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Feedback's first appearence.

Ben 10: Superverse Season 1, episode 3

Air Date[]

March 3, 2012


This episode starts off with the gang fighting Dr. Animo. Gwen is throwing manna orbs at him and his mutant frog and Kevin is knocked out on the ground. Ben (as Shocksquatch) runs at Dr. Animo's frog and shocks him and then punches him down. Dr. Animo gave up and ran away from them. Just then Simian comes to Earth and stands in front of the gang. Ben turns back and goes to shake Simian's hand put he flips over Ben and kicks Gwen. Ben turns into Swampfire and sprays fire around Simian but he webs the flames away. Swampfire turns into Rath and runs at Simian but Zs'Skayr pops us behind him and throws Rath into Kevin. Ben turns back and Gwen gets zapped and falls down. Ben (weak) stands up and Zs'Skayr grabs a huge machine and aims at it at Ben. Ben turns into Upgrade and goes into the machine to control it. He aims it a Simian and he gets blasted into the sky. Upgrade comes out of the machine and turns back to Ben. Gwen and Kevin get up in time to stop Simian from sneaking up behind Ben. Kevin gets badly punched by Zs'Skayr and Gwen yells Ben to go hero. Ben cycles trhough the Supertrix, skipping over Jury Rigg's hologram and goes to Feedback's. Ben looks confused but quickly turns into him. He aims his antanaes at Zs'Skayr and badly wounds him from the lasers. He then sees Simian comign after him and can't hit him so he turns into Shocksquatch again to punch him down. Zs'Skayr aims his machine again (this time at Gwen and Kevin) and it grows larger. Shocksquatch zaps Simian and quickly turns into Way Big. He zaps the machine and it breaks into pieces. Zs'Skayr shouts that he will have his revenge and flees away leaving the gang to fight Simian.



Aliens Used[]


  • This episode appears the same day as Plumber 390.
  • Gwen and Kevin have their first full appearence in this episode.
  • Swampfire and Upgrade their first re-appearences since Ultimate Alien.
  • Ben turns into Feedbackk for the first time.
  • Zs'Skayr and Simian return since Ultimate Alien.
  • Jury Rigg's hologram was shown briefly.
  • Dr. Animo returns since Ultimate Alien.

Next Episode[]

Ben, Ben, and Ben

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Plumber 390