General Information
Species: Citrakayah
Home World: Chalybeas
DNA Source: Unknown
Body: Cat-Like Humanoid
Alternate Counterparts: Fasttrack
Powers and Abilities
Abilities: Enhanced Speed
Enhanced Strength
Friction Ignition
Classification: Fauna
Voice Actor: Dee Bradley Baker
First Appearance: TBA

This is the primary version of Fasttrack that appears on Earth-83.

He is expected to appear in Ben 10: Milky Way Race.


Fasttrack's abilities include:

  • Speed Shift
    • This ability allows him to change between different modes called "shifts". These shift changes are indicated by his fur (and sometimes his outfit) changing color while in use.
    • Blue Shift: Technically his default Shift, the Blue Shift gives his fur its signature blue tint and gives him the ability to move at incredible speeds.
    • Silver Shift: The Silver Shift causes his fur to lose its color, becoming a bright silvery hue. This Shift shifts most of his energy from his legs into his arms, making his punches move at speeds comparable to the firing of a machine gun. These enhanced punches have been shown to rip through a metal wall two feet thick within a matter of seconds when thrown at a consistent rate.
    • Red Shift: The strangest of the shifts, his Red Shift warps the light around him into giving him a warped color scheme that makes his fur red. The Red Shift evenly distributes his energy, placing his speed in this Shift somewhere between his Blue and Silver Shifts. Its oddest feature, however, is that it makes the majority of photons bend and warp around him, making him essentially invisible for the most part. His movements are only visible via brief afterimages that briefly pop into existence, said afterimages displaying the Red Shift's color distorting effects.
  • Enhanced Speed
  • Enhanced Strength
  • Enhanced Durability


Fasttrack is a tall humanoid alien with a lean, blue and black body. He has several cat-like features, and has mask-like markings on each side of his face. He has spikes on his arms, knees, and ankles, and he wears the Omnitrix symbol on a belt across his waist.


Though incredibly fast, Fasttrack can be out-sped by faster species such as Kinecelerans.



  • Fasttrack is stronger than XLR8, but isn't quite as fast, even in his Blue Shift.
  • This version of Fasttrack is partially imagined after what his hypothetical Omniverse appearance would have been.
  • Some of this Fasttrack's original designs included a tracksuit-like uniform.
  • The various Shifts were based off of the effects of Redshifts and Blueshifts that occur when electromagnetic radiation, including light, increase or decrease in wavelengths, respectively.
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