Cred to Turu17

Fastshock is a fusion of Fasttrack and Buzzshock. This alien comes from the Fusamatrix.

Species: 1/2 Megawhat 1/2 Citrakayah


He has Fasttrack's body with Buzzshock's color and shoulders.

Powers and Abilities

He can run at high speed and is strong enough to carry two people in plumber's armor, one being very big, without losing speed. He can fly and duplicate himself when he has enough energy that he absorbed. If he is cut in half each half will regrow into it's own. He can pass through conductive materital.

Combo Move: Speed of Light: He moves so fast that he's only energy. Everything he touches recieves an eletric shock.


Water can short him out or if he was trapped in a noncondutive substance. He could slip on a slippery substance as ice while running fast. Strong adhesives could trap him.


Credits for the picture go to Turu 17.

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