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Fate of the Helpers is the twenty-eighth episode of Back in Action: Alien Universe.


Part I

[We open in an undisclosed location. The sky in the background is purple, which is only barely visible behind the flawless green-skinned alien female face that is our focus.]

Green-Skinned Female Alien: Greetings and welcome, people of Neecia, and our honorable saviors. We pan out, now receiving a full-view of this nine-foot tall alien female clothed in a white wedding dress-like outfit that falls from above her head to even behind her feet dragging a bit on the floor. We now initiate the the 18th annual Neecian Honors & Peace ceremony. Unfortunately, in the last year, our King Fest Eve passed away, gratefully of natural causes here on Neecia. This year, I, Queen Pas Eve for those unaware, will present the ceremony alongside my son, Prince Connor Tate Eve. Before we begin, Brother Fare Lee will introduce our guests.

A thin, ten-foot tall Neecian male walks on stage, draped in a blue robe. While in center stage, he bows to the crowd of Neecians, who all bare as much resemblance to Queen Pas Eve as any Human would to another of an entirely different race.

Tall Neecian male: Ciones and Neecians, what a pleasure it is to see this abundant crowd this day. I am Brother Fare Lee, and I will introduce you to our esteemed guests. He uses his opened hand to point to five seated people, heroes we are well aware of. To the far right, we have Tetrax, Petrosapien, born on Petropia. To his left, I present Hope, Human, born on Zoraster. To her left, the lovely Verdona, Anodite, born on Anodyne. To hers, the prestigious Gwen, Human-Anodite, born on Earth. And finally, to her left, we have the honorable Ben, Human-Anodite, born on Earth. Of honorable mention are five who could not be with us today: Azmuth, Galvan, born on Galvan Prime, and Paradox, Human, born on Earth, both of which could not be present due to other priorities; Cooper, Human, born on Earth, and Kevin, Human-Osmosian, born on Earth, both of which did not have direct involvement in the battle that saved the universe; and lost but not forgotten, Julie, Human, born on Earth. The last of those put in her greatest effort in the final battle, and while we do not promote war or violence, as it was necessary to prevent a universal "hostile takeover," we ceremoniously extended our utmost gratitude for her work. As a Human, she will be given an Earth burial ritual to which friends and family of the aforementioned are welcome.

Brother Fare Lee bows to the crowd of Neecians, then walks off stage. A much younger-looking eight-foot tall Neecian male appears, stepping up to Queen Pas Eve.

Queen Pas Eve/Green-Skinned Female Alien: Presenting Prince Connor Tate Eve, who may one day take the crown for Ciones and Neecians, the first to rule us both officially.
Gwen: What do you mean?
Queen Pas Eve: Excuse me?
Gwen: Sorry for interrupting, but what do you mean, when you said he would rule both "Ciones" and "Neecians?"
Queen Pas Eve: Oh, yes. You see, Ciones, the males of us, were originally based on our first moon which lies to the west of our world, known now as Pre-C. The Neecians, the females of us, on the other hand, were originally based on our second moon which lies to the east, known now as Pre-N. Our long life expectancy led us to quickly advance our technologies to the point where both ended up traveling to Neecia, this world, but the Ciones and Neecians each stayed on separate sides of the world, not due to conflict, but simply due to the fact that we simply didn't need all the space. We were content with what we had.
Prince Connor Tate Eve/Younger Neecian Male: May I continue it, Queen? We need your breath more than mine.
Queen Pas Eve: Yes, but do keep it terse as I was not. The ceremony is a paid show on some planets, and we mustn't disappoint.
Prince Connor Tate Eve: Of course. He approaches Gwen and holds her hand, kissing it, then standing back. What a fair lady. My due apologies for that. Gwen blushes, and Connor smiles at her just before turning back to the view of the audience and us. You see, everyone, Neecians and Ciones, as is nature, began to die out. Our life expectancy long was being cut down short. It wasn't long till there were only a handful of both of our kinds alive. But we were new to the world and did not know how to stop death from arriving to us. We began searching for resources, thinking sustenance was all that was needed to keep us going. Gratefully, near the center point of the planet, the Ciones met with the Neecians. Immediately, the remaining people matched up with each other and locked hands. It would not be long before they discovered a ritual that would result in offspring who could carry out their heritage for a long time on this world. While many beyond our world hold the belief that our world is named after the last remaining first-generation female, in reality, our world was named after Neecia, the first of the second-generation of our people. He bows to the audience, peeking behind his field of view in an attempt to see Gwen's own reaction. Thank you.
Gwen: But you didn't answer my question.
Prince Connor Tate Eve: Hmm?
Gwen: I asked how you would be the first to rule both. Unless you're--
Prince Connor Tate Eve: I am among the third generation of our people. In the last generation, the Neecians and Ciones voted separately for their leaders, so it was considered that the two were separately ruled even though the King and Queen consolidated often. With this generation, however, the Neecians and Ciones will be able to choose both in power.
Gwen: So, arranged marriages is what comes with voting here?
Prince Connor Tate Eve: No, no, if I understand your question. The King and Queen are not married. Each has their own mate, or spouse. They simply work together, as two powers governing varying parts of one whole.
Gwen: I see.
Queen Pas Eve: We must continue the show, now, Prince.
Prince Connor Tate Eve: Of course, mother.

Before moving to his mother's side, Connor quickly turns around to Gwen and smiles, but Gwen quickly looks up into the purple skies and clouds, smiling nonetheless. Connor then joins his mother's side after catching a glimpse of Gwen's soundless response.

[We pan out to find this event being watched on a high-definition flatscreen TV seated atop a wide, wooden TV desk. This broadcast is being watched in broad daylight by Ben and Kevin in Ben's bedroom. Worth noting is that the door is wide open.]

Kevin: Is there something better on, where, you know, my girlfriend isn't being flirted with by some fancy alien?

Kevin snatches the remote out of Ben's hands.

Ben: Hey! That's the first time I actually get to watch this.
Kevin: You were in it. You already know what happens!
Ben: Yeah, but that was three months ago. For most of the that show, I was thinking about Julie anyway.
Kevin: What's the difference now? You still are.

Kevin flips through the channels and arrives at a commercial.

Commercial Announcer: Up next, Total Drama--
Kevin: Lame! He shuts off the TV. Hey, Ben, look at the time. Ben looks to a wide LED alarm clock next to the TV reading "11:59." It flips over to "12:00" promptly, with a red dot appearing in the upper left. 12 noon. Yelling: Gwen!
Gwen's Voice (from another closed room, yelling): In a minute!
Kevin: It's 12!
Gwen's Voice: Already?! Alright, just, give me a minute!

Kevin rolls his eyes and gets up, leaving the remote on Ben's bed. He walks out of the room with Ben leaping up off the bed after him. Kevin stops at the closed bathroom door and reaches for the doorknob. Ben quickly appears to protect the door.

Ben: I'm pretty sure you're not supposed to see that, Kevin.
Kevin: She's just doing her hair.
Ben: At my house?
Kevin: I rushed her earlier, so yeah.
Ben: She still has the door closed.
Kevin: And if it's so important to hide, she'll have the door locked.

Kevin reaches under Ben's arm and absorbs the doorknob's gold-colored material. He then transforms his index finger into a fitting key.

Ben: Thought you said she'd have the door locked for a reason.
Kevin: It's not going to be locked, so what does it matter?
Ben: Change back. Use your hand, and if it's locked, just give her a minute. You that impatient?

Kevin reverts his hand to a regular hand and turns the doorknob, which doesn't open.

Gwen's Voice: Almost ready!
Ben: See? Kevin rolls his eyes then transforms his left hand into a mace and draws it back. Ben jumps in the way of the door, transforming into Brawnoceros who hits and breaks off a few small pieces from the ceiling.
Brawnoceros: BRAWNOCEROS!
Sandra Tennyson's Voice (yelling): Ben, that better not be the sound of you turning into one of your aliens who can't clean up after himself!
Brawnoceros (yelling): not? Plus, pretty sure my metal guy can clean up!
Sandra Tennyson's Voice: Actions speak louder than words, Ben!
Brawnoceros: Ugh. He reverts to human.
Ben: Don't try anything, Kevin.

Kevin raises his left brow.

Kevin (his left hand mace reverting to a regular human hand and his gold color transitioning back to his human skin): I was only kidding, Tennyson. Lighten--(the bathroom door opens, and Gwen appears there with her hair worn its natural, long state) u-uh-uh-uh--
Gwen: What do you think, Kevin? Maybe I should go back to the ponytail.
Kevin: No, Gwen, it's, umm, uh--

Gwen smiles.

Gwen: Let's go; sorry for keeping you waiting.
Kevin: It's, uhh, fine, Gwen.
Gwen: Well, could you pass me the keys?
Kevin: Uhh, yeah, of course.

Kevin removes his keys from his left pocket and drops it in Gwen's extended, palm side-up hand. Gwen walks away, heading toward the exit.

Ben: Smooooth.
Kevin: Hey, you wouldn't do any better.
Ben: As a matter of fact, I probably would.

Ben begins to walk toward the exit as well, soon being followed by Kevin. In their walk through the living room, the two are halted by Carl Tennyson, who is seated on a couch facing the high-definition wall-mounted flatscreen.

Carl: And where are you going this time of day?
Ben: It's Sunday night on the second day of June, dad.
Carl: And when are you done with school?
Ben: This week.
Carl: And when are your exams?
Ben: Well, most of them are this week but--
Carl: No buts. Unless the universe is at stake again, I want you back here by 9:30. It's 8 now.
Ben: Dad, c'mon!

Carl stands up and crosses his arms, looking down to his son with a straight face. He stares at his son for a moment before his mouth begins to curve and an uncontrollable chuckle bursts out of him. He drops one arm and hand to his side and leads the other to on Ben's left shoulder.

Carl: I'm only kidding, Ben. You're 17; you know how to handle yourself. You're a superhero, after all.
Sandra Tennyson's Voice: Did you tell him yet, Carl?
Carl (laughing uncontrollably): Yes, honey! And he bought it!
Sandra Tennyson's Voice: That's great!
Ben (to Kevin): Uhh, let's go, Kevin.

Ben begins to walk toward their door where Gwen is waiting. Ben opens the front door, allows Gwen and Kevin--in that order--to leave the house, then shuts and locks the door after him. Outside, Gwen and Kevin walk toward Kevin's car while Ben walks toward his own DX Mark 10.

Kevin: No way, Tennyson. You're going with us for once.
Ben: What, you two missed me?
Gwen: Kevin may say he's not, but I say we do. Come on.
Ben: Alright. He runs toward Kevin's car. Shotgun!
Kevin: Not in my car, Tennyson.
Gwen: He did call it.
Kevin: But this is my car!
Ben: Aren't you supposed to be 18, Kevin?
Kevin: Aren't you supposed to be 17?
Ben: Well played...Alright, take it this time. I'm gonna call it next time, though.
Kevin: Suuure.

Ben enters Kevin's car first, slipping into the center back seat, after which point, Kevin boards and seats himself in the front passenger seat. With Gwen having already entered and started the car. All car doors shut, and the car screeches before taking over down the road as driven by Gwen.

[We move to an area outside the bounds of Bellwood, where a large dumping area is populated mostly with organized piles of trash and a few broken-down cars still in one piece. Kevin's car drives to the entrance of the dump, which while appearing to be a gate, turns out to be a rising door which activates upon the car's arrival. Gwen drives the car inside, the door shutting promptly afterward. After entering, Gwen begins to drive fairly slowly, and after distancing the car about five feet away from the entrance, Kevin halts further motion.]

Kevin: Park right here. Gwen stops. Alright, everybody get out.

Kevin steps out of the car, with Ben and Gwen following soon after in that order. Kevin reaches into his car and presses a button on his center console, then removes his car key from the ignition and pockets the key.

Ben: So you're sure he's meeting us here.
Kevin: Positive. These are the coordinates he sent straight from his ship. Ben: Alright, then we better get ready for his special entrance. He pops up the Assault Omnitrix dial, scrolls past Brawnoceros, and smacks down upon the appearance of Streak's hologram.
Streak: STREEAK!
Gwen: What are you gonna do with him?
Streak: I've been practicing with his portals. Now, just wait for it...

A moment later, we hear something whizzing into the area. Streak senses it and throws open a portal in front of him, capturing the small object that enters. Streak then moves the existing portal and unintentionally stops it directed at Kevin's car's back right tire. Shooting out of the portal is a Petrosapien crystal which punctures and leads to the deflation of the back tire.

Kevin: MY CAR!
Streak: Uhh, maybe I haven't practiced *that* much.

Floating into view before the group on a black rectangular hoverboard is a wide-shouldered figure in an entirely black suit and helmet. The helmet, with its iconic upside-down triangle, rolls back, revealing the head and neck of the yellow-eyed Petrosapien.

Gwen: Tetrax.


Part II

[We return to Ben (as Streak), Gwen, and Kevin's midday excursion to a dumpyard outside of Bellwood. Tetrax lands his hoverboard next to Kevin's car, unmounts the board, and compacts it to its mobile form, holding it now in his hand.]

Tetrax: Good to see your reflexes are still up, Ben.
Streak: I've been pretty busy these last weeks. It's keep those up or lose my life, and with Scarogus around again, I can't have that happen.
Tetrax: Uhh...yeah.
Gwen: I'm pretty sure Tetrax was just looking for a "thank you," Ben.
Streak: Sorry. He smacks his Omnitrix symbol.
Ben: So where is it parked?
Tetrax (pointing further into the dumpyard, behind Ben and co.): Right over there.

The trio turns around to the back of the dumpyard. While Kevin continues to stare on scratching the back of his head, Ben and Gwen turn back to Tetrax.

Ben: There's...nothing over there, Tetrax.
Tetrax: 'Course there is.
Gwen: I'm picking something up over there, probably not tech, though. Seems familiar, though, maybe an alien?
Tetrax: It ought to. Come on. He leads the way to the other side of the dumpyard, with Ben and Gwen following on foot as they should, and Kevin, with a layer of green metal on him, pushing his car with all his might. Tetrax stops abruptly in a barren area. With the side of his fist, he bangs something invisible then speaks. Open up!

A ramp lowers from nowhere, giving way to the interior of a ship. While the back of the ramp and the rest of the ship remain invisible, the innards become entirely visible.

Kevin: No way; you cloaked your whole ship? I've been trying to get something like that for the Rustbucket, but they cost a fortune! Where'd you get yours?
Tetrax: Pardon if I'm misunderstanding, but doesn't the Rustbucket already feature an invisibility and intangibiility function? I could've sworn Max--
Gwen: It's a different Rustbucket, Tetrax.
Ben: Kevin got one of these Plumber-issue ships, and let's just say he's been doing a bit of tweaking.
Tetrax: I see. Well, in that case, I would ask the person who custom-built and -installed this for me, Azmuth. 'Though, I should note that he will ask for a favor in return, such as assistance in his own building.
Kevin: Can't I just pay him?
Tetrax: Azmuth has no use for money; all the technology he needs or gifts that are to be made, he can build thanks to his knowledge. Not to mention the fact that he receives a large sum of currency from the universe-over, courtesy of everyone of the 18+--
Ben: 23.
Tetrax: Ahh, yes, courtesy of everyone of the *23* galaxies where he is revered as the smartest being, including our own Milky Way. So, no, you can't pay him. Don't worry, though, Azmuth's own favors are fun so long as you are a fan of technological builds, or can help him in some way using your physical talents.
Kevin (sarcastically): I can't tell which one sounds like more fun.
Tetrax: Ben, Gwen, you may head in.

Ben and Gwen proceed in.

Kevin: And what about me? Ben and Gwen stop and look back to Tetrax before mounting the ramp.

Tetrax: I was going to help you with bringing your transport into the garage.
Kevin: Oh. Help away, then. Assured that Kevin is allowed in, Ben and Gwen head up the ramp and into The Resolute. From Ben's perspective as he walks into the ship, we see Tetrax encompass Kevin's car in diamonds. We see Kevin plant both his hands on his head and begin to scream. Dude, what are you doing?! Tetrax, raising his hands and arms out without touching Kevin's car, begins to move the vehicle along a road made of crystals. Oh.

We focus on Ben and Gwen as they stand to the side of the ramp inside the ship.

Ben: So, remind me again why that live Neecian broadcast took till today to get to Earth?
Gwen: The broadcast was coming in from a few lightyears away, Ben. They're on the opposite side of the Milky Way, and the air waves can't arrive that quickly to Earth.
Ben: But aliens from different galaxies can get in touch with us live, even Azmuth.
Gwen: That's because they're not using air waves like we do. Especially Azmuth's are the most advanced methods of communication across the universe, but Earth's still not even Level 3.
Ben: Can't imagine how much longer it is till we are.

In the background, Kevin's crystal-encompassed car begins to slide slowly into the back of The Resolute onto a seamlessly in-floor conveyor belt. Tetrax and Kevin, reverting now to his human form, walk in behind the car.

Tetrax: Can't be much longer, Ben. It's only a matter of a time.
Gwen: And once it happens, you know what comes after.
Ben: It's gonna be more than just us who the public knows; the Plumbers are gonna be revealed, too.
Tetrax: It's baffling how the Earth population has fallen for the lie that the Plumbers they've seen are just a special squad of police officers.
Gwen: It's pretty feasible when you think about it. With aliens being revealed, it's like that squad are the CIA gone public.
Tetrax: that you say that, it does make a great deal of sense.

Tetrax remotely removes the crystals on Kevin's car, forcing them to recede onto a pile on the floor.

Ben: What are you gonna do with all of those?
Tetrax: What else?

Tetrax causes the pile in itself to shrink down into one compacted crystal. It flies toward Tetrax and is mounted onto his back as a third long crystal, one that protrudes out of its center.

Gwen: That'll definitely come in handy some day.
Tetrax: Yes, it will, and with the way you three attract danger, I suspect that day will only come so soon.
Kevin: Alright, alright, can we get a move on? It's already, like, 12:30.
Tetrax: Okay. He walks up to the wall behind Ben and Gwen where a panel of buttons lay. He presses two buttons and once, then one more afterward. The conveyor belt begins to lead Kevin's car forward, reaching an open room door, then turning left down the hallway beside it. Tetrax mounts the conveyor belt to follow. Come along.

Ben, Gwen, and Kevin look to each other then shrug. They step on in the aforementioned order.

[We find ourselves far down the hall at yet another open room. While Kevin's car continues on down the conveyor belt, Tetrax steps off the track into the adjacent room with the trio following suit. They arrive in a large, oddly-shaped room with a big window at the end.]

Kevin: So this is where we're doing it?
Tetrax: Correct.
Kevin: Alright then. Kevin squats and absorbs the material of the green floor with two hands. He then lifts himself back onto his feet and transforms his two hands into mace heads. He bangs them together then returns them to his side. Let's do this!
Ben: Just a good old fashion 1 on 1 on 1 on 1.
Tetrax: Actually, Ben, that's not how we're playing today.
Ben: What?
Tetrax: I guess Kevin and Gwen didn't send the message. This will be a 1v3 match. That means, you versus us.
Ben: WHAT?!

Ben looks to Gwen, who awkwardly smiles.

Gwen: Hey, Kevin made me keep the secret.

Ben looks to Kevin.

Kevin: You can stare at me all you want, but we're still about to fight, Tennyson.
Ben (to Tetrax): Can't this be an us on Kevin thing, instead? And maybe throw on the rest of the galaxy on our team, too?
Tetrax: He's not the one who was off duty for three months.
Ben: Hey, I didn't have the Omnitrix!
Tetrax: You have your own brand of skill in martial arts in your human form. You could've been doing Plumber operations while you didn't have an Omnitrix.
Gwen: Actually, that might not be a good enough reason.
Kevin: Yeah, Ben couldn't shoot a 500-foot wide and tall target if his life depended on it.
Gwen: Well, that wasn't what I was going to say.
Kevin: Yeah, it was.
Gwen: No...I would've toned it down a bit.
Ben (sarcastically): Thanks, you guys, you're the best.
Kevin: No problem.
Tetrax: Alright, begin the battle now! We'll be doing this for a half hour. We will not stop for injuries, instead, we will end if anyone goes unconscious or vitals are detected to be low. The room will keep track of the latter, of course.
Gwen: Hey, umm, maybe this might not be the best place to fight.
Tetrax: Why?
Gwen: Well, there's a huge window over there. If anyone smacks into that, we'll all get sucked out there and, well, suffocate in the vacuum of space.
Tetrax: I understand your concern. That is not actually a window, though. It's a computer screen displaying video from a 3D camera mounted just outside the ship showing the approximate angle a window in that position would show. Now, without further ado--

We hear the sound of the Omnitrix being activated, after which point we hear a grunt from Kevin as he is sent flying across the room. We pan to Kevin's origin where Brawnoceros is wiping his hands.

Brawnoceros: Who next? He turns to Tetrax and begins to slowly walk over to him, cracking his knuckles twice along the way. Hey, Tetrax, want play?
Tetrax: Bring it on, Ben; it's the whole purpose of this exercise.
Brawnoceros (beginning to run after Tetrax): You said it, not me!

Brawnoceros dashes after Tetrax, but inches away from the Petrosapien, a flat wave of mana slides by horizontally followed by a flat mana wall over Tetrax. Brawnoceros looks to his right to see Gwen standing at the end of the mana wall, just inches away from the true bounds of the room. Brawnoceros growls.

Gwen: I don't want to hurt you, Ben.
Brawnoceros: How sweet. He cracks his knuckles. CUZ I DO!

Immediately, Brawnoceros is hit by something and is launched head-first into the wall just behind Gwen. We pan over to where Brawnoceros had previously stood where Kevin now stands, hands still in the form of maces.

Gwen: Because Kevin wanted to do so even more.
Kevin: Good job on the subtlety. I guess I've trained you well.
Gwen (while walking over to Kevin, lowering her mana shield made for Tetrax): *You've* trained me well? She arrives at Kevin. What about the years I spent on my own with a sensei becoming a black belt?
Kevin: Well, I mean, all the actual stuff, in the field is--Kevin transforms his right hand mace back into hand and moves Gwen from in front of him to the side. He then reverts his right hand into a mace. GOT HIM!

As Gwen looks in the direction she had come from and Kevin is looking, Kevin leaps in the air just over Brawnoceros who comes dashing through the room. Brawnoceros slides to a stop after missing Kevin and turns around. Brawnoceros launches a horn at Kevin, whose eyes widen as the horn arrives. The horn finally gets extremely close to Kevin with the response of Tetrax being to fire a crystal right into the horn, knocking it into the front wall of the room to which the door belongs. Kevin looks to Tetrax.

Tetrax: No need to thank me.

Gwen extends two mana hands from her own that catch yet another horn just before it hits Tetrax. She then takes the hands into the air, spins herself around, and sends the horn right back at Brawnoceros, who swiftly ducks onto his stomach and transforms into a much thinner alien capable of dodging. Getting up onto his feet is the pure white Plasmodic.

Plasmodic: Alright, let's do this. Plasmodic holds out his arms and points his open-palm hands at Gwen and Kevin. He attempts to blast something out of them but nothing occurs. Of course, the emotion-driven alien. It's not like I'm feeling nothing right now, at least give me some power! Blasts of red energy are shot out of his eyes at the back wall. While still firing out of control, Plasmodic speaks. WHOA! This is cool! And with that, the ray stops. Oh, no, not now!
Kevin: My turn! Gwen, you ready?

Gwen stands with her legs spread and pointing her flat-palm hands at Kevin.

Gwen: Ready.
Plasmodic: What are you gonna do?

Kevin begins running at Plasmodic, who simply keeps his eyes widen as he is dashed toward.

Kevin: 3...2...GO!
Gwen (eyes turning magenta and hands glowing fuschia): QUOTENDUS!

A ray is shot out of her hands that hits Kevin head on, but rather than being hurt, Kevin begins to glow as he continues to run toward Plasmodic, who now tries to run away to the wall behind himself. Kevin begins to split into several versions of himself. Eight full-sized Kevins are formed that run around and surround Plasmodic before he is able to reach the wall. With weapons varying from mallets to maces to makeshift guns, each begins to intimidate Plasmodic in some way or another.

Kevin: Time's up, Ben!
Plasmodic: Uh, no thanks!

Plasmodic runs over to one of the Kevins with a back facing the wall now featuring a hole created by Brawnoceros and slides on his butt under one of the Kevins' barely open legs. Out in the open, Plasmodic heads to the other side of the room, being bombarded by Gwen and Tetrax on the way. Plasmodic mounts the wall, runs up, and attaches himself to the ceiling, running quickly in circles so as to keep himself appended with the floor's opposite. The Kevins swarm to the floor's center of the circle Plasmodic is running along.

Kevin (original): GET DOWN HERE, TENNYSON!
Plasmodic: No, thanks, Kevin! You gotta catch me first!

The Kevins growl. We watch as Gwen, eyes still glowing and now holding one hand facing the glowing, original Kevin, walks over to Tetrax and speaks to him.

Gwen: So, about the whole window thing, is that the case for every one of them in this ship?
Tetrax: Yep. Azmuth manufactured each and every one of them so that we are less succeptible to attack. With this, any marauders or various attackers will not have a clear indication of where to board or even if this is an automated ship or not.
Gwen: But then there's the problem with lighting. What if you're near an actually bright place and you've got sufficient lighting out there? It's inefficient to have your ship running on power to get light when there's power out there.
Tetrax: You've been getting a bit more acquainted with technology, I can see, Gwen.

Gwen nods.

Gwen: Technology's to my powers like water to fire.
Tetrax: Doesn't sound like you have true mastery then.
Gwen: I guess not. One day, I guess?
Tetrax: Indeed. So about your question: there are a number of vents that will allow light in from certain sources around the ship in case it's needed. While they are currently closed and normally invisible, the pilot is free at any time to choose the vents to be the source of lighting, or to even use them in tandem with standard electrical lightning.
Gwen: The pilot being, you?
Tetrax: Who would give you that kind of cockamamey? It is and always has been--

Tetrax's helmet protects his head as a yellow beam goes flying just over it. The triangle on his helmet begins to flash and beep.

Gwen: What's the beeping for?
Tetrax (yelling): STOP!

Plasmodic and the Kevins' attention are drawn. Plasmodic falls back-first onto the floor but quickly gets back onto his feet.

Plasmodic: What's wrong? His arms become slightly thicker. And this better not be a trick. Whatever emotion I'm feeling, it's making these bigger for beating you guys up.
Tetrax: It's no trick. We're about to enter hyper drive, a quick means of transportation across the galaxy. Tetrax walks over to the door next to which a wall-mounted module lies. He presses a few buttons, then chairs fly out of the floor just across from the door's wall. Take your seats. This won't be a pleasurable ride otherwise. Tetrax takes his seat first, putting himself at the chair closest to the exit door. With Gwen's concentration disrupted, all the cloned Kevins return to the original Kevin, who ceases to glow. Gwen, the original and sole remaining Kevin, and Plasmodic take their seats following Tetrax and in that seating order. They strap themselves down using a weighty 'seatbelt' that goes over their body from above, similar to rollercoaster car lap bars. Gluto, ready for takeoff?

There is a moment of silence.

Kevin: So when are we going to--?

The ship takes off. Everyone but Tetrax's face are pulled back on their chair, their mouths being forced open with the hyper drive in full swing. In seconds, the hyper drive comes and goes, and the faces of the main trio are set back to normal. The seatbelts rise up automatically off of the gang, who all rise back up onto their feet.

Plasmodic: Alright, so who's going--Plasmodic is thrusted immediately to the other side of the room, slamming right into the 'window.' We look from his point of view as he turns around to see what hit him, which turns out to be a now-retreating horizontally built pillar of Petrosapien crystals extending out from Plasmodic's own chair. Tetrax's helmet can be seen being removed, with a smile written on his face. Plasmodic laughs a bit then drops his head weakly onto his side and looks down to an orange-ish planet down below. Plasmodic jumps up off of the window and calls Tetrax over. Yelling: TETRAX!
Tetrax (yelling): What? You were going to do something similar, Ben!
Plasmodic: That's not what I'm talking about.
Tetrax: I hope you don't think I'm going to trust you enough to walk over there!

Plasmodic reverts to human.

Ben (yelling): How 'bout now?! Tetrax looks over and says something to Gwen and Kevin, who both shrug in response. All three begin to walk over to the window. As they arrive, Ben continues to speak, pointing at the planet down below. In a regular tone: What's that planet down there? Tetrax (in a regular tone): Oh, my...uhh, I thought I'd told Gluto to keep this planet off the route.
Ben: What planet is it, though?

Tetrax crunches up his lips and finds himself at a loss for words. Kevin speaks up in his place.

Kevin: It's Anur Khufos, Thep Khufan home world, Ben.
Tetrax: Uhh...yes. My apologies, Ben, I'll tell Gluto--
Ben: No, no, I'm actually happy we're doing this.
Tetrax: Wh-why?
Ben: It's been three months since we were there--almost four, actually. I just want to see their progress on fixing everything that those Ghostfreaks messed up a thousand years ago.
Tetrax: Are you sure, because--?
Ben: Because nothing. As much as I miss Julie...I...(drops his head)...I can't think about that forever. What if there's a crisis down there? And what if they need *me* to help? Ben looks to Gwen. Someone said I have to forget Julie, but not completely. Gwen smiles. Now, let's go.

Tetrax nods.

[We transition to a view of a small spacecraft that is both very short as well as very long and wide. The ship falls and lands carefully within a blue zone atop a wide gray metal landing zone. Stepping out of the ship are Ben, Gwen, and Kevin in their Plumber suits (including their helmets) and Tetrax in his own space suit. After Tetrax catches a quick glimpse of his own ship being piloted by Gluto floating in place over the planet, he steps out last pushes up the exit ramp which doubles as a door when raised. The team moves to one side of the four-sided landing pad and look around inside the holographic blue dome they are within.]

Ben: I remember this place having more oxygen around.
Gwen: Me, too.
Tetrax: It's concentrated on this one dome location, now. Can't be sure there's even 1% of oxygen in the air outside this place.
Gwen: How would they even replace all the oxygen on this place in just three months--?
Ben: Almost four.
Gwen: In almost four months, and why would they even make an oxygenated base?

We hear the sounds of a multitude of lasers being charged up behind the team.

Male Voice: Put your hands where we can see them! Ben, Gwen, Kevin, and Tetrax raise their hands in the air, all of them just barely turning their heads around to catch a glimpse of what spoke, a Thep Khufan in Thep Khufan Black armor. Thep Khufan Noir Squad Officer Truss, you're under arrest for trespassing on Anur Khufan grounds.


Part III

[We open on Anur Khufos within a dome made of a blue holographic housing the only section of air comprised of oxygen on the planet. The Plumber suit-garbed Ben, Gwen, and Kevin along Tetrax in his own costume are being aimed at by a squad of Thep Khufan Noir Squad members, all with laser-based weapons. Truss, presumably their leader, speaks out.]

Truss: You're coming with us.
Gwen: Why? We haven't done anything.
Truss: You're trespassing on Anur Khufos. No appointments have been made with His Highness.
Ben: You mean, Rex?
Truss: What--how do you know Rex?
Ben: I'm Ben Tennyson, you know, Super Ben? And this is my team: (pointing to them accordingly) Gwen, Kevin, and Tetrax.
Truss: Do you have an appointment?
Ben: No, I didn't know--
Truss: Then you are trespassing on Anur Khufan land. Come with us.
Ben: Hey, we're Plumbers. We're supposed to be the ones taking people away, not the bad guys.
Gwen (the only facing away from the Blacks, eyes beginning to glow pink): On it.

All of the Thep Khufan Noir Squad members begin to hover in the air, all but Truss dropping their weapons. Kevin squats down and attempts to absorb the floor material, but fails.

Kevin: Oh, yeah, Plumber suit. He presses something on his left wrist and the suit falls off of him by parting at the center. He squats once more and absorbs the floor material, transforming his hands into maces. Drop 'em, Gwen, they're mine.

Ben slowly turns around.

Ben: Stop, now. Kevin and Gwen look to Ben, Tetrax now dropping his arms from the air and looking to him as well. Ben slowly approaches the space where the Noirs are floating, and Gwen drops them on their backs in front of Ben. Ben looks at each and every one of them. You...all of you people...this is your fault! Truss: What? Step back up to the wall with your hands up!

Ben transforms into Plasmodic.

Plasmodic: I don't think so. His voice becomes menacingly deeper. Deeper voice: YOU AND ALL OF YOUR FRIENDS IN THAT ARMADA ARE TO BLAME.
Gwen: Ben, it's not their fault, it was Al--
Gwen: Ben, NO! She begins to elongate a strip of mana with which she would grab Plasmodic, but a wall of fire appears between Plasmodic and his friends, and her mana dissolves to nothing. Gwen tries again, this time throwing a ball of mana at Plasmodic, but he does nothing. To herself: He didn't move a muscle...he wasn't even hurt... Aloud, yelling to Plasmodic: Ben, you're moving backwards! You're better than this!

Plasmodic manages to manipulate the wall of fire before Gwen and whips her upper arm, burning a small hole through it and even burning Gwen. She quickly puts it out with a ball of water she splashes the inflicted area with.

Plasmodic: I'M MOVING FORWARD! And the first step to that is to send these guys where they belong...Plasmodic raises his flaming left hand and points it to Truss. Any last words?
Gwen: BEN, (she is encompassed by her Anodite form's skin) STOP! She launches another ball of mana, this time impacting Plasmodic face-first. The mana continues on, envelops Plasmodic's entire body, and reverts him to human, the mana still covering him. As the human Ben in his Plumber garbs falls down onto his back on the ground, so does Gwen, as she reverts to her human form. In our last glimpse of the scene, Kevin and Tetrax prepare for battle against the Thep Khufans as the get up and recharge their weapons. Everything becomes black just as Gwen drops onto the floor.

[We reopen through Ben's eyes. We are in a small, confined space. We pan away to a full view of Ben, as he gets up and bangs his head on the low ceiling. After hitting his head, he drops onto the floor and sits, legs crossed.]

Ben (rubbing his head): Aww, what happened?

A hologram of Azmuth's head pops up over the Omnitrix.

Azmuth (hologram): White Amantum happened, Ben Tennyson.
Ben: What?
Azmuth: It's only proper for you to have no recollection of what just occurred.
Ben: So...what just happened?
Azmuth: You utilized your White Amantum transformation--
Ben: My what?
Azmuth: Do you recall what alien you last transformed into?
Ben: Plasmodic, but I don't remember doing anything with him. Maybe I just blacked out.
Azmuth: But this isn't the first time, is it?
Ben: No, but I've been able to remember what happened before.
Azmuth: And that's because the White Amantum species possesses the unique and undesired issue involving anger. You know especially that emotion drives their every power, but anger among them all drives them to extremes. They're an overemotional species, as well, and anger can be unconcealed quite easily.

Azmuth's head hologram moves slightly to the left above the Omnitrix as Max's head appears as well.

Max (hologram): Ben, we need to talk.
Ben: Grandpa?
Azmuth: Is that your grandfather on the other line? Ben simply nods. Then we will have to discuss this later. You have something to deal with with your grandfather.
Ben: Wait, no--!

Azmuth's hologram disappears, with Max's own taking center stage above the Omnitrix.

Max: "Wait, no" what, Ben?
Ben: I was talking to someone else.
Max: Well, you need to start talking to me.
Ben: Well, I tried yesterday, but you weren't at base.
Max: You were well aware that I wasn't there before you arrived. And you did not go there willingly, or with the assigned medical team.
Ben: Grandpa, I really don't want to talk about this right--
Max: You're going to have to. And it's not going to be pleasant.
Unfortunately, that's not what I'm here to talk about.
Ben: Then what are you here for?
Max: For what just happened. I was just informed then you used a White Amantum in an attempt to *kill* several of the Thep Khufan officers that guarded the landing bay, but during this time, you instead burnt your cousin, who is now in intensive care.
Ben: What?! I didn't do any of that, I swear! Oh, man, where's Gwen? And what are you talking about "Thep Khufan officers?" Those are Thep Khufan Blacks, or Noirs, or whatever! They are the same people that--
Max: Brought the battle to Earth, and furthermore, have Plumbers in captivity, yes. I'm getting to that. Ben, I forebid you to use that transformation from here on out. It's dangerous for you as well as everyone involved.
Ben: Alright. But I want to see Gwen, now. I have to tell her--
Max: She already knows. And you're not leaving until you've served your sentence, unfortunately.
Ben: What? What sentence?
Max: You're in prison, currently awaiting a full sentence. A trial will be held in a little while. Gratefully, your sentence should not prove to be long due to the fact that you were unaware of the laws as well as are not in the jurisdiction of off-world officers who do not fully use Plumber ruling. There are intergalactic laws on things like this, so you're in luck.
Ben: But I have school tomorrow!
Max: That's too bad, Ben. You're going to have to find a way to make up the lost time. I'll try and see if I can't work out something with your teachers. The principal at your school is a Plumber, you know?
Ben: Yeah, I know, Principal White transferred from my elementary school.
Max: Okay. As I was saying earlier, you are going to be assigned a mission on that planet. It's a good thing you're on Anur Khufos, as the threat level may prove to be too high for Plumbers in the area or under my control in my region.
Ben: What's knowing it now going to do if I have to be in jail?
Max: You'll be in there a maximum of 3 days, Ben, calm down. Now, as you may or may not be aware, the Plumbers sent out a squad of 5 Plumbers during the final battle with the Thep Khufans. They were to follow a squad of the original Thep Khufan Blacks, led by the late Commander Tersce Tenebrosi, back to the Commander's vessel. As far as we know, these 5 Plumbers were lost outside of Plumber territory as well as signal area, which is only about 20% of the galaxy and/or captured by the Thep Khufans with their badges disabled. We have not heard back from them since their departure from Earth. From what we've gathered, at least one of the Blacks did end up returning to the Commander's ship just before it crash-landed by unknown circumstances into a lifeless desert on Anur Khufos. We want you to join the investigation and find what you can in the Commander's ship.
Ben: Whoa...Grandpa...I didn't know about any of that, that the ship landed there. So the Armada...they're all wiped out already...since their ship was destroyed.
Max: Quite possibly, Ben. Any questions?
Ben: Yes, the 5 Plumbers--
Max: I guess I had left that out. Sorry, Ben. The 5 Plumbers we sent out, who were assigned to a squad self-titled "Max Force," was comprised mostly of Plumbers' Helpers new and old. The Helpers were Manny, Helen, Alan, and Diamond Angel, son of Richard Angel. The last was Io, a Climous-Voluminore hybrid and esteemed Plumber formerly stationed on NV Incarcecon.
Ben: Oh, man...Manny, Helen, and Alan? And you haven't heard from them since...
Max: February 26.
Ben: Oh...that was the day of it all. Alright, I'll get thinking.
Max: Good luck. And remember to speak to me soon.

Ben simply nods as Max's hologram disappears. One of the walls of the cell falls back and reveals an open hallway. A Thep Khufan stands before Ben in a multi-colored robe, prominently showing off reds and oranges.

Thep Khufan: Ben Tennyson, our esteemed guest. Apologies for how your entrance was received.
Ben: Rex?
Rex/Thep Khufan: Who better? Come along. Ben jumps out onto his feet and joins Rex at his side. Your cousin is in the infirmary if you would like to see her.
Ben: Of course I wanna see her. And where's Kevin?
Rex: Kevin Levin? Is he one of your friends?
Ben: Yeah.
Rex: Ooh, dearest apologies? And the Petrosapien as well?
Ben: Tetrax? Yeah, him, too.
Rex: Oh, so sorry. My officers did not tell me that. Well, I'll see what I can do, but there is the law, my dear Ben. I can't simply give exceptions for the people. They may be stuck here for a few days, however.
Ben: Can you make that any shorter?
Rex: Apologies, but no. I could only shorten one through our unique bail-out system. Now follow me to your cousin.

[We reopen just outside of the infirmary where the robed and royal Rex alongside the Plumber-garbed Ben walk up to the infirmary entrance. As Rex enters, Ben becomes distracted by something occurring in the distance, a battle of some sort occurring between people.]

Ben: What's going on over there?

Rex peeks out of the infirmary entrance and looks towards the disruption.

Rex: I haven't a clue. Follow. Rex begins to walk closer, until he reaches the top of a small hill where he is able to see clearly what's going on: a dispute between Thep Khufans Noir Squad members, with many attacking an Ecto High Lord in an all-white cloak. Oh my. It appears the Ectonurites are back to their old deeds, and they've even got a new High Lord.
Ben: Well, maybe I can stop this. He pops up the dial on the Assault Omnitrix and immediately slaps down, with no transformation-related effect and instead a simple sound effect similar to that used when timing out occurs. Oh, man, I forgot Azmuth had this turned off.

Rex looks down to the Omnitrix.

Rex: That would be the fault of ours, yes. Apologies. I'll fix it immediately.
Ben: You can do that?
Rex: Azmuth sent me a utility that allows me to quickly fix it.

Rex removes a device with a large Omnitrix symbol with four prongs in a setup similar to an Ultimate form's symbol, but each prong features a smaller Omnitrix symbol attached to it. He lays down the device over the Omnitrix and pushes each prong down so that it surrounds the Assault Omnitrix. Within moments, the device automatically pops off. The Assault Omnitrix flashes green then pops its dial up.

Omnitrix: Active mode engaged.

Ben immediately smacks down on the Omnitrix, transforming into Diamondhead.

Diamondhead: No, Omnitrix, I need Ultimate Benmummy! He swings his hand very close to the Omnitrix symbol just before he spots the Ecto High Lord being beaten back into a wall by the ten other Thep Khufan Noir Squad members. After the High Lord is knocked down, very soon, he emits a powerful green glow and flash, much akin to Ben's own when transforming. Diamondhead looks down and spots Future Ben now in the Ecto High Lord's place. Future me?!


Part IV

[We open on Anur Khufos with Thep Khufan General Rex and Diamondhead standing atop a small hill overlooking the downfall of the human Future Ben by a group of Thep Khufan Noir Squad members. Diamondhead leaps into the air and lands immediately in front of Future Ben. With his back to his future self, he looks forward to the group of Noir Squad members, who all cease fire.]

Diamondhead: What are you all doing? That's just me, in the future, though, but here, right now. Just, stop hitting him! I know there's a misunderstanding, but we can sort this all out. All of the Noir Squad members lower their guns and look to each other, beginning to mumble. They turn back to Diamondhead and all nod in unison. There we go! Alright, so what's--Every Thep Khufan raises their gun and begins to blast at Diamondhead, who quickly looks back to the one he's protecting, Future Ben, and establishes a crystal shield before him. He goes further and makes the shielder wider and taller, to protect him, Future Ben, Rex, and the whole of the long infirmary building. Diamondhead then grabs Future Ben. To Rex: C'mon!

Rex leads the way into the infirmary. Upon entry, Rex stops Diamondhead by lifting his hand to Diamondhead's face.

Diamondhead: Leave him here. He lays Future Ben down in a corner just to the left of the entrance. What now?
Rex: We must decipher what just occurred.
Diamondhead: What about Gwen?
Rex: This is a more pressing matter. I don't believe your presence will advance the healing process in anyway. You are to blame, after all; you may just make it worse.
Diamondhead (sarcastically): Thanks for reminding me. It wasn't my fault; Plasmodic's hard to control, even Azmuth said so.
Rex: I agree, but say you turn into him again? Who says something else might not anger you into doing something similar, if not more, harmful to your cousin?

Diamondhead swallows thoroughly.

Diamondhead: You're right. I don't remember you being that great an advice guy a few months ago.
Rex: That was because we were at war. With royalty also came a bit of cockiness, I must admit, but only a bit, I swear.
Diamondhead (sarcastically): Uh-huh. So how do you think we can get to him, or me, to find out what happened?
Rex: Like I said before, presence of another being does not mean lead to an expedited healing process. Diamondhead drops his head. But what we can do is use an alien who does possess healing abilities. Is your arsenal occupied by at least one creature who can perform such a task as to heal? Diamondhead: On me, no. I don't think I could even do it with the other guy who can.
Rex: Well, then, we must wait.
Diamondhead: Maybe I can wake him with a cold shoulder with Iceb--
Rex: No, Ben. There is no need to wake him quickly.
Diamondhead: Yeah, there kinda is! Your men are going berserk outside! They aren't listening to reason!
Rex: Then I will make them. Alright, Ben?

Diamondhead's eyes become narrower with his different position in the situation. He reverts to human and seats himself at a bench just next to Future Ben. Rex nods to Ben and leaves the infirmary, stepping outside to see the Noir Squad members. He shuts the door behind him. Ben begins to closely observe Future Ben for signs of coming to. Just at the minute mark, he becomes bored and begins to dial through the less than 20 aliens available in his active playlists. By the two minute mark, Rex comes barging back into the infirmary, shutting the door after he enters and standing with his back against it and breathing both quickly and heavily. Ben leaves the Assault Omnitrix tower to fall back into its holder as he stands up.

Ben (concerned): What happened?
Rex: Those men will be receiving honorable discharges assuming they are truly my men. They may just be imposters wearing stolen armor, however, in which case, we are not in a good situation.
Ben: Alright, that means it's time for--

We hear groaning, but both Ben and Rex know it is not coming from each other. They look over to Future Ben and see him shaking his head and beginning to check his hands. He quickly jumps up onto his feet and nearly punches Ben right in the face, managing to stop just a few inches away.

Future Ben: Oh. You're me, Ben. He lowers his fists and arms. Sorry. I guess I'm kind of forgetting some of the things that happened around now. What happened?
Super Ben: We were just about to ask you that.
Rex: And I'd prefer it if you answered quickly! Who are these men?
Future Ben (to himself): Oh, this is where I am. To Rex, still facing Super Ben: Okay. They're not yours, that's for sure. He turns around to face Rex. But they are the Thep Khufan Noir Squad.
Rex: What do you mean?
Future Ben: They are the original Noir Squad, operated by former Thep Khufan Commander Tersce Tenebrosi.
Ben : But Tersce is dead.
Future Ben: But the goal is not.
Rex: But how did they survive? Their ship was blown to bits just beyond the royal tower. We've even been investigating for any clues that might lead us to anyone who could've been secretly involved in the Armada.
Future Ben:'re aware of Null Void Projector guns?
Rex: Null Void Projectors, yes.
Future Ben: Then you're aware of its parts. Easily, a detonated Null Void Projector can be used as either a grenade, or a portal to the Null Void. It's pretty unlikely that you'll get the later effects, but the Noir Squad members who did are here now. My Grandpa Max was lucky enough to meet with that a few years ago; it's how I so many people in my present, or rather my past, found out. Those Thep Khufans were blown to the Null Void a few months ago but recently found their way back to Anur Khufos.
Rex: But how did they find their way back? The Null Void is a pocket dimension made to be a prison, or at the very least, an inescapable place.
Future Ben: I haven't the slightest clue. I may know a lot about the situation both from what I recall and what I'd been doing with them however long ago I was fighting them, but I was still trying to find a way to their portals. You see, they're still leaking into our dimension from the Null Void, which means they have a portal. I tried to follow them, but that turn out to be so easy, at least not on my own.

Future Ben looks to Super Ben.

Super Ben: You...want my help?
Future Ben (smiling): I can't do it alone; I know that from experience.
Super Ben: Alright! I think I know just the alien for this!
Future Ben: Same! A large green glow erupts from Future Ben's position then fades to nothing.
Future Four Arms: We gotta beat through this guys.
Super Ben: Way ahead of you. He pops up his Assault Omnitrix tower then smacks down onto it. Another bright green flash, and taking Super Ben's place is--
Plasmodic: PLASMODIC!
Future Four Arms: Err...maybe you should use someone else. I know from experience, you know?
Plasmodic: Oh...Plasmodic fails?
Future Four Arms: Err, that's what I was told when I was you, this too.
Plasmodic: Oh. Okay, then. Another bright green flash occurs.
Combustiball: How about this?
Future Four Arms: Six arms, just a couple dozen guys. Let's see how well this'll work when Ben Tennyson's in town.

Future Four Arms high fives present Ben's Combustiball.

Combustiball: Race you to the field! He runs up to the door, which Rex steps away from, then throws it open, rushing outside with Future Four Arms following after him. Rex shuts the door after the two, who run up to the top of the small hill, leap into the air, and smash down onto the ground with their fists, or in Combustiball's case, sheer yo-yo form, leaving a ripple effect that pulses through the ground. With the balance of the Thep Khufans being thrown off a bit, Future Four Arms and Combustiball split up and go to separate sides of the field to commence battle.

[With a white flash to transition, we return at the end of the battle, with the over-a-dozen original Thep Khufan Noir Squad members down on the ground, most featuring armor parts that have been broken through or completely torn off to reveal their natural body. We pan over to Future Four Arms, wiping his hands after a successful battle. We look to present Combustiball, however, who is down on one knee with his left fist down on the floor and the other open hand holding his face. Future Four Arms approaches Combustiball, who is panting uncontrollably.]

Future Four Arms: You alright?
Combustiball: Fine. What next?
Future Four Arms: We still need to find where they're coming from.
Combustiball: Hey, wait...I have an idea!
Future Four Arms: Well, spit it out.
Combustiball: You don't know? Oh, yeah, you forgot. Well, you know how Plumber suits are getting more advanced? They've got tech in them now, letting us use badges right in them.

Future Four Arms' eyes widen.

Future Four Arms: You're right! The tech in their suits is likely responsible for teleportation, or at the very least has their origin coordinates from the Null Void.
Combustiball: And I think I know where they'd keep all their tech. Combustiball walks over to an arm of a piece of Noir Squad armor and picks it up. He looks at the lower arm and presses a random space. A fuzzy hologram is projected just over it. The Commander really liked the idea of having an Omnitrix, even copied mine.
Future Four Arms: We don't know that he built it. He's got a team of scientists, and his best man is even responsible for a lot of their advances. You'll meet him soon enough. He, like these Noirs, comes from the Null Void, but he was sent far from them. You'll see.
Combustiball: Well, that sounds fun, meeting the Commander's Psychobos. Future Four Arms: You'll see just how fun it really is, soon. He transforms into Streak.
Future Streak: Do you have those coordinates?
Combustiball: No...I've got video...they're teleporting from near Incarcecon NV!
Future Streak: Then that's where we're going. He turns to his left and scratches a portal into his existence. Combustiball tosses the severed armor arm. I'd say age before beauty, but I'd prefer if you went first.

Combustiball nods and rolls into Future Streak's portal, followed by Future Streak.

[We reopen in the Null Void, on a rock just outside of the Null Void branch of Incarcecon. Future Streak and Combustiball appear atop the rock, the latter reverting to his human form. Future Streak squints down into the Incarcecon branch's courtyard then opens his eyes wide.]

Future Streak: I remember now.
Ben: What?
Future Streak: Who's behind all of this, how they're coming from here.
Ben: They don't look like they're coming from here anymore.
Future Streak: It's because they're not. They're coming from within Incarcecon, that's where their leader is.
Ben: What? Why doesn't their leader just go with them? Who is their leader? Scarogus or something?
Future Streak: Scarogus is still on the outside.
Ben: So who is it? Or can you tell me since it'll break the fabric of time or whatever?
Future Streak: Nothing "breaks" the fabric of time, at least, not something so trivial as this. Something like this would make you no longer my past, or at least, me not your future. But, I am allowed to tell you who he is. I must introduce you, or unfortunately, reintroduce you to your villain, who is none other than the universe's favorite squidface.

Ben's eyes gape.

Ben: Vilgax.
Future Streak: Yes, and he's taken mainly remote control of the new Thep Khufan Noir Squad, including Scarogus and Elena.
Ben: No...but how is he working from in there?
Future Streak: That I can't say.

Ben sighs.

Ben: Well, then there's got to be one last thing you can say. Grandpa Max told me about "Max Force," some team of Plumbers that had Manny, Helen, and Alan on it, and they all went missing a few months ago. Do you know where they are?
Future Streak: I do, and to save you the time, I can tell you. I am also the one to inform you of this.

Future Streak taps his Omnitrix symbol.

Male Plumber's Voice (Future Ben's Omnitrix intercom): This just in. Slix Beta has escaped from Incarcecon. Be on the lookout for this hostile Galvan who is currently on his way to the main galaxies from the outer rim of the universe. According to our sources, Plumbers were recently out in an attempt to stop Slix Beta, but they found that he was operating a special escape vehicle--a custom-built Plumber ship that was modified not be the Galvan himself, but by actual Plumbers. While the Plumbers sent out failed to properly apprehend Slix Beta, they did manage to catch a glimpse of one Plumber onboard the stolen vessel--none other than 16 year old Alan Albright.

Future Streak taps his Omnitrix symbol.

Future Streak: If you want to know anymore, that's up to you. I recommend you report back to Grandpa. He scratches a portal open behind Ben then one behind himself. That portal will bring you back to Anur Khufos. Make sure the Blacks left there are detained, and make sure you see Gwen. No matter what Rex says, you at her side is a good thing, since Kevin can't be now. He floats back into his portal while still facing Ben. Ben follows by standing up and stepping into his own portal. Both shut.

[As we prepare to close, we pan to below the rock Ben and Future Streak had been on, where a Null Guardian is floating with a being in an overcoat on his back. We zoom into the shadows made from his hat over his face, as purple eyes flash. We pan away to find ourselves at another location, on Anur Khufos on the highest floor of the royal castle. Rex is just entering the room, with his Ectonurite friend Plasma following behind him in a suit that blends in with his skin pattern (albeit, reversing the colors, making anything white black and vice-versa).]

Plasma: Rex, there is something vital we have discovered from the wreckage of Tenebrosi's ship.

Rex seats himself then turns around to look to Plasma.

Rex: What is it?
Plasma: That's the thing. He removes a small device akin to the Omnitrix's core, sporting minor differences such as a red color scheme and the lack of the hourglass symbol, in favor of an entirely red face. He holds it out to Rex. Our scientists do not have the technology for proper analysis.
Rex: Clearly, the planet's technology is far behind modern advances.
Plasma: Yes.
Rex: Hmm...may I see that? Plasma barely nods as he hands over the device to Rex, who looks around every angle of it. It looks very familiar, however, nothing about it particularly jumps out. I could be crazy, but I know I've seen something like this before.
Plasma: Provided you can decipher what exactly this looks like, please report--

The red face begins to glow, and a loud popping is heard. We pan out of the castle to a view from very far away, as a bright red flash takes over what we can see of Rex's throne room. We close out on Rex's fairly audible screams.



Ben, Gwen, Kevin, and Tetrax learn what's up on Anur Khufos.

Major Events



  • Thep Khufan Blacks/Noir Squad

Aliens Used

(by Ben)

(by Future Ben)

  • Ghostfreak (Ecto High Lord form)
  • Four Arms
  • Streak

Spells Used

(by Gwen)

  • Quotendus


  • This is the first episode of season 2 where Ben doesn't use a new alien.
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