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Upchuck Norris: Legends of Awesomeness
Season 1, Episode 4
Air date 31/01/12
Written by Jrshipey
Directed by Jrshipey
Episode Guide
Upchuck Norris' Guide to Awesomeness: Chapter 1- What is Awesomeness
Upchuck Norris vs. The Triforce of Epicness

Fasttrackie Chan and the Lucky Charms Cereal is the fourth episode of UN:LoA.


Fasttrackie loses his cereal, and UN must help him find the charms.


(Fasttrackie): Mmm, some yummy breakfast cereal.

(Crook): I want those lucky charms! (steals the charms)

(Fasttrackie): Oh crap. (calls UN)

(UN): WHAT!? Meet me at the park!

(Fasttrackie): Okay. (epic kung-fu pose)

(at the park)

(UN): You lost your lucky charms?

(Fasttrackie): Yes, great awesome and epic Upchuck Norris.

(UN): Not going to help. I'm too busy.

(song starts)

Fasttrackie: Help me, UN.

UN: Why!?

Fasttrackie: My movies will be failures because I will have no energy!

UN: But I like your movies!

FC: I know that, awesome hero.

(song ends)

(UN): Ship sucks at making songs.

(FC): I know that.

(UN): I will help you.

(FC): We must find the crook and beat him!

(UN): (gets in the Awesomemobile)

(FC): (gets in the Lamemobile)

(UN): Dude that's lame!

(FC): I know, it's a rental.

(UN): I will make it awesome. (the lamemobile becomes awesome)

(FC): Let's find those charms!

(UN): Wait, why do you need a car?

(FC): Good point, awesome one.

(FC gets out of his car and runs to a stop sign)

(UN): I will make all the red lights green!

(FC): YAY!

(UN makes all the red lights green)

(FC): We need help.

(UN calls Skleiman and Ship)

(Ship): HEYO!

(FC): My creator!

(Ship): Don't call me that.

(FC): Yes, other master.

(Skleiman): Sorry, can't help.

(Ship arrives)

(Ship): The crook is at the crook's house.

(at the crook's house)

(FC): (steals the charms)

(UN): Well this episode was short.

(Ship): I KNOW!

(FC): Hey can I be in some more episodes, UN?

(Crook): (steals UN's awesomeness)

(UN): (takes it back)

(Crook): (takes it)

(UN): (takes it back)

(FC): ...