General Information
Species Conductoid
Home World Teslavorr
Body Humanoid
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Electrokinesis
Energy Absorption
Energy Redirection
Enhanced Strength
Enhanced Durability
Enhanced Agility
Enhanced Jumping
Enhanced Reflexes
Enhanced Speed (on electrical lines)
Flight (via Propulsion)
Energy Balls
Elastic Antennae Tentacles
Space Survivability
First Appearance TBA

Feedback is the Omnitrix's DNA sample of a Conductoid from the Teslavorr nebula.


He has his OV appearance but in Monster Musume anime style.

Powers and Abilities

Can absorb all kinds of energy using his cables.

Can use the stored energy to trigger powerful electrical charges.

Can shoot the stored energy to fly using it as a jet-pack.

Can use his antennas to "sniff" radio signals.


He needs to absorb other types of energy from time to time to fight,because the energy contained in him is exhausted through use.

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