General Information
Species Emotispecter
Home World Tavastrin
DNA source Unknown Emotispecter (formerly)
Warlord Kroz (current)
Body Demon-Vampire
Alternate Counterparts Fearoid
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Neural Manipulation
First Appearance A Sordid Story

Fearoid is an alien from Tech 10: Rebooted.

You may be looking for the Fearoid from the original Tech 10 continuity.

His evolved form is Ultimate Fearoid.


Fearoid's initial abilities included:

  • Neural Manipulation
  • Summonable Body
  • Enhanced Strength
  • Flight

After the SpecTrix updated the sample using Kroz's DNA, ( something unknown to both Tech and Kroz), Fearoid's initial abilities gained a power boost, and he gained a few new abilities, which include:

  • Heightened Intelligence
  • Limited Energy Sensing
  • Slight Psychokinesis


Fearoid's natural form is simply a thin circular creature with multiple eyes in a + pattern. His body is similar to a respectable vampire, like Dracula or something, crossed with a demon. Also, he sports a spiffin' cape, because capes are awesome.

After being switched to Kroz's DNA, Fearoid appears practically identical to him, wearing the same uniform and all. The SpecTrix symbol is located underneath his cape.


Fearoid cannot control anything lifeless or mechanical, and can be seriously injured if his 'core' is damaged during a fight.

Planet and Species Information

Fearoid is an Emotispecter from the planet Tavastrin. Tavastrin is perpetually on fire, thanks to flammable gasses that leak from the planet's core, and has been on fire for longer than recorded history. Because of the intense heat, nothing grows there, and the planet is mostly abandoned.


Enter the Emotispecters. Not technically native to the planet, the Emotispecters living there are the descendants of a small group of survivors from the Specterian Civil War. Emotispecters are extremely violent, unrefined, and generally hate everything and their mother.

Certain Emotispecters, such as Warlord Kroz, are smarter than the rest of the species and typically end up leading the pack, often forming large armies and attempting to conquer other planets; however, thanks to the Emotispecter's unique brand of stupidity, this usually fails spectacularly. At the moment, the species has no organized army thanks to Kroz, and they usually spend most of their time getting involved in fights and whatnot.



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