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Home World Chalybeas
Body Humanoid Feline
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Exceeding Laziness(?)
Equipment Model-X Symbol

Fasttrack is the Model-X's DNA Sample of a Citrakyah from the planet Chalybeas.


Fasttrack is a feline-like alien with purple and black fur that gives off the look of a suit. His face is purple and juts upwards almost like a mask, a pair of goggles sitting comfortably on his forehead. His eyes are a deep blue, with a somber ever-present expression on his face.

Fasttrack's fur is ragged and fluffy, to the point it gets in the way of regular combat. Fasttrack's attire is that of a specially designed black and blue tracksuit, the front opening up to reveal Fasttrack's chest. The hands of the suit give off a fingerless glove look, revealing Fasttrack's sharp claws. The suit doesn't have any boots.

The Model-X's symbol is on Fasttrack's chest.

Powers and Abilities

  • Exceeding Laziness: Fasttrack's most prominent power is the natural feeling of laziness that is given off when the user transforms into him, to the point where the user might completely forget what they were doing and fall asleep.
  • Super-Speed: Fasttrack is able to run at surprising speeds when he becomes "charged". Fasttrack is naturally lazy, but if he motivates himself to start running his body starts generating bio-electric energy that surrounds his entire body. This causes his fur to spike up, as well as energizing his personality.
  • Bio-Electric Energy Manipulation: Fasttrack can fully manipulate Bio-Electric energy his body produces in a variety of ways. When he runs, the electricity naturally forms a protective barrier around him. It dissipates when he comes to a stop.
    • Arc Volts: Fasttrack's "Arc Volts" are when he throws the lightning from his body, named for its appearance of curving to strike targets.
    • Thunder Punch: Fasttrack's "Thunder Punch" is as the name implies, is an electricity charged punch, usually delivered at high speeds.
  • Quill Projectiles: Fasttrack is able to fire pieces of his electrified fur, which now stand erect like quills.


  • Exceeding Laziness: Fasttrack's most prominent power is also his most prominent weakness. Because of his species natural laziness, Fasttrack doesn't usually feel like accomplishing anything. If there is enough of a threat that causes Fasttrack to charge up, the lazy feeling will disappear and will only return until the next transformation.
  • Fasttrack has a hard time stopping once running at certain speeds. Slamming into objects at high speeds can cause damage to his body.
  • Once Fasttrack is charged up, his now energetic personality also serves the risk of causing him to rush into things unprepared.

History and Appearances



  • Fasttrack's added abilities and weaknesses exist to try and differentiate him from XLR8, as well as remove some of the hate from the alien.
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