Feel-All is the Omnitrix's DNA sample of a Humunulucus from the planet Ictyerim. Feel-All was created by RaphaLXIV.


Feel-All is a brown humanoid alien with very large hands, feet, tongue, nose, eyes and ears, having four fingers on each hand and stubs for feet, which have a big toe on each of them. He has brown hair, green eyes and hair is growing out of his nose and ears. He wears a black and green shirt with white and green shorts, and the Omnitrix symbol is located on his chest. He is slightly smaller than an average human.


Feel-All has a Texan accent.

Powers and Abilities

As a homunculus, Feel-All has enhanced senses as his hands, feet, tongue, nose, eyes and ears are all greatly enlarged. He can clap his hands hard enough to cause a light wave, but he is not physically strong. He can smell things from far away and hear to sound farther than any human ever could.

Feel-All can can also jump exceptionally high, due to the size of his legs.


Feel-All has sensitive hearing. Therefore, he cannot handle loud noises like that of giant bells.




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