature fly in the air as it carries something or heading somewhere.

Their wings are useful to provide shed and protection for their little offspring which usually resemble a Ostrich for a month.this is when they start becoming teenagers and slowly start resembling their parents.

Notable Feetaration[]